Hollow Heaven Retrieval

Posted by Ginny on August 21, 2001 at 08:54:23:

Hi All,

A few weeks ago I ended up in a town, for a retrieval---with a Helper. There was a huge church or cathedral, made of what looked like stone and a large circlular stain glass window above steps. Many people were busy walking to and fro....was told to go ahead and walk into the cathedral as many others were also, as if a service was about to start. So I entered the service and took a seat in a back pew. The place was packed with quiet people all watching the priests or ministers perform various duties....and then a minister began talking. He was difficult to see but was wearing a long white or blue robe. He spoke of the importance of the people coming to the church if anyone had problems in the community, doubts about their faith etc. He made it very clear that no one could commune with God without going through the church.

As I continued sitting there a gold light, like sunlight coming through a window at dusk, suddenly seemed to spotlight a young girl sitting in front of me and a little to the right. I got that she was about 12 or in her early teens.....and I was also told to send her PUL, which I did. She slowly turned around and smiled at me. I smiled back and the service continued. It was at this time I noticed I was wearing a long black coat, like a thin raincoat, and black pants and top (this was a surprise cause I don't remember ME ever being in costume---lol). Anyway, when the service was over the girl and I met up quickly near the entrance doors. We seemed to be instant friends. I somehow got the info that her name was Maggy or Maggie, she had been an orphan in the ELS, the church or this faith had been her family, hope etc., and basically that was why she was here, now, continuing her life. It wasn't long befoe I felt it was time to go and so we parted. I noticed several people staring at me, and I could sense they were suspicious of me. I was confused at this point cause I was wondering how we would ever get her out of this heaven: she seemed content. I got a faint feeling that doubts would enter the picture for her....nothing more.

A few days later I returned to this heaven with the same Helper. My perception was fuzzy and at one point I couldn't seem to focus well but I didn't get an indication from the Helper that this would harm the retrieval.As we stood on a sidewalk in the town I noticed I had the same outfit on, plus a small black shoulder bag. I don't know if I was wondering again how someone like Maggie could be retrieved but the Helper did something that surprised me: she told me she would give me their plan to rescue the girl! The Helper handed me a piece of paper and said on it was either a poem or something written about PUL. As I held it in my hand I sensed it spoke of PUL being the ultimate thing to attain, that PUL was for all people and not just those in certain religions etc. The Helper told me to give this to Maggie and that down the line I would be the one in trouble with the church...and because of our friendship she would experience confusion and uncertainty. I then saw the her standing on the church steps, she waved and smiled.....so I went to her and gave her the PUL message. She was so happy to receive it and thought the message it carried was right on. Then she asked me to attend church with her and I hesitated (lol)....she asked again, almost pleading with me, so we walked into the service. It wasn't long before it was time to leave, which I did, with both of us promising to see one another again.

For the next 2 or 3 days Maggie was constantly on my mind and I finally realized that maybe I was suppose to go back sooner than I thought. When I went to my park in F27 the same Helper arrived and I told her I didn't think I should go today. It was like I was blind! Everything was foggy, fuzziness, and my ability to focus on anything for more than a few seconds seemed to be outta wack. I could feel a smile coming from her and she had me stand and take her left arm, and we started moving toward the heaven as if I were blind. The cathedral finally came into view but as if in a heavy fog. I knew I was to go into the church, which I did. There were only about 20 or so people sitting in pews, bunched together at the front of the church. I sat down and a few others sat next to me. I looked over across the aisle and there was Maggie, surrounded by people. She smiled at me but not with the openess as usual. Then the minister came out, walked to the pulpit. He was holding a piece of paper and I knew it was the PUL prose. He started off calmly but before long he began telling the small group that this was blasphemy. He held up the the piece of paper saying this was false.....it went against the rules of the church and society. He was almost yelling at this point and he pointed at me telling me to stand, which I did. He told me I must repent...I must announce the PUL present to Maggie was evil and ask for forgiveness. I didn't move or say a word. He hollered at me that I must ask that the Son of God come into my heart. He then asked me if I would do this. I got a feeling to look over at Maggie and send her PUL, noting that she seemed to be terribly confused, a look of shock on her face (she knew I was a loving person and couldn't understand why the church was treating me this way-----this was a strong feeling I had too). When I sent her PUL there was a silent gold light that suddenly exploded, completely filling up my field of vision. I felt myself shoot up and to my right, left to just sort of float in blackness. I then saw a human adult, white outline shape holding a smaller human shape and realized it must be the Helper and Maggie.

It wasn't long before a beautiful green meadow opened up around me, and the Helper and Maggie were talking. I listened as it was being explained to her why she had been escorted out of that town, why she had felt drawn to be there in the first place (this was cool cause I've never been around to hear such loving explaining after a retrieval). Maggie was listening, thinking, nodding here and there. Another Helper appeared with a horse and began saddling it for riding. Maggie was overjoyed---apparently she loved horses. As the horse was being readied it was then being explained to her about the many places she could go to now, the choices available, the freedom to learn. Having horses to ride seemed to be what finished off any doubts or fears she may have had about the new place, and last I saw her she was riding off with a Helper.

Much love and thanks everone for reading this.