A partnered visit to the Homeless City

Posted by Ginny on March 02, 2002 at 20:54:17:

Hi everyone,

On January 28 I visited a place in the BST I later coined the City of the Homeless. Dora and I decided to do a partnered exploration there on February 8, to offer assistance with Helpers in any retrievals. With her permission I have posted Part 1, which is Dora's account of what she discovered there, who she helped. We agreed ahead of time to write down all we each experienced before discussing anything, so we found the similarities in our journeys interesting.

Dora's report--

Placing intent to visit the town, I practiced the Love exercise for a good 10-15 minutes until I felt the most possible way to be full with PUL.

As I was ready to exit the 3D blackness I felt I was drawn down, instead of what I was wishing for, which was to end up on a street. I thought no, it's not right so I get back to start again. Again I was drawn to down in some dark stairs. I give in and started to walk downstairs...it was dark, smelly. I saw small lights flashing time to time...reminded me someone just light a cigarette up. There was no natural light, just dark, as my 'eyes' get use to what I'm seeing. More like sensing people around me...some are laid down on the bare floor, some had run down real dirty mattresses. I felt I need to use PUL much as I'm able to do so. Soon as I project the PUL around me I had the feeling I'm start glowing just enough to make out shady faces and where I'm at. I saw I'm underground sewer like place which reminded me the New York underground where all the homeless people live.

Interestingly, before I could see I had a feeling of rats. Wasn't pleasant feeling but wasn't scary either.

As I walked in a narrow pathway on the right side I felt like cave look alike places, and each 'cave' was occupied with sad, dirty and homeless people. I get a sense of useless. I felt Helpers behind me but either I concentrated to the place or they just left me with a feeling I'm on my own this time.

As I walked passed few caves one woman who was standing in one of those draw my attention. She obviously in pain, burned hand and forehead, hand is wrapped in a filthy bandage. As I approached her she was in a panic, abcked up to the corner. When I get closer to her I told her I'm there to help her. I told her my name, asked hers...I get Michelle. She was confused but not resistent. I asked her what happened with her hand and forehead. I get almost clear vision of the electric shock treatment which she received numerous time, and that caused her hand and forehead injury. This point I held her hand very gently and I told her if she come with me I will take her to the nurse station where she will be treated and even get a shower and clean clothes. Seemingly she was hesitant and afraid. I strongly felt I need to give her a dose of PUL and I said to her I promise I will not taking her to get more electric shock ever. The promise and the PUL make her weak to resist and as I still held her hand she come with me. Somehow I really concentrated on her, but the same time I still felt I'm glowing so the others see me.

We walked upstairs I would say maybe 2 floor when we ended up in a street in some town. To me the town looked like a por side of the town like Mississippi. Trash everywhere and the houses like build with wood. As we walked a few steps a 'nurse' arrived...I felt Michelle still have some fear but I assured her no more electric shock. I asked the nurse as I handed over Michelle if I may come back other time, and I get "yes", we need you here. The nurse and Michelle faded away and then I find myself back.

I felt I wasn't in F23...all the people downstairs aware of each other. They just live by the rule: leave me alone. It is a sad place...feeling of worthlessness and feeling of, this is how I lived in the physical so this is how I live here. I felt no particular beliefs more than that, since I get the feeling of either medications or shock treatments just froze their emotions to the point they don't really care.

posted by Ginny on March 02, 2002 at 20:54:17:

I used State Specific Memory to return to the Homeless City in the BST and arrived close to the spot where I had been before on the same street. I sensed several Helpers with me. Before I could communicate with one Helper standing to my left, there was a sudden commotion and watched as a number of people darted out from the buildings around us and on down the street. I waited to see if any information would come to me about what was going on, and when I didn't receive anything I asked the Helper if Dora was in the area...and got back a yes.

I then reached out, took his hands and thanked the Helper(s) for sending Dora and me the signal to journey here together, to be able to share PUL with others...especially those in the BST who had suffered 'mental illness'. I sensed he smiled back as he squeezed my hands.

We then as a group began moving down the middle of the street and I was then informed we would send PUL out into the area, which we did. I saw the same tall piles of trash along the sidewalks, deserted and boarded up one story buildings. I had a sense of a town from the 1940's or 50's. No cars anywhere which I thought was interesting.

I then saw a short woman with dark hair over to our left, on a sidewalk, involved in talking with one or two individuals who appeared to be whitish human forms. It then came to me that it was Dora and the Helper confirmed this. I sensed we would interrupt something important going on if we approached her, so just followed the group of Helpers as they continued moving down the street.

A minute or two later I noticed a young woman hiding behind a trash pile to my right. I got that she was between the age of 16 to possibly 25, very thin and pale, wearing an old, worn out dress, barefoot, heavy dark circles under piercing eyes that watched us without blinking. I sensed a lot of fear from her but also got that she was possibly responding to the PUL we had sent out, and as I moved toward her I introduced myself, saying I was someone she could trust. I asked her if she wanted to leave this place and briefly described a world where she would be loved, happy, with friends of her choosing...and she remained frozen to the spot. The thought of sending her PUL came to me and I did this, and she then started crying...backing away toward the building behind her. I got closer and took her left hand in mine, explaining that if she desired to leave she could, that she didn't have to remain here anymore...and I felt relief as well as fear coming from her... confusion. I then got the information that she had committed suicide, I think by slashing her wrists. I tried to concentrate on sending her more PUL while simultaneously conveying information about the new land she could go to. She calmed down, still holding my hand, and then she walked toward the Helpers behind me. While I was thinking that she was now in good hands I suddenly felt a welling up of emotion for her (physical eyes teared up). I looked down at the pavement and felt such sorrow for what she must have gone through in the physical, as well as here in the BST. My state of mind was then interrupted by the male Helper who told me to become aware of and fill my being with PUL, which I did (I also felt love-energy-something coming from the Helpers to me which is most likely what helped me right out of that state). Frustrated with myself I asked him why I had allowed the emotions of the city to get to me...and he answered that I had momentarily lost sight of our reason for being there...and that I for some reason still felt it was necessary to feel what these people felt in order to help them. In other words, there was nothing wrong with opening up and feeling, but it at times, especially in the BST, wouldn't be necessarily benefical for the person stuck.

We then continued moving down the street, passing the corner where I had originally entered a building in January, and came to what looked like a plaza with a large city hall type building in the center. The Helpers once again sent PUL out to the area and as I joined in I saw a man running from the entrance of the building and stop, staring at us. I don't know what he thought but he was clearly aware of us and he high-tailed it right back in. I then was picking up on voices, crying out, wailing...and understood that these voices were coming from underneath the building. We moved toward a street level, double door entrance and entered a long, dimly lighted hallway (I perceived linoleum flooring, exposed pipes above).

We came to what kind of looked like an open manhole with a metal ladder descending straight down into pitch blackness. I felt a sense of hope for some reason at arriving at this opening and leaped right in and down. We were then in a dark, damp, slimey sort of place...it felt like an underground sewer or tunnel. I wondered if this had once been the original basement of the building. I sensed several people ahead of us, on either side of an earthen passageway that extended I don't know how far, curled up or lying in the dirt, on old rotted mattresses... in depressions or shallow caves (?). We then sent out PUL, also conveying that anyone who wanted to leave for a place with hot showers, good food, medical attention, could do so now. I said they could live where they could have free will, choices, no more suffering...where they would be accepted unconditionally. I then sensed movement and a feeling of confusion. An elderly woman appeared to my right, supporting herself with a cane, and I could feel from her she wanted to go. One of the Helpers approached her as she seemed to have difficulty walking. One, then two more moved silently to us and knowing the Helpers knew what to do I remained still. I then saw the silouhette of a tall man emerge from the darkness to the central passageway. He stood there for a few seconds and then started slowly moving in our direction. As he stopped in front of me I had a strange feeling of familiarity with him and wondered if I had ever met him in the physical. A brief memory came to me, but finding this difficult to believe, I smiled and took his hands and reassured him that he was now going to a place he would enjoy. He seemed to be in a kind of daze but accepted this and moved away. I then became aware of a man lying down, in his cave or hollowed out area, and sent him PUL. He reacted by becoming agitated, yelling at us to leave him alone. He turned his back to us, curling himself up in a ball. I think a Helper then communicated to me that we were to leave him alone and that it was time to leave.

When we were then back out on the street, in the plaza, the Helpers then said they would form a circle and I was to join them. It was then I counted five or six of them. As we formed a tight circle, shoulder to shoulder, they clasped arms in a way that for some reason confused me. I finally just made sure I had my hands in the center where I could feel their hands, and I became aware that we would once again send PUL out into the area. For a few seconds it felt as if this energy was shooting up and out like a fountain of sparkling brightness.

I was then told our time was up and before I returned home I think the Helper that had been the communicator with me sensed a few questions I had, and answered them before I could consciously ask. A great many of the people there in the homeless city responded better to PUL, than say others in numerous BST worlds, primarily because of something to do with the fact that having suffered 'mental illness' in the physical actually enabled them to be more open (?), less illusional now (how ironic). I'm probably not explaining this well as I could feel an understanding of what was being communicated from the Helper at that time, but once back, that 'feel' partially left me....and I right now can't explain this adequately. I had also been curious about the guy in charge or any leader of that BST and can not now remmeber what I was told, other than there was one and he/she was somewhere else.

Much love to all,


Posted by Dora on March 03, 2002 at 10:51:54:

My comments about Homeless City visit.

Hi to all,

Few thing what I learned about this experience. First I again and again with the loving and I'm sure laughing Helpers companion had to realize how limited are physical 3D thinking. Placing the Intent to visit the SAME place where Ginny was before, I forced myself to start few times. I wasn't willing to accept I'm going down instead of the street what I was visualized when Ginny posted her original visit. Well...it doesn't work that way. Learned if the Intent is there I HAVE to trust those who knows where I needed.

As I recall, this experience was the first when I somehow was "there" and the same time I was consciously thinking paying attention for details around the surranding area. To be filled with PUL wasn't only help for them but it was a big help for me also, without I can see how easily would of been one of the scary "hellish" experience. I knew without any doubt the people are aware of my presence, and each time I walked by one sending PUL to them was for my protection also. Also clearly "know" Michelle state of mind and knowing if I can touch her hand she will come with me. I remember the slight discomfort touching the filthy and clearly infected hand. PUL again. Honestly tell the truth I felt in my conscious mind to hurry out from the place. I remember to getting out to the street and meeting the "nurse" was a great relief but the same time the feeling "oh I am in the Homeless City after all"

After I get "back" of course I was hesitant what I was experienced. Was it real? How will compaire if any to Ginny's experience. Well... then answer is in Ginny's post.. Learn to use INTENT... PUL... then TRUST... is PRICELESS.... then everything else is MASTERCARD... lol

Love to all...