a retrieval

Posted by Ginny on March 26, 2002 at 15:18:23:

Hi everyone,

Met with a Helper who communicated right off the bat I was needed to get someone's attention. I could feel her concern for the person as we then began to move together. When it felt as if we had arrived at our destination, a large opaque ball first appeared in front of us...and I'm not sure whether I then moved up and over it, or the image turned on its side to become more of a flat surface, but since this confused me I let the image go, asking for better understanding. What I then had was a circle of earth, surrounded by grass...and sensed a hill to our left and open countryside to our right. The Helper said what I was seeing was correct. In the center of the circle was an individual with their back to us, on their knees, apparently digging in the dirt. I watched for a few seconds, felt the Helper then back away a step or two, indicating to go ahead and approach the person, which I did.

As I got closer I then knew it was a woman and I could feel she was locked into a strong concentration, almost a wild or frantic energy about her. I immediately said hello followed with a fast request for her to help me (for some reason approaching her this way was best, or would keep her from reacting out of fear?---didn't even think about this...I just seemed to know instantly what to say). As I moved closer to her she stopped her digging and remained motionless. I made sure I didn't get too close, asking again if she could help me....I was lost. She stood and looked at me...then walked around to the other side of where she had been digging and stared at me. She seemed to be either a young or middle aged woman, wearing a long skirt and top, frayed or torn along the edges. Even though she rested her weight on a small shovel that I sensed was a primitive tool by today's standards, her hands were also dirty from digging. Her eyes were dark and held a universe of emotions.

She then wanted to know how I could be lost. Sweeping her arm out towards what felt like semi-desert, she said again, how could I possibly be lost here? I answered with the idea that I wasn't very smart and I was new here...did she know where I was? With that she pointed off behind her, and all I got was that she was briefly explaining how to get to a village or community in that direction. She then dismissed me and returned to her digging. I decided to sit down in the grass, explaining I was tired...and she ignored me.

It then came to me what she was so intent on finding in that hard packed, dry soil: her baby. Making sure I was open to any suggestions from the Helper nearby, it felt okay to then ask her what she was hoping to find. I stood and moved closer to her as she stared at the small hole she had been working on...and I gently asked her again what it was she was hoping to find. She looked up at me, leaning on the shovel as if exhausted...and I let her know it was okay...she could tell me: I would promise to never tell anyone what she was doing. I then sensed she was beginning to open up as she pointed to the hole and said, "They buried my baby." I was then getting a barrage of emotions and information from her, about that fact that she had given birth without having a husband, a violation in her tribe or village...and to teach her a lesson other villagers had buried her child, a daughter. They had no right, she said, to do this. She was starting to cry as I moved closer and started telling her that we are all spiritual beings, and that the spirit of her daughter never died. I told her surely she could be reunited with her daughter and she could go with me now, away from all this isolation and grief. She understood what I was saying...and I think I watched her then start to let go of other emotions (it felt like some hatred... and self-incrimination) as she then stared off toward the desert. I sensed strongly that perhaps she was wondering about herself...possibly wondering where she was (looked as if she was starting to wake up from a dream). It felt okay for me to then say to her, as I looked down at where she had frantically been digging, that her child was not there. I could feel that she was beginning to understanding...or that she was possibly recalling the beliefs she had held in that life. A calm came over her as she then turned to me, her eyes communicating that she wanted to leave. I took a step back, holding out my arm and introducing the Helper as a friend of mine, who then moved toward her...and I watched as a soft golden light surrounded them. From above another Helper arrived, softly landing, taking the woman's arm. I thought of following but decided it wasn't necessary. I looked back at the scene of where the young mother had been for who knows how long......................and I then returned to C1.

Much love to all,