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Cathy's Verified Contact With Her Deceased Son, Daniel

Hi Everyone,

I attended Bruce's Afterlife Communication Workshop in the Boston area on Nov. 18&19, in a state of desperation. My only son, Dan, had just been killed in an auto accident on Oct. 28 in California. Fortunately, I was with Dan for the week before his death, having gone to L.A. to be there with him for his 22nd birthday---Oct. 21st. From the moment of his death and in the following days, I saw Dan in my dreams, and felt his presence near me when I was "awake", however, I NEEDED to see and talk with him in the AFTERLIFE and to know that he was happy.

During the Workshop, Bruce taught us how to accompolish that communication. It was so startling! It was so simple! While I was "out there" with Dan, I asked him to give me a sign for Jeff, his Dad. Dan pulled that one off with flying colors! He specifically said to me, "Tell Dad I put a 'Special Section' in The New York Times for him in tomorrow's paper." (The NYT is like oxygen to Jeff--he inhales every word of it first thing in the morning). Our Workshop communication was on Sunday---that night, after the workshop, I phoned Jeff and he said the most incredible thing had happened with a particular candle we had burning infront of Dan's recent graduation photograph (UCLA 2000)---it started, "crackling and sparking", as Jeff said, "like fireworks."---oh, Dan was the youngest person ever to be given membership into The Western Pyrotechnical Association. I told Jeff to check out the NYT in the morning for "something special" from Dan.

Monday, I left Sudbury, Mass to drive back to the Philly area. To say the least, I wanted to see a copy of the NYT. Every store I went into was sold-out! As I drove down I-95, I kept talking with Dan---I'd say, "Okay, Honey, I'm going to turn on the radio--send me a message!" He did, every single time. Finally, right before I hit the NY/Conn border, I said, "Dan, where can I find a copy of the NYT?" As though he were sitting in the car with me, he answered, "On the next corner in a machine, and Mom, I put something in the crossword puzzle for you, too!" (I start my day with the NYT crossword puzzle--always looking for messages, of course, Dan used to always laugh at me for it!).

In short, there was a "Special Section" in the NYT for Jeff--an actual SPECIAL SECTION, entitled, GIVING. It was pages long about how to help out the less fortunate in your community and in the world. The night before, when Jeff was home and I was up in Mass., Jeff became overwhelmed with Dan's death, but he determined to turn it into something good, something that would help kids in need---kid's who don't have parents or the great advantages that Dan was fortunate enough to have. When he opened his NYT Monday morning he KNEW he had gotten his message from Dan!

And what was my crossword puzzle? Fourth Estate (Press)--Dan was intending on becoming an International Journalist, he'd been writing and published since age 13; Newsman Rather (Dan); Japanese fighter (Ninja)--Dan majored in Japanese Language and Literature, graduating summa cum laude. I used to call him, "Ninja Dan"---Easy-to-catch hit (pop up)--Dan was a mega baseball fan and player; but most importantly, there was Expert (guru)--his first word, when he was just months old was: "GURU." Phew!

I know this is a very lenghthy post, but I feel it is very important to share these experiences exactly as they happened. I cannot find words adequate enough to express my deepest gratitude to Bruce Moen for his books, his website, but most of all, his Workshop.



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