Addiction BST Retrieval

Another possible BST retrieval for you.

In June of this year my husband's half sister died unexpectedly and he as well as his other sister were feeling guilty because Connie had led a lifestyle very different from them------chronic alcoholism and drug use----and communication between all of them had been sparse and at times angry, mainly from her. She would call us and blame us, everyone, for her life etc. Two days after her death I felt a great need to see if I could contact her ( a few years back we had been able to become friends for awhile, our connection being paranormal topics). Here's what happened. Oh and by the way...this was posted on the board in June but don't know if you keep posts and can refer back to them.


After going through my preparatory process, F10, 12, I began to move toward F27 to go to my park when I sensed strongly to stop (this has never happened before). I was met by a Helper and told that Connie had "gone to a place where she could continue her addiction and not be judged". The Helper and I then proceeded to go to where she was.......we soon came to what looked like a tunnel made up of red neon-like light swirling clockwise....and I became scared we were going to some kind of hell (in Connie's worse states she feared demons and hell etc). The Helper reassured me that I would be fine and we continued along this wide red tunnel. At some point we were standing outside the entrance to what I perceievd to be a bar. I could sense the rythmic base sounds you hear from a distance---music playing. So I carefully walked to the door and on in to a bar that was dark but also lighted by the glow you'd see from red neon lighting. To my right was a long bar and stools. Connie was sitting with her back to me talking with a man. The bartender was a tall guy....he was aware of me but didn't seem to matter to him whether I was there or not.

I walked up to the bar, sat on a stool and watched Connie. She was wearing jeans, T-shirt, hair in ponytail, and she was in a tight conversation with a guy who I never really got a fix on at all. After waiting a few minutes (I was apprehensive as to how she'd receive me cause she was angry at all of us when she died) I just said hi to her and she looked at me, astonished. I sensed she was shocked because she knew me to not be a drinker and why would I even be there anyway. To create a common ground with her I ordered a drink for myself, which the bartender gave me. I started talking about her husband, children, brother and sister (all in the physical)....told her how much we loved her and missed her. She was staring straight ahead , asking questions about how her youngest son was (he, by the way, took her passing the hardest), her husband. Then she started talking louder, complaining and I got the imp. to send her PUL, which I did. She became calm, thoughtful. It finally got to the point where I thought it was going nowhere and I began to leave. She turned on her stool and asked me to stay, which I did. We kept talking, me telling her she could go to a nicer place etc, and at one point I was sitting closer to her but she eventually became argumentative. She was afraid, suspicious that this "other place" was actually a mental institution and that she was being tricked ( I found out after the retrieval that her kids had pleaded with her to "get help"....that the hallucinations she was having weren't normal etc) and I sent PUL again, with the same results. I'm having a little bit of trouble remembering all we talked about, but it boiled down to her life, her family. I thought it was best for her if I left and she once again asked me not to. I started telling her she could come with me to a better place, a place where she had choices and a lot more freedom....a place where she could visit with her family....when they were asleep she'd actually be able to visit and communicate with them (this idea about visiting with family was not my idea---lol---it came to me when I was feeling at a loss what to do...had never spent so much time in a retrieval like this). She just sat there, thinking I guess...and she didn't argue but expressed fear that I wanted her to go to a mental institution, and again I sent PUL. I again felt that this possibly wasn't the time to take her anywhere. As I began leaving again she got off her stool and hugged me, telling me she wanted to go. I could feel that the idea of being able to see family again was important to her. We struggled to leave because she was hanging on me due to her back problem. She couldn't straighten up and so kept her arm around my neck (I had known ahead of time that, while in the physical, she was facing possible back surgery but found out after this retrieval that she had been stooped over due to back pain). As we got out of the bar I mentally asked for help.....and the next thing I knew everything became white....and then a place materialized before us. I saw a one story building which was open, extending out to a courtyard complete with lounge chairs, potted plants, I think a fountain off in the distance. I sensed we were at some kind of spa. A young man walked up to us pushing a wheelchair....he was wearing all white and I instantly became concerned that his outfit would make her fear she HAD been sent to a mental institution. But when she sat down, asking him if this was a mental ward, he bent forward and handed her a glass of wine, saying to her, "Would a mental institution offer you wine?" With that she seemed to let go of any paranoia (I was relieved too----I don't know why I question Helpers methods---lol) and she was happy and chatting on with him as he wheeled her away. I was told it was a spa-like setting: massages, good food, even a bar if she ever felt she really had to have alcohol, and I'm sure---good counseling. With that I was suddenly traveling up and away, was then floating in blackness, and the Helper who took me to Connie took both hands and told me to relax. It flet as if a white energy was traveling up my arms, into the rest of me, and I felt a great peacefulness come over me (was I being helped to rid my system of Connie's energy and the bar scene?).

I posted this on the board, Bruce, because it was a wonderful example to others of sharing a retrieval as a "dream"...and in doing so brouhgt profound relief to her family members. They even confirmed some things I had not known about Connie, so the funeral became more of a joyous wake.

Much love to you,