BST Rertieval, Mountain Cottage

This retrieval took place a few weeks ago and I was told by the Helper we were going to the BST.


A tall mountain appeared to my right, in a heavy the left at the base of the mountain was a town in the distance, people walking. They didn't seem to be aware of the Helper and me. What looked like hundreds of stairs carved out of the mountain ascended to our right and the Helper and I started moving up (I was relieved we floated up!). We came to what looked like a stone cottage which overlooked the town below and a beautiful valley beyond, with a mountain range off in the distance. The Helper moved behind me and I walked into the cottage, seeing a gray haired man of about 45 or 50ish sitting with his back to me at a table. I felt an immediate feeling from him, as he became aware of me (us?----it felt as if he knew more than one person had entered his house), that I was unwelcome. He assumed I was from the town and I had just walked into his home unannounced. He was agitated and concerned about why I was there. I apologized, introduced myself and said I wasn't from the town......I was just out and about and admiring the countryside. He calmed down a little and sat back down. I asked him why he lived so high up on a mountain and I got info that he had chosen to segregate himself from the community below because he had had it with the leaders, or those in charge, of this place. It turned out that he had been told that when he came here he and his wife would live forever in a land where their homes, possessions, could not be taken from them. And she was not there. He became distraught at this point, over not being able to be with his wife, at being lied to about this place...and I sent him PUL. He calmed down and I told him I knew where his wife was ( I don't usually make such bold statements like this---don't want to say something I'm unsure of, but I just had a knowing that a reunion would take place if he chose to come....and I also briefly saw/felt two children)....that he could come with me to be with her. I could feel a powerful hope from him that this could be true, as well as uncertainty about where it was he'd be going to. I described the place, no tyranny....just love and family and choices. When he decided to go the Helper moved toward him and all was well. We left his home, moved down the mountain and once again I saw townspeople off in the distance. Once we left that place a scene of gold light opened up and he was met by his wife and children. It was emotional and full of joy, happy tears. As I stood watching, his wife told him she had never taken their ELS religion to heart as he had. She had not fallen for taking scripture so literally as he apparently had. She had been more interested in what loving others was about! more thing. Don't know if this is of interest, but I've been noticing differences between F23 and the BST. These differences could be attributed to me only (?) but might as well pass them along.

** The person to be retrieved in the BST is aware of the fact that they have either died or gone through some transition. ..they've never question this or shown confusion over what happened or why they aren't in the ELS. If anything they seem to either be having trouble in the 'new place' or will be soon. This characteristic initially got me wondering where I had been on a few retrievals in the past that possibly weren't F23.

** Whenever I have entered a place in the BST I always felt as if I were sneaking into a side door, out on the edge of the place (kinda like a 12 year old sneaking into a side door of a theatre in hopes of not having to pay to see a movie--lol). This too was a characteristic that got me wondering. I finally asked Guides what the 'sneaky feeling' was about or why I experienced it...and was told; #1-----the sneaky feeling was me feeling self conscious; #2----we only feel self conscious when others are around; #3-----I had been entering places built, organized and run by people.

All righty......thanks Bruce. Much love, Gin