Another Retrieval

Posted by alysia on August 26, 2001 at 19:16:28:

I heard on the grapevine Bruce would like us to post more retrievals so here's one I did this afternoon. I asked for a guide, but truth is I never see them and just barely sense them. I was waiting for one, then I thought of my grandmother passed over and how we communicated once, at that time I asked her what she was doing now..she said mending auras, I was perplexed. she was after all a seamstress in life, but mending auras? so all that aside I asked her if she'd go with me to do a retrieval and she said "if you please.

" The way she talks is pretty good evidential for me. so off we went and she showed me this chain link fence and said a dead woman was buried there. we went in and a girl of 19 was there. she said she was waiting for her boyfriend to come get her. I was picking up that her boyfriend killed her. I told her to look at her bones with her inner eyes after explaining that her body was no longer useful to her, that she was spirit now.

her last thought on earth was that Travis, the boyfriend, loved her, and her loyalty was like a chain around her neck. my nanny and I each took her hands and we went to the reception area. for some reason my nanny wanted me to go there also. we almost lost Mabel, the girl because I asked what her boyfriends name was and she started to gravitate back to the same area we had left. finally we got her to the reception area where the guide there was having her write her name and age, which she was unable to do.

I asked if everything would be alright now could we leave and the guide said everything was now under control. so that's it. I still don't get a sense of really being somewhere other than in my physical shell, it's still not like an OBE where I can actually feel a separation and the wind as I go out. but I think more practice might produce more awareness and a sense of being there.