First Contact

Posted by TMIGrad on March 08, 2002 at 09:54:45:

A week ago today being March 1, I realized it had been 15 years since my husband passed away. As most of you know, it was an abusive marriage. I had never tried to contact him. I decided to try.

I used my F27 free flow tape and went to focus 27 to my special place. I rode my Dolphin guide in the lake for awhile and then went and sat on the ground with my back against the crystal there. I had sent out Intent for him to meet me at my place.

While I was sitting there, hands reached down to mine and gently pulled me up. I didn't see him, I just laid my head on his chest and I felt his arms around me. Scenes from the past flew by and I knew we were both seeing them. They were all 'bad scenes'. Then they quit and he said 'you still have healing to do and I will help you heal'. Then the tape was over and I was back in C1 consciousness.

As I thought about it, I realized that I'd had no emotion whatsoever during the meeting and none afterwards. But over the next few days I felt a giant leap in consciousness but not something that I can put a finger on and describe.

Two days later on Sunday I was doing my TMILifeline journey and when done there was still time so I went to my place again and sat on the ground with my back against the crystal again. It wasn't long until hands were reaching down to me pulling me up gently again. And again my head was on his chest and his arms were around me. But there were no scenes this time. Instead we were spinning slowly and I could see blackness and stars. It was the same feeling I had when Gordon Phinn and I had joined heart chakras and consciousness and had spun.

Back in C1 I knew that this was part of the healing process and then emotion did come. I also know that anytime I want contact, all I have to do is sit on the ground with my back to my crystal and he will come.

Again, I feel a lightness and a feeling of freedom that I haven't had since I was a child and I feel truly blessed that this has happened. It has helped me to more fully understand that we each have 'roles' to play in the Earth Life System and that we did choose to play these roles before we came here.

With Love,