Imagination working overtime?

Posted by Lotus on March 24, 2002 at 00:06:51:

The other morning I experienced a very small, very tiny bit of what Ginny and Dora described in their "Homeless" postings - I think. Or was it my imagination? After doing a short meditation called "the beam" (beaming love and light to the earth and everyone, especially all in the "Shadow Lands", as Helen Greaves calls the lower astral) and after asking for angels/light beings to go with me, I set my intention (not really believing anything was going to happen, duh!) to go where there were those who needed help, wherever people were earthbound/trapped in darkness by negative emotions. All of a sudden a picture flashed into my mind that we were in a very large, dark room with very low ceilings and no windows. It was something like a huge dungeon with many people lying on the dirt floor. The atmosphere was cold, with strong feelings of hopelessness and depression. I tried to send out PUL, visualizing it as a soft, muted pink, so as not to shock or frighten the people. The next picture that flashed into my mind was that gradually many of them were sitting up and looking around, while little clumps of grass and flowers were sprouting up around them. (That was what seemed so bizarre, as I could never have imagined something like that in a dungeon!) Some very pale daylight also seemed to be coming through the ceiling, which didn't seem to be so low anymore. Didn't get anything more after that as I couldn't hold the focus. Am I delusional or perhaps just influenced by Dora's and Ginny's very wonderful experiences? You two certainly did inspire me to want to do more to help others, so have ordered the Friday Harbor tapes and am anxious to get started! Any comments, anyone? (I'm really not trying to be a copycat!)

Love, Lotus