Concentration Camp Retrieval

Posted by Ginny on August 17, 2001 at 20:52:45:

Hi All,

Want to share a retrieval from the Belief System Territories that happened a few weeks ago.

When a Helper arrived at my little park in F27, I was told we were going to a retrieval in the BST. We arrived in a bleak, desolate place, rows of small wooden shacks. The Helper let me get acquainted with the place ( I perceived voices off in the distance, authoritative voices) and then informed me he (felt like a 'he') would stay outside...that I was to go ahead and walk into the first shack on our left, which I did. It was a one room run-down place, very dirt, hardly any furniture. As I walked further in I saw a woman over on the other side of the room, sitting by a window, seemingly unaware I was there. I approached her carefully, taking note of what little was there, and finally introduced myself. She didn't look my way....just ignored. She seemed to be in her 30's, 40's...wearing a dress that looked more like rags, brown hair pulled back, pale face with dark circles under her eyes. At a loss as to what to do next I suddenly received an instant "knowing" about her, why she was there. Her name was Sady. In the ELS she had been imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp, along with her three children. Somewhere along the line the Nazis had taken her children and killed them...and she also shortly after that caused her unborn child to be miscarried because she didn't want the fourth child to be brought into the world she was now in. Problem was she felt that she had been responsible for her children's deaths....if she had only pleaded with the Nazis more....if she had only fallen down and begged harder for their lives. Because they died she was to blame. While in the nazi camp she came to believe that her God had forsaken her.....that she "deserved" all that had happened to her....that she must be totally worthless and evil. And so here she was, in this shack (and I had a strong feeling that the rows of shacks were close to what the ELS camp had been like, or the treatment there?). I started talking to her and not much seemed to help her open up until I made the statement that she was not to blame for what had happened to her children. With that she stood up and started angrily saying she was guilty, she had killed her own children. She was really upset and all I could do was listen. When she sat down again she started crying, wailing, and I got the idea (Helper) to send her PUL, just as Bruce has taught. This seemed to calm her down a bit but she was still so completely caught up in her sorrow. I asked her if she and her children had asked to be taken to the camp...had it been her desire to ever go there? I think she understood what I was asking but didn't answer and continued crying. I then had the feeling it was time to go and left, having a strong "knowing" feeling that we would be back, this was only the beginning of her leaving this place.

A few days later when I had a strong feeling it was time to return, we did, and as we stood outside the shack a "man" approached, walked in, talked with her and then left (have no idea if he was a Helper or another nonphysical person in that camp). The feeling I got from the Helper with me was one of urgency, excitement. He told me he would remain outside again, but that when Sady and I walked out he would be in some kind of uniform and for me to not question it ( lol! the past I've found some of their outfits so strange I would say something about it------guess I've been a great source of laughter for Helpers ). So I walked into the shack again and Sady was standing by the window. When she saw me she quickly walked to a tub or sink and tried her best to ignore me. But it wasn't long before she started talking about her guilt, her punishment, but she wasn't too emotional this time. She sat down and I knelt beside her and asked her again if she and her children had wanted to go to the Nazi camp. I could feel she knew the answer was no. I told her she had been forced to go, that sometimes these things happen, but she was not to blame. The idea of PUL came to me so I sent her some again and she became very calm. I repeated all of it again, how she wasn't to blame. Feeling nervous but I knew I had to do it, I then told her that her children were somewhere else, in a loving place, and she could go with me to be with them....she didn't have to live here anymore. It was never her fault. She started crying but kept looking at me, finally, and I could feel she was starting to believe this.......she could be reunited with her children. She slowly calmed down, asked a few questions (where the kids were etc) and then she decided she wanted to leave. I could feel she was fearful of whether she would be stopped by someone, but she wanted to see her children so badly that her desire over-ruled her fear. As we walked outside a car from the 40's (not sure----don't know cars that well) pulled up and out came the Helper, disguised as a chauffeur who had been employed by her long before the Nazis came. She was surprised and very happy to see him. I stood off to one side waiting for her to go, but she insisted twice I also come, so we got into the back seat and off we went. She became so worried about her appearance, what would her children think, and before we arrived her clothing changed, her complexion, hair....she looked younger and healthy. She opened the car door and almost stumbled out, falling to her knees as her oldest daughter came running into her arms, as the others followed quickly. I had a hard time keeping emotions in check but I did. I have no idea where we were at that point and I guess it didn't matter. She was okay now. She was free.

Much love,