Posted by Gatewaygrad on August 23, 2001 at 15:51:31:

Hi All,

It was quiet today, no one home but me, so I decided to try for a retrieval.

Did F27 Free Flow with Dar and turned it off in F27. I asked for a Helper to help with a retrieval. Felt a lot of energy in hands with crystals. Felt like I was floating. I saw a man on a steep mountainside trying to climb up. It looked like all dirt, not rocks,etc. I floated over and told him I could take him up with me. He just looked at me and laughed. He said he had climbed almost all the way before and had fallen way down to the bottom and since he didnít get hurt, he was going to continue on his own until he made it. I looked down and saw it was a long ways down, then asked him how he kept from getting hurt. He said he didnít know, but knew he wasnít hurt because he had climbed back up this far. So I told him he had been hurt, in fact he had been killed and I was there to help him to the top. He looked doubtful but was taken by surprise and took my hand and up we went. A Helper was there and I told him to look at the Light. He did and his mouth dropped open and he said ďmotherĒ. The Helper left with him.

I thought that was so easy and fast that Iíll try for another one, so I asked for a Helper again and here came the same one. I donít know exactly how I knew he was the same one, but he was. I asked to please go to the BST and the next thing I knew I was kneeling down by a man who was absolutely filthy, had filthy blankets on him and there were others laying on the ground as filthy as he was. The surrounding area was extremely dirty and rundown. I asked him if he knew where he was and he said yes and for me to leave him alone. I told him I could take him someplace where it would be different and he would be clean and he told me no, that he wasnít worthy of it. He said that when he died, he knew he couldnít go to heaven and that was why he was there and again that he wasnít worthy. So I told him that everybody is worthy to go where I wanted to take him and that if, after going, he still felt unworthy, he could come back. Finally he said okay but was not too happy about it and the Helper took one hand and I took the other. When he saw the Light, he said no, I canít, look how filthy I am. I told him to look at himself and see that he was now clean. He did and starting crying. He went with the Helper and the last I saw there were several people greeting him. I never did turn the tape back on, but just said one and was back in C1.

I didn't know that it was a matter of asking to go to the BST or I'd have tried long ago.