Working with Harry in another retrieval

Posted by Ginny on April 07, 2002 at 09:31:08:

Hi everyone,

The thought of meeting Harry went through me as I was experiencing a deeper than usual relaxation...and so placed my intent to meet with him. I didn't sense anything at first and realized I could recall the 'feel' of him, so did this, and then heard, "Hi Ginny!", off to my left. I said, "Hi Harry!" back, waited a few seconds and he was then to my right, wearing his usual 'professor clothes' (I laughed and asked if he ever wears anything else?..and he smiled back and indicated yes, but that it really didn't matter anyway). He was then communicating that he wanted to take me somewhere. So I sensed movement through the blackness and a park bench was then ahead of us, the kind made out of marble with no back-rest. We seemed to be in a lush garden setting and I asked him if this garden was his creation. He held out his right hand, palm down, and made a brief fluttering motion to indicate 'sort of', also shrugging....and I got that he had perhaps had something to do with some of the decore there.

After talking with him for a few minutes he indicated there was something he wanted to tell me. He stood, walked over toward some flowering bushes, seemed to be pondering something, turned and came back.....stroking him chin. He was thinking and I sensed he was unsure about something. He sat next to me again, seemed on the verge of saying something, but remained quiet. I was starting to feel funny because I've never seen a Helper act like this before. He laughed and said Helpers are just people too...and they were becoming more real, personable, human-like to me because I was letting go of a 'god-like-status' I've always held for them. I knew what he was talking about. He was right. He then announced that whatever it was he wanted to tell me could wait. He said it wasn't the right time!! I was curious but for some reason felt a bit relieved at this decision.

I then asked if he and I could go and help someone in the afterlife?...and he offered a big grin and said yes. We stood and I just let Harry do the driving as we were then moving through more blackness. When we came to a stop I saw over to our left a person sitting down with their back to us, rocking back and forth from the waist, making a low groaning noise. I didn't move as I wanted Harry to give me any info possible on this person. I immediately knew this person had suffered with mental illness or something to do with being in a mental institution. Something happened next and the only way I can explain is it felt as if I were suddenly consumed for a few seconds with a love that I thought I wouldn't be able to contain. I looked over at Harry and he didn't communicate anything. He remained quiet, encouraging me with his silence to go ahead and move over to the person. As I began to move in that direction I glanced at Harry and saw he was suddenly wearing white clothing, a long shirt to his hips that looked like a lab coat, white pants. I got 'doctor' or 'medical' and nothing more.

I stopped near the person squatting there, looked down and perceived that this person was very old, boney, painfully thin. I saw a thin right arm extended out as if holding onto either some kind of bar or they were pressing a hand against a wall I couldn't see. What was strange was that I couldn't figure out if the person was a male or female. A mass of long ,stringy, gray hair was falling forward over the the face ...and the person seemed lost in their own world. Once again I opened to receive a little more info from or about the person before I introduced myself and got mixed signals about their sex...then wondering if this person had been hermaphroditic (in the physical) and had been institutionalized because of it? --( I don't know if this was the case but I wondered about this as I was standing there because I usually know whether a person is male or female very quickly). It was also obvious that the person was completely unaware of me: just rocking, groaning or I sent a small stream of PUL energy to the person and the rocking and mumbling stopped. And then I could instantly feel the person was aware of me...and I could feel a sharp intellect. Nothing more came through so I leaned forward and said hello and asked if I could sit down too? I could feel it was okay to sit, which I did. I then said I sometimes liked to just sit and rock back and forth too...and I then got from the person that they thought this was odd----why would I like it? (apparently they didn't-----ooops!). So we sat there and after a minute I asked him (I was starting to get that it was a man) if he liked it here...and got a quick no. I asked if he'd like to leave...and he hesitated and then I could hear him talking as he said, " ahh...they won't let me leave here". I perceived that he had buck teeth, a long hook nose....and it sounded as if he had a lisp as well as a lot of saliva in his mouth. Talking seemed to be something he hadn't done in a long time (?). His voice also had a nasal tone to it. I still couldn't see his face as it was covered with hair. I asked him if he could picture things in his mind and he said sure. So I began describing the characteristics of Focus 27 to him, just saying it was 'a place I knew of' where he could go with me, mentioning that he'd be able to have whatever he wanted there. I asked what kind of a place he'd like to have...and he immediately told me he would want to have his own home again ( I was then seeing in my mind's eye what looked like an old English village, at an intersection with shops, houses sandwiched next to one another). We then talked ( I was definitely picking up on what sounded like a Cockney accent) as he was then describing the kind of furniture he'd have (I saw the inside of a home furnished with what to me would be priceless antiques, and I got that he had loved the furniture his 'Mum' had had)...and then the word 'cobb' came through....then I saw a shoe and the word 'shoes' came through.....and I understood that he was saying he at one time had been a cobbler. I then got excited and asked him, wouldn't it be great to have his shoe business around the corner, in the same building as his house? He liked that idea. I told him he could leave with me now, and he reiterated that he would not be allowed to leave. I then reached into a pocket ( while sitting in my studio during this retrieval I wasn't wearing anything with pockets, but I sure was There) and felt my hand pulling out a piece of paper, which then became an open folder. I showed him the paperwork, especially the top piece of paper with signatures declaring that he was free to leave the institution. He just sat there, staring at the document, and I began to wonder if his fear of remaining there would be surpassed only by a fear of leaving...but no, he wanted to go. I told him as a matter of fact I had someone here who would help escort him out....and Harry then walked towards us in his white clothing. The man then said, "I can't stand up"....and I felt this was because of his age, and because he had been sitting so long he was too weak or unable to stand. Harry had that problem solved as another Helper in white arrived and they quietly placed what looked like a smooth, wooden stretcher down near the man. Gently lifting him up (his legs remained bent underneath him, as if he had been in a permanent sitting position for years) he was placed on the stretcher and all four of us were then moving down a dimly lighted hall, I could see large windows to our left...and then out into the 3D blackness.

As I remained by his side I got that his name was Edward....Edward Chersen...Chersey (not sure about the last name). In asking where he was from I was expecting him to say England...but I got Wales. He was born in Wales but moved possibly to either England or Scotland (?) at an early age. He said there had been no work in Wales, so he'd left. I got 1835. He asked if he'd be able to see his 'Mum' and I told him I didn't see why not. He asked my name and I said Ginny, and then immediately started to say Virginia (thinking maybe the name Ginny wouldn't make sense to someone from the early 1800's England?)...and he smiled and said, "Oh, like Genevieve...I like that name...Gennie." I smiled back saying yes and left it at that.

We were then inside a spacious room with smooth walls...and I didn't pick up on any furniture other than a raised platform about 4 feet high which they placed Edward and the stretcher on. I told him this was a kind of hospital and recuperation place..and as I pointed behind me we could see through a large opening out to what appeared to be walkways, covered terraces...very peaceful. It looked a little more modern than 1800's England but he was happy and didn't seem to care. He accepted that medical people would need to attend to him for awhile..and that he'd sure like to get into some warm water. As Harry and the other Helper were attending to Edward, to make him feel comfortable, I began to move away but didn't want to leave. Edward looked over at me and said he never should have been in that mental institution. I agreed with him (I sensed he had been institutionalized against his will). I told him I had to leave and he reached out and took my hand, saying thank you. He asked why he had finally been allowed to leave that place, and I said it had been determined that it was just time for him to be released....and that many others were being released too. He was pleased to hear that. Edward then said he was going to make me the finest pair of * shoes (he used an *adjective, regarding a type of shoe...and I can't recall that word back to me right now), and I then got he'd make a pair of 'ladies shoes' for me too. It was obvious that Edward was completely expecting to see me again. I could feel Harry watching me and when I glanced at him I saw/felt so much love in his eyes...and then told Edward I would be honored to visit someday.