Retrieval in a Jungle

Posted by Gatewaygrad on June 08, 2001 at 17:34:36:

This morning I did the following retrieval which seemed very strange to me. Iwas in a jungle setting, with a river full of crocodiles. I found a little boy wandering around. I tried talking to him but he couldn't understand me. He was smiling and seemed happy. I KNEW he had died and had been eaten by a crocodile. I asked in my mind where we were, the date, etc. but got absolutely nothing, but Amazon sortof popped into my head. I picked him up and off we went, but landed in another jungle setting. I thought this is very strange. Then people came running to us and greeted him and led him off. And he was very happy to see them. Then I realized we were in F27 but an F27 he would recognize, not the place I normally go with the Park and Reception Center. I'm accustomed to seeing the same basic scene so this threw me until I had time to reflect on it. Maybe my Guides are trying to prepare me for Lifeline. :-)