shot at the wall

Posted by alysia on March 28, 2002 at 08:33:16:

after placing intention I waited and then I saw a man facing a wall. I wasn't going to post this as all my senses were not operating like they were in the last retrieval in which I was fully conscious; this one I was aware of laying on the bed, yet there was several interesting developments in this one, so I'm no longer fighting it's validity. I seemed to be prodded to approach the man even though I was complaining that I didn't like to enter scenes where violence had taken place. I stood on his left and he jumped a little when he noticed me. I received information somewhere he had been shot, back to the wall, and that this was a wall where many others had been brought for the same purpose. the problem was that he had become petrified mentally/emotionally while waiting to be shot. he was still waiting for the bullet. as I was trying to figure out what to say he was speaking a different language jabbering in fright, he "clothed" me in a soldiers uniform; he thought I was the shooter. immediately, feeling a little perturbed, I saw the uniform not there, and clothed myself in a dress. I said see, I'm in a dress. now you and I are going to blow this joint. he seemed to understand, so we crouched down and like in a high drama movie we snuck around the corner of the building where a guide was waiting who took his hand. I was just watching when I was prompted to take his other hand and we 3 floated up a ways then it was over. before this the interesting part was while at the wall a blast of PUL energy seemed to swoosh from out of me into this man, but I hadn't thought about PUL, it just happened. I try to be conscious of it, and work with it alot while doing intention, but when I feel it, it lends credibility to the retrieval experience that otherwise wouldn't happen. I think more difficult retrievals are going to be happening and I'm trying not to be so closed off to the possibilities; it takes a very strong person to look at what the human race does to each other violently, you try to make sense of it, but all you want to do is cry and be wimpy! it helps to post though.