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Frequently Asked Questions

A Note From the Author, Bruce A. Moen: My answers to questions are based on my direct experience. I realize my own beliefs and expectations color my perception, such is the nature of subjective experience. My answers are my truth, seen through my eyes. Remember, it's not my desire that you change your beliefs to mine. It's my intent to share what I've found alone and through partnered explorations as a way of encouraging you to explore and find your truth.

Click on the questions below that interest you to see Bruce's answer. If your browser supports a "Find" feature (often under "Edit") this may help you look through the questions. If you'd like to ask a question of your own, please use the Afterlife Knowledge Conversation page and watch for your answer there.

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How can I communicate with someone who is now in the Afterlife?

How did you learn to explore the Afterlife?

Does everyone see the same or different stuff in the Afterlife?

When people are dying, they often seem to be conversing with someone only they can see or hear. What is happening?

Do I have to believe that I have a soul to experience the Afterlife?

What is the equivalent of Focus 27 in other cultures?

When some people have a near death experience, they talk about seeing a white light. What is it?

Bob Monroe talked about having a number of options after we cross over. Have you any idea what they are?

Is death permanent? Do you go someplace and stay there forever?

Will I remember after I die what I did and who I was in the physical world?

What sort of experience might a person who commits suicide expect in the Afterlife?

Will I like living in the Afterlife?

How can I know I can find my way to Focus 27 after I die? I want to know, not just believe.

What happens to people who die under heavy morphine sedation? Is their perception clouded by the morphine?

Assuming I'm conscious at the time of my death, will I just find myself outside my body, having the same thoughts?

How is it possible to communicate with a physically living person if I'm in the Afterlife?

I heard we are always communicating at many different levels at the same time. Why aren't we aware of it?

What happens in the Afterlife to people who, during this life, commit horrendous acts without remorse?

Are there pre-birth agreements between certain people, and if so, is there a purpose?

In Betty Edie's book she says there is no such thing as reincarnation. Have you read it, and do you know what she means?

Is reincarnation imposed on us?

Is reincarnation necessary?

Is there a way to avoid reincarnation, like living a perfect life like Jesus?

Can you give me your definition of consciousness in the physical world compared to consciousness in the nonphysical world? How do these concepts get translated into mystical religions?

Is there a way to tell which mystical religion is closest to the truth?

Why do people get lost and need rescuing after exiting from physical world existence?

Are there choices in the Afterlife? Who determines the choices?

Does God judge us after this life?

Do we forget about our present lives when we die?

Can we find out what other people think after we die?

Can we influence any events subsequent to our death?

Are we hungry, thirsty, cold, hot, happy, sad in the Afterlife?

Do we develop new senses in the Afterlife?

What kinds of other entities are common in the Afterlife?

Where do these entities come from?

What do these entities do and want?

Can prayers help the dead in some way?

When we die, are we all going to the same place, but seeing a different view of it?

What I want to know about is your perception of the whole relationship between belief systems and what really happens when we die.

Concerning reincarnation, isn't it true that when we exist as pure souls in the Afterlife, we tend to reunite and plan our future lives together, perhaps playing out different roles in our next physical existence?

Is there a state/region beyond Focus 27 where you lose your personal identity merge with the essence of the Supreme Being/Creator/Cosmic Source/God?

You don't mention physical reincarnation. Why? What about it?

Your picture (on the Web page) shows physical reality as this little blue planet, this speck of dust, the earth. In truth, physical reality comprises innumerable, vast galaxies and myriad's of life forms

Where do other animals, like dogs and tigers, exist after they leave the physical world? Do they coexist with humans? If so, can we decide to reincarnate ourselves as other animals?

What effect does attempting to be physically conscious while at the same time dreaming have?

What role does time and space play in reincarnation?

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