Retrieval From BST Beneath WTC

Posted by TMIGrad on March 11, 2002 at 18:36:10:

I used my F27 free flow tape while on a journey last night with the F35 group and on the way to F27 I asked if I needed to retrieve anyone on my way up. All of a sudden I was at the WTC but it seemed I was in an old subway (was there one beneath the WTC?). I saw a woman with a very ragged coat on laying on the ground and I felt this was the person I was to retrieve. I started talking to her and telling her who I was and that I could take her someplace where she could sleep in a clean bed and have clean clothes, food, etc. She ignored me so I sent PUL to her and she started looking around and then saw me. I held out my hand and she reached for it. I asked her name and got Mary Phillips. I also got the year as 1935. There were 2 other people that came over to us but hung back a ways. I told them they could go with us and we took off, the other 2 following the Helper while the woman held my hand. I realized that we were in a Belief System Territory since others were aware of me. This seemed to verify for me a journey I had where BST's were superimposed over F23 and I believe that's why I was chosen for this retrieval. After leaving her at the Reception Center, I continued to join the F35 group.