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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How did you learn to explore the Afterlife?
Since childhood I'd been curious about where I'd go when I die. I learned to explore by following that curiosity. It led me to the Lifeline program at The Monroe Institute (TMI) in Faber, Virginia.

Those of you who've read Robert Monroe's Ultimate Journey know it tells the story of the birth of the Lifeline program. For personal reasons, Bob used his out-of-body traveling ability to find the places people go after they die. When he was convinced he'd found them, he developed a series of Hemi-Sync® sound patterns which shifted one's focus of attention to those levels of consciousness. In TMI language, these are Focus levels 22 through 27. Hundreds of people have attended Lifeline and learned to explore the Afterlife as I do.

After attending Lifeline a second time, my training method changed. A teacher appeared who volunteered to tutor me. This is a physically living human being to whom I'm in constant gratitude. My teacher and I began partnered exploring. That is, we met nonphysically and carried out retrievals and other activities. After returning to the physical, we recorded our experiences in our journals and compared notes on the telephone the following day. Our notes always described exactly the same experience. Partnered exploring is a powerful, confidence-building technique. During this time, my exploring began to expand beyond retrievals on occasion.

My training took another turn after Bob Monroe's death. Not long afterwards he and his wife Nancy contacted me during one of my solo nonphysical "outings" and offered to assist me in improving my perceptual skills. I agreed to go along with their suggestion and my life changed forever. As a result of certain "adjustments" Bob and Nancy made, not only was my perception improved, but the rest of my life as well. Exploration after these adjustments had access to levels of consciousness and contacts beyond anything I could have imagined. It led to understanding the power and meaning of Pure Unconditional Love and knowledge of the purpose of our existence.

Does everyone see the same or different stuff in the Afterlife?
Imagine the Afterlife is a lot like the New World discovered By Columbus in 1492. Now, imagine a person arrived alone, ten years before Columbus. This New World would appear differently, depending upon where the person landed. If he landed in the middle of a barren, uninhabited desert, his experience would be quite different than landing in the village of an indigenous tribe. So, depending on where in the Afterlife a person "lands," his or her experience will be different. Why people "land" in different parts of the Afterlife and see different "stuff" seems to be dependent upon several things such as beliefs held prior to death; circumstances of death; habitual patterns of thinking; diseases which alter the thinking process (such as Alzheimer's Disease); and others.

When people are dying, they often seem to be conversing with someone only they can see or hear. What is happening?
As we approach death, people already living in the Afterlife will attempt to make contact with us to ease the transition into the Afterlife. Sometimes these are friends or relatives of the dying person or another person they would recognize. I call these people who come "Helpers." It appears the Helpers escort the dying person past Focus 23 and the Belief System Territories to Focus 27 , reducing the possibility of become stuck in those levels.

Do I have to believe I have a soul to experience the Afterlife?
What you believe about your soul has the potential to greatly affect your experience in the Afterlife. We are free to make any choice about what we believe. Every choice we make has consequences. From my perspective, the Afterlife is a reality which will exist whether I choose to believe in it or not. The trick seems to be something I remember the knight saying in an Indiana Jones movie, "Choose wisely."

What is the equivalent of Focus 27 in other cultures?
Not being much of a student of other cultures' beliefs, I'll try to describe my experience of Focus 27, and let those who are make the comparisons.

Imagine a place where the only "work" required to obtain anything you desire is to imagine it. In Focus 27, if you want a 12-bedroom house in the mountains by a lake, you have only to imagine it, and it materializes. The house will look and feel as real as any in the physical world. The lawn will be and feel real under your bare feet and be any color, length or variety you desire. The lake temperature will stay at whatever level you desire. And if you decide you want a different house in a different setting, you're free to change it any time you like. Always wanted a wardrobe closet filled with clothes perfectly tailored to you? Just desire them. The finest food, a fancy car? Just picture it, want it, and it appears. What to change your age or appearance? Picture yourself at any age or in any form and you'll appear that way to others.

Want to meet Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed or any other religious figure? Just express the desire they'll appear before you to answer any question you can think to ask.

Would you like to know every detail about any event in human history? Go to the Education Center and Helpers there will show you how to access the information. Want to know about any of your past lives, who you were, why you chose that life and what you accomplished? Stop in at the Life Review Center, a Helper there will assist you. What to understand what time is and how events in people's lives are coordinated within it? Visit the Planning and Scheduling Centers and ask a Helper show you. Anything you want to know about, understand, or learn to do; anything a human being can possibly imagine is open and available to you. As you learn to access more and more of Focus 27's capabilities, you'll discover a lot more is possible than you ever conceived of. If you allow your curiosity to drive you to know, there are no limits imposed from the outside, only limits you impose on yourself.

With such easy access to fulfilling any desire you feel, in time, the shiny might start to wear off your new toy. What then? You might discover Focus 27 is a school, just as physical earth life existence is. You might begin to explore the reason for human existence in Focus 27 or any other world. You might become a Helper yourself assisting others to learn about their new life when they first arrive Here after death. You might discover Pure Unconditional Love is the driving force behind absolutely everything in any world conceivable. You might discover people living in Focus 27 graduate from this school too, and that some day, so will you. How do you make progress in this Focus 27 school? Same way as Here. Keep learning to experience and express Pure Unconditional Love to an ever greater degree.

And what's the price you must pay to be allowed into Focus 27 you might ask? You have to be conscious enough after you die to get there on your own or with the assistance of a Helper. And what rules must you obey to be allowed to stay? The best I can tell, the only rule is one you've probably heard before, "Do unto others only what you'd have them do to you."

There's a lot more to Focus 27. I continue to learn more each time I visit, and my third book, Voyages Into the Afterlife: Charting Unknown Territory contains more.

When some people have a near death experience, they talk about seeing a white light. What is it?
The White Light can be many things. Near death encounters appear to be with human beings who are seen in the form of a white light, sometimes with other colors added. Helpers who meet the dying often appear as a Light. Graduates of Focus 27 are the most brilliant Lights I've ever seen. The Love felt to be coming from these Lights seems to be a part of what that Light is.

Bob Monroe talked about having a number of options after we cross over. Have you any idea what they are?
In Focus 27, anything imaginable can be brought into being. Aside from those options, we are also free to explore anything we might desire to learn about. We're free to pursue any course which might lead to learning it. We might volunteer to work as Helper. We might decide to be reborn in the physical world for whatever reason we feel important or desirable. With total freedom, there are many options.

Is death permanent? Do you go someplace and stay there forever?
In my experience, no. However, if you believed before you died that death is permanent, you might remain stuck in Focus 23, completely alone, for a very long time. Recent exploration has uncovered a sort of permanent death. It is extremely rare, perhaps one in several billions of people makes a choice that leads to this.

Will I remember after I die what I did and who I was in the physical world?
As a general rule, my experience suggests the answer is yes. One of the characteristics of our existence in the Afterlife seems to be far greater access to memory of our experience. This memory includes not only the lifetime just completed, but previous lifetimes also.

What sort of experience might a person who commits suicide expect in the Afterlife?
I've met only a few people in the Afterlife who committed suicide. They killed themselves because their physical lives seemed overwhelming. Rather than try to work through it, they thought they could end all their problems by killing themselves. Imagine their shock when they woke up dead! They found the choice to kill themselves took away their opportunities to work through their problems. They still had the overwhelmed feelings they had before they died, and they had cut off access to those in the physical world they needed to interact with. Some ghosts are suicides not fully aware of their death who are trying to access those still in the physical world to work out those problems.

Will I like living in the Afterlife?
Do you like living in this life? Do you take great joy in your existence here? Do you welcome each day here as an opportunity to live a lifetime learning more about who and what you really are? In many ways, our Afterlife experience is a reflection of our "Thislife" experience.

How can I know I can find my way to Focus 27 after I die? I want to know, not just believe.
How can anyone know they can find their way to the grocery store? Simple. You go looking for it. If you've never been there before, you might look at a map, or you might ask people for directions. Then you go looking. If the store exists where the maps and directions say it is, you'll find it. The only way I can answer your question is suggest you start by looking for Focus 27 now.

I don't mean to suggest that everyone has to learn to find Focus 27 before they die in order to get there. The system is more automatic than that. But, if you want to know for certain you can find your way to the grocery store, look for it. After you find it the first time, it gets easier the next time. After a while, you don't need your maps and directions anymore. You just get in your car and drive there because you've made the trip so many times, you don't even have to think about it anymore.

What happens to people who die under heavy morphine sedation? Is their perception clouded by the morphine?
Heavy morphine sedation affects our thinking processes by its action on the physical human body. There may be some nonphysical effects as well. At the moment of death, there are many influences that come into play: previously held beliefs or patterns of thinking; the effects of drugs; emotional states; physical pain levels; what people in the room say and do; nonphysical Helpers who've come to help the dying person; and others. Anything is possible. A person's perception could be clouded by morphine or by pain from the lack of it. However, as a person approaches the moment of death, the physical world has less effect on them. As they "awaken" in the Afterlife, often a gradual process, physical world influences may lose their effect.

Assuming I'm conscious at the time of my death, will I just find myself outside my body, still having the same thoughts?
It could happen exactly as you describe. If you have no fear of death and are willing to remain conscious throughout the process, it could be exactly like that. Or, a sudden death could lead to such an experience.

How is it possible to communicate with a physically living person if I'm in the Afterlife?
If the physically alive person is capable of focusing their attention within the "level" of consciousness where you "are" the two of you can communicate. This most often happens during dream states. Dreams occur in a nonphysical reality. Things that happen in dreams don't physically happen, they nonphysically happen. The levels of consciousness in which dreams occur include the same levels in which people in the Afterlife exist. So, the easiest way for you to communicate from the Afterlife with a physically living person is during their dreaming. Whether the person remembers the communication or not is another matter.

There are many methods a physically alive person could use to be in a state of consciousness in which you could communicate from the Afterlife. A quiet, distraction-free state of mind, as in prayer or meditation, is a well known example. A state which thins the boundary between the physical and nonphysical worlds such as great physical or emotional stress can make it possible. Just the intent to try to communicate can do it.

I heard we are always communicating at many different levels at the same time. Why aren't we aware of it?
This is strictly my opinion, but a short experiment might answer your question. You'll need to borrow as many radios as you believe there are levels in which you are constantly communicating. At least 10 will be necessary, though hundreds or thousands may be necessary to get the full effect. Turn them all on and tune each one to a different station. Turn them all up to the same volume level. You are now aware of communication on at least 10 different "levels" simultaneously. Can you make sense out of the noise you hear? Now start turning down the volume on some of the radios, leaving some where they are. Keep doing that until only one radio is at its original volume level. With the other levels turned down, can you make sense of what you're hearing now? You've just experienced learning to "tune in" to a single "level" of consciousness. Welcome to the physical world! It's a very loud, attention-grabbing radio. To really do this experiment properly, we'd need thousands upon thousands of radios. When all but one is turned down, the rest fade into a completely jumbled random hiss of white noise.

What happens in the Afterlife to people who, during this life, commit horrendous acts without remorse?
From my limited experience with this aspect of the Afterlife, I'd answer, "Whatever they believe should happen to them." Since you specified without remorse, my guess is they would go to a place in the Afterlife where they would be free to continue choosing to commit their horrendous acts. Read the chapter called Max's Hell in my
second manuscript to get a feeling for what such an existence might be. Since visiting Max's Hell, I have been to several other Hells in Focus 25 The material from these latest explorations will be in my next manuscript.

No one forces anyone into such a "Hell" as punishment for their horrendous acts. It's part of the result of the person's free-will choice. They are free to make a new choice and leave their Hell at any time.

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