BST Jailhouse Retrieval

Posted by Dora on August 18, 2001 at 14:10:03:

Hi to all,

First I have to thank Ginny to sharing her amazing visit with Sady.

As we discussed her experience and both of us come to the conclusion indeed she visited the Belief's System Territory, I too placed my Intent to visit somehow not just because i become extremely curious, but to be able to discuss and find a difference between F23 and BTS.

------Started with Bruce relaxing, energy gathering, and PUL generating excersise more then usually do, I put myself deeper then I wanted to, and I think I fall a sleep for a short while because I don't remember how I get to the place where I wake up.

I find myself in a jail setting building. Long building with closed cell's, I was amazed for the clearity end of the building a window with iron bars, immaculately clean floor and seeing the sunshine comes through on the window. I find myself sitting at a small table next to the right side of the wall reading a small book what seems to be the history of the people there. Behind me I felt a male figure explaining to me where I am. It is a juvenal with young people. Front of me on the table 2 pack of cigarette one is my brand, the other is Salem I remember thinking hmmmm where this coming from and why? Never in my life smoked one.. neither pack was full only couple in it.

I heard the voice behind me who I never saw but it was clear to me he is a Helper, saying "It is time for them to come out"

Next thing I saw the doors opening, somehow from inside. A small group of young male come out from the cells and i see the confusion when they saw me, whati'm doing there... I only see 2 of them clearly as they leaders the rest are not so clear but sure feel they presence.

As they forming a circle around me about 3-4" the 2 what i see clear are talking to each other.. this point i remember my own thinking "oh chit I have to do something" i feel especially from one of them some agressive energy.. of course Helpers not to be seen anywhere LOL... then in my view seems like a spotlight goes to the Salem.

I have to admit much as I concentrated to the feeling of PUL, right there I didn't remember I was scared.. But to cover my own feeling I said to the young man, Hi, you want some smoke? Go ahead just take one and give some to the others also. I said it to my nicest manner.. He said we can't have are own smoke if we want to... but thanks.. he grabbed the Salem pack and took out all and give to the others.. then he come back for my other pack and took that too.. still wasn't enough to everyone. He come back then I ask him what did he mean they can get they own cigarette? He said if they want to they can go out and buy some but they don't want to, they're afraid from the outside they don't want anyone come in. I was getting the impression they all knew they're not in physical world, not clear to me if they know they dead but they sure know something is totally different for them.

I said that point... hey guys when I come in I saw a small cigarette shop very close by, and seems like the town is very quiet, and if they want to I would be happy to lead them to the store checking first if anyone else there.. after a short discussion whit each other they said okay let's go...

I see myself going out with them to a small store where someone was waiting for them. Then the whole scene dissapered for me.. i'm thinking what was this?

The Helper come back this point and give me the explonation.. All young man was a former gang member with very violent background, but with the intent of changing, they have no knowledge how they can separate themselves from the past, they isolated them selves from the rest and they moved in to the juvenal jail, they close themself in a separate cells because they was afraid to each other also. But as a group agreed some change have to be made, and getting them out was the purpose me being there. I asked the "voice" where was I? I was told one in the many BST..

Last i remember I thanked him for let me have this experience, and went into deep sleep. I still try to worked out what is the difference being F23 or BST... will post my thought on that.. Love Dora