Buddhist Monk Retrieval?

Another possible BST retrieval?---or is this experience a possibile F23 'group' retrieval?

Around April 2001
"Buddhist Monk"

Helper and I arrived at what appeared to be a large opening in the blackness, and I could see beyond to what appeared to be a lush garden. As I moved into the scene it was indeed an exotic place:, trees, flowers, soft earth feel, sunshine breaking through over-hanging foliage. I felt a presence to my left and saw a man sitting Indian style on a flat boulder....bald head, wearing a dark wrap or robe with one shoulder covered. He didn't acknowledge me, just continued staring off into the garden. As I moved over to him he finally looked my way and offered a courteous, brief smile....and I started receiving info: this was the ultimate place after death...peaceful, serene, no wants or needs, no struggling or conflicts.......and he was bored!! He was experiencing disenchantment with the garden because there wasn't anything more to learn. He felt alone and discontent, and at a loss as to what to do. He was also alone a lot mainly because of his dissillusionment.

At this point---and not clear as to why---I felt an urge to momentarily leave him and move further into the garden. This was when I noticed people strolling through what seemed like an endless exotic place........meandering in pairs or small groups, talking amongst themselves. One or two looked over in my direction but for the most part I went undetected.

I then moved back to the monk and started telling him of a wonderful place where there was much learning, choices, love....that I had a friend with me who could certainly take him there. He listened, hesitating....and then decided to go. As he stood and starting walking with me towards the opening I originally came through I noticed several Helpers there. One greeted the monk and began communication. I stood off to one side, knowing he was now okay. And then I got a surprise. Several others in the park approached where the monk ahd been sitting and stopped, wondering what was going on. Apparently communication was going on between the Helpers and this group because one garden member then walked toward the opening and followed the monk out. After a minute or two another decided to leave and finally approximately ten all left with Helpers. I later didn't know what to make of this retrieval but at the time assumed it was once again something to do with F23 I didn't understand......but no doubt was very happy to see so many leave.

Love to you and yours,