Friday Harbor Tape Retrieval #1

Posted by jeff on April 03, 2002 at 17:09:33:

Hello everyone. This past weekend I began listening to the Friday Harbor tapes I ordered through the website. I was inspired by Rebecca's experiences so I ordered the tapes.

Well, sure enough, my dreams have been EXTREMELY interesting since I started the tapes. And I was contacted by a retired attorney from my job who died, somebody I havnen't thought about in a while, about something going on at work. But that's another story.

Yesterday, I finally got to Bruce's lecture on the steps for retrievals. But while Bruce was still lecturing on the process as outlined in the workshop, I got a visual of a woman's face. I asked her name. It was Ilyana. At first I kept getting the image of the actress Illeana Douglas. I let it go but the image kept reforming. After a couple of times of letting go, I got the image of a tan or brown skinned woman. Her long black hair was pulled back into a single long braid.

At this point I had to pause the workshop tape. I asked her where she was from. I got Peru, or rather an image of a mountain and trees and the word Peru superimposed over it. Ilyana said she was waiting to be taken somewhere which I assumed was her version of the afterlife.

At this point I have to mention that Iíd continually been getting images of people that day as I was listening to the tapes. I was a little reluctant to initiate a retrieval before the first led exercise but Ilyana's energy felt pretty insistent. So I went with it.

Looking back, Iím realize now that I let some opportunities go because I didnít really try to enter this womanís reality. Also, partially because I wanted to get back to Bruce's lecture, I didn't ask her any questions. So I don't know why she was stuck or how she died.

Anyway, I immediately said I had someone here with me. An older woman appeared, her grayish white hair intricately plaited atop of her head. She wore some type of ceremonial dress with a collar that looked like long white feathers with turquoise jewels beaded into it. Ilyana seemed to know her. Later when I was writing the retrieval down I "heard" the word Goddess. So maybe the helper appeared as a goddess in Ilyana's religion.

The two spoke briefly and then they took off. I followed and got the sense of scenery changing around us more than a sense of movement. But I could feel the energy vibrations in my body adjusting as we moved. A scene of a huge mountain appeared. In the side of the mountain was an opening which we flew into. Inside there was a vast room or chamber. There were long benches or tables and some fires burning in torches. It had the feeling of a temple.

The helper turned to me and told me her name was Marsala. Now I immediately noticed that as she spoke I heard the words but her mouth didn't move. In fact, I've experienced that same phenomenon in my dreams and the few spontaneous out-of-body travels I've had. Anyway, just as I was wondering if this was Focus 27, Marsala said "not quite." This concurred with my feeling that this place was connected to Ilyana's religious/spiritual beliefs. Marsala told me that Ilyana would experience a period of rest or sleep. One of the stone benches came more clearly into focus as Marsala gestured toward it. She said that after the appropriate amount of time rituals would be performed to induct Ilyana.

Then Marsala asked me if I'd like to stick around to watch one or two of the rituals. Torn between this intriguing development and wanting to continue on with the workshop tapes, I said no. I explained that I was taking a workshop to learn how to retrieve people. Looking back, I think that's kind of funny since Marsala probably knew this all too well!! But I asked her if it was okay if I could come back later. She smiled (which I took to mean yes) and found myself moving away as the scene blurred around me.