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Janice's Second Retrieval at the Boston Workshop

My second retrieval at Bruce’s workshop seemed significantly more real to me. I came out of it knowing I couldn’t just imagine all of it. I had no previous life experiences that my “interpreter” could have pulled from. Also, during this second retrieval, Bruce’s voice no longer annoyed me, (not that Bruce is annoying, he’s wonderful!) I just learned to relax beyond the NOISE of the voice and focus on the DIRECTION of the voice.

We started off doing deep energy gathering breaths. This technique amazed me! It still does, I do it often now and I can “see” and “feel” the energy I gather in and around me. It makes me feel safe and relaxed, mostly, safe, and I dig the safe feeling because I have a lot of fear from life experiences. Bruce instructed us to imagine we were at a park on a swing, he talked us through the sensations of what if felt like to be swinging, he calls this “priming the pump”. We did this type of exercise before our deep breathing and it opens up your “there” senses so to speak. Once, we went through the whole imaginary process of eating an orange, the feel, the taste, the touch, the sound, the sight of eating an orange. All of our mouths were watering when we were done, again, a fine example of how imagination turns to reality along a progressive path. I know my saliva was real even if the orange wasn’t. Some people even felt themselves crunch down on seeds! HA!

As soon as Bruce mentioned the word park, I found myself walking in a town park in the town I grew up in with my sister and my kids. Before Bruce suggested everyone launch off their swing I was already headed down a back path in the park toward a girl with long blonde hair wearing a long purple cloak type coat with a baggy hood over her head. She was just standing there at the end of the path. I knew she was my helper. I immediately sensed her name to be Wendy. I left my sis and kids behind and walked toward her and asked to be taken to someone who needed help (retrieval) as we walked away and down the path, it became a long dark railroad tunnel, like the kind you see in old movies that is blasted right though the middle of a mountain. I felt myself move quickly through the tunnel and then we were flying out into the sunshine.

I could see the railroad track beneath me, they stretched ahead over a bridge that spanned a large canyon. The tracks led over the narrow bridge to another tunnel in a mountain on the other side of the canyon. I was headed for the other side when I sensed a black spot below me. I looked but at first saw nothing, then something tugged at me and I looked down again and saw a young man sitting down on a small ledge on the steep rocky side of the mountain. I floated down, looking around at the canyon as I did, I remember vividly the clarity with which I saw. It was amazing, full color, real as life everything.

The young man was half down, half up the canyon, it was obvious he could neither climb up or down. I said hi, my name is Jan. I sensed “Tom Oshay, or O something”. I asked why he was there and he said he fell, him and his friends would dare each other to run through the tunnel to beat trains. He “said” that the trains kept coming and going, but nobody ever came to help him out of the canyon. So he just sat there and waited for help. I said I had come to help, that I had ropes so we could climb out. Bruce was then asking us to ask if they could tell us about their occupation, or if they could show us something. I got the impression of a coal mine or some kind of stone mine, and then he took an Indian arrowhead out of his pocket and showed it to me.

Wendy lowered down a purple rope ladder and we climbed out of the canyon to the top of a field. (the color purple kept coming up a lot) I then introduced Wendy to Tom and said she would take him to his family. She took his hand and started just flying away with him. Bruce asked us to follow. This time, I could follow, the last guide was way too quick for me. Wendy was much more patient and slow. And very quiet. We shifted quickly through blackness then floated down to a courtyard with green grass and a large white mason/stone building with pillars. From around the side “porch” of the building a bunch of boys his age suddenly came running calling “Tom, Tom! Where have you been? Your mom has been worried!” Tom didn’t look back, he rushed to the other boys and ran off behind the building with them.

I believe I brought this boy with Wendy to Focus 27 at the park. It all seems crazy sometimes to me. I know what I experienced, but when my logical mind starts saying oh this is impossible, I get pretty shaky, identity crisis, belief system crashes, the whole nine yards.

After I “delivered” Tom, Bruce asked us to ask our guide to show us something, or take us somewhere we wanted to go. I couldn’t think of anything, so I just asked her to show me what I needed to see. Wendy turned around and looked straight at me and smiled. She didn’t “say” anything still though. She took my hand and we were suddenly in a room with a round table with a very fancy ornate lamp/candle in the middle, there were 4 chairs. Then a dark hair woman very well dressed in red velvet came in from the left and sat down and started writing. I introduced myself and she smiled and said her name was Violet. (again the color purple) I have no idea where I am at this point, so I asked her why she was writing, and she “said” she was writing everything down that happened to her. When I asked her why, she looked and me like I was stupid and “said” because I am supposed to. (ok, ‘scuse me!) As I looked around at where we were, the scene expanded. I could see I was in a round room with windows overlooking a large, old city, and this building appeared to be the tallest. It reminded me of , oh I don’t know, the top of an old monestary or castle. And there were books everywhere. Then it was over.

Later during the day, one of the other workshop participants pointed out the purple theme to me. She said that was the color that indicated higher knowledge, the higher self, deeper understanding, I was certainly getting it! My final retrieval was the most profound and incredible experience. I don’t know if I will be able to put what it did to me and how I feel about in into words. I do know that it is very private, and I don’t want to post in on the public board. But I will send it along to Bruce and if he wants to use it in the newsletter, I think that would be the most appropriate place. It was a retrieval of aspects of myself. I can only say that on this 3rd and final retrieval exercise, I was flying so far ahead of Bruce that I never even heard his voice. It still rattles me.

Anyway, I hope sharing my experiences so far may help someone else know that we can all do this. I am so new to this it’s just wild! And I want people to know that there is so much HOPE. I believe that one of my “missions” now is to delve into this area of retrieving aspects of yourself. It has profound implications. It opened a zillion questions about how, and why and how many aspects of ourselves can we spin off. And can we leave aspects here after we die? Can we as physical humans retrieve aspects of nonphysical people left here, can they from There? Is this a reason for reincarnation? Are aspects of ourselves able to obtain a physical state again? Are they whole, or part or what? WHEW! That’s all for me tonight folks.



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