Friday Harbor Tape Retrieval #3

Posted by jeff on April 16, 2002 at 14:09:53:

Hi folks.

Sorry it took me so long to post this retrieval which happened two weeks ago while listening to the Friday Harbor tapes.

Interestingly enough, this was the "Getting a Special Message" exercise.

At the park bench I did Bruce's placing of intent and set it to get a special message. Now I was doing this alone so the exercise didn't really work as done in the workshop. But since I did write down my deceased friend Troy Edward's name I figured I'd contact him. But when I said his name I got "not available" both in a man's voice and in Troy's own voice, sort of like a voice autoresponder. Then I heard that I was to do a retrieval.

I asked a helper to join me. A tiny woman dressed in a flowered hat and carrying a purse appeared. She looked like the British Queen Mother who just died. Oh great, I thought. Here's the British Queen Mum whose come to help me retrieve Princess Margaret! Yeah, right.

I dissolved the image but got the same one. I tried dissolving it again but she reappeared. She had a glow coming from her, the same glow I saw in my dog when I realized I was looking at him with my eyes closed after returning from a spontaneous out-of-body experience. So I figured she was the one.

Her name was Jane Preston. She said she was taking me to help someone. She got up and I followed her through some bushes. The scenery changed and we were walking down stairs. Then it got dark and we stood outside a darkened room. I felt scared. I "knew" it was filthy inside. Someone was laying in a bed full of his own filth. It was disgusting.

I told Jane I didn't want to go inside. My energy became unstable and I started to fade out. In a very proper little British lady's voice she said, "Of course you're going in. That's why you're here." She had me do a couple of energy gathering breaths to help me stabilize.

Inside, I couldn't see at first. I knew a man lay in the bed. He was young but he looked older (I later found out he was only 28 when he died). I asked him his name. He said Mohambe Tsunista. I'm not too sure about this last name, but the Mohambe part was clear. Actually, I kept getting his last name wrong and I felt him get irritated with me.

He said he had "slim", the African slang for AIDs. He got it from going to see prostitutes. I asked the country and got Mozambique. But with my geography-challenged self, I wasn't sure if that was the name of a city or a country. After a couple of retries I got Zimbabwe. Interestingly enough, a day after the retrieval I looked on a map and found that Zimbabwe is right next to Mozambique. So apparently the "information source" gave me the name of the nearest country when I got confused about Mozambique.

I told Mohambe that I knew of a clinic where he could get excellent treatment. He didn't seem convinced. By now I'd lit a candle and saw the condition of his environment. This was how he had died. It was terrible. I said I could get him cleaned up and that there was an ambulance waiting outside.

I was having some problems staying with this because of the his condition and the environment he was in. I heard Jane speak in my mind. She told me to focus on my heart center and bring in Divine Love which I did.

Mohambe still seemed unsure. So I said that I once had "slim" and had gone to this clinic and was now completely cured. I knew that I appeared to him as a healthy good-looking young African man (I'm African-American but I don't look like the average African).

Anyway, he believed my story and agreed to come with me. I helped him up and realized that he was no longer messy as we walked through the door. He was even starting to look healthier. Jane appeared outside as a young African nurse. She and another helper dressed as an orderly helped Mohambe into the ambulance. Jane and I rode in the back with him.

Before long we arrived at the clinic which looked more like a hospital. When the door opened the light was extremely bright, then dimmed to a "normal" level. We got Mohambe into a wheelchair and took him to his room. Once he settled in, a young man walked in. Mohambe cried out, "Fred!" Fred sat on the edge of the bed and Jane motioned for us to leave.

Outside of the room she turned back into the proper little British lady. I asked her what year Mohambe died. An image with the words 1992 flashed in my mind. I asked her what would happen to him next. She said they'd help him raise his energy and "recover". Then Fred would take him to join the rest of their group. She said he could then decide if he wanted to go back or not. I expressed surprise at him returning so soon. She said he still had "credit" left for leaving this life so early. He could either go back immediately once he'd recovered or wait, rest, study and carefully plan for a new life.

I asked why I was chosen. She smiled and said I'd done this before. I got the impression my soul is experienced at doing retrievals. I asked if I'd be retrieving portions of my soul. She didn't say anything at first and then said, "Maybe."

I asked if she had anything else to tell me. She said keep opening my heart and accessing its love. She said I had huge reserves of love and that by accessing them I could accelerate my healing and produce some wonderful changes in my life.

She said we might work together again. Then she showed me her real self. I got the sense of light but nothing really visual. But she spoke briefly in the most beautiful, resonant voice. It was like bells, cool breezes and sweet candy all rolled into one. Then she returned to her Jane form.

We said goodby and then everything faded.

I didn't think of this until a day later, but my friend Troy Edwards died of AIDs too. So I wonder if by writing my friend's name down, it somehow set me up vibrationally for retrieving someone with AIDs?