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Following is Bruce's response to a question posted on the Afterlife Knowledge Conversation Board


Copyright: Bruce A. Moen, All Rights Reserved

It's not my intent to change anyone's beliefs about anything. I only share what I've found during my exploration of the nonphysical world to encourage others who are interested in discovering the truth to explore on their own. What I write about is my personal, direct experience. Any of us is free to explore the nonphysical world and find the truth for ourselves.

That people have a way out of Hell is not my belief, it's what I observed and learned while exploring our existence as human beings beyond the physical world. It was while exploring the Hells of Focus 25 that a tour guide explained how this had happened to him. He explained that people enter these Hells because their beliefs and activities during a physical lifetime matched those in the Hell they were attracted to. Max for example, was an emotional sadist during his lifetime. Max's Hell is the title of a chapter in my second book and that chapter is available as a free article elsewhere on this Website. When I found Max he was living in a place that looks very much like our physical reality. The major difference was that everyone there had an emotional sadist's energetic like him. During their lifetimes they had taken on the energetic make up of emotional sadism, sort of 'magnetized' themselves in that way. When they died they were drawn like a magnet into the Hell in Focus 25 containing many others 'magnetized' in the same way. Every man, woman and child there was actively trying to inflict as much emotional pain as possible on everyone else there. Much more detailed information on these Focus 25 Hells will be in my fourth book.

You see, there are many different Hells in Focus 25, each attracting and holding individuals in a place where everyone shares the same energetic makeup. There are Hells for thieves, murderers, sadists, the greedy, many, many different Hells. Some in these Hells are able to change their energetic makeup as a result of being in their Hell. This is what happened to the tour guide who was showing me around. He'd been living in a Thief's Hell for a very long time and had been stuck in several others throughout his existence. In Thief's Hell he had gradually become fed up with the life style of constantly stealing and being stolen from by others. Over time he decided to stop taking part in stealing from others as he realized the futility of it all. No matter how much he stole, it was all in turn stolen from him.

Someone, a Helper, who was watching his activities from outside his Hell, waited for just the right moment to enter and offer him a back door out of his Hell. The Helper who came in knew all the games and scams played by its inhabitants. He came in and began playing a well known scam on the tour guide, that of a an inexperienced, naive, thief who would be an easy mark for someone more experienced. The tour guide had recognized the scam immediately, realizing this was no naive thief, but a very skilled one pretending a role just to steal from him. Not to be out done my guide had reverted to his thieving ways and began plotting to take advantage of this game and beat the newcomer to the punch. He'd play along with the 'naive thief' game just long enough to decide what to steal from him and then pounce. But when his opportunity came the tour guide remembered the futility of a life of stealing and couldn't go through with his plan. He truly gave up stealing as a way of life and this changed his energetic makeup. At that moment he was expelled from Thief's Hell, spit out like some vile tasting food that Hell couldn't stand to have in its mouth.

The Helper who'd entered to assist him was waiting for the tour guide outside Thief's Hell. The Helper explained who he was, why he entered the Hell, why he'd run the 'naive thief' game and why that Hell had expectorated him. He then explained some of the options now open to the tour guide. He could return to Thief's Hell to continue that lifestyle if he wished, he could incarnate in physical reality again, he could come to work in the Rehabilitation Center in Focus 27, there were several options. The tour guide had opted to do as the Helper had done, he decided to learn to help others out of their Hells. That was what those at the Rehab Center in 27 did with their time in the Afterlife. So the tour guide who led my exploration of the Hells of Focus 25 was now a Helper working to free others. Part time, he gave visitors like myself tours of these Hells as a way of trying to pass the information back to physical reality.

As to being kicked out of Heaven for doubting, that's not my belief, it's what I observed and learned about during other Afterlife explorations of what are called the 'Hollow Heaven's' of Focus 25. Maybe 'Fake Heavens' would be a better name to describe these places, but those I met in the Afterlife called them Hollow Heavens, so I stick with their label.

My tour guide this time had been a preacher in a small, rigid, fundamentalist, Christian religion during his most recent physical lifetime. When he died he found himself in a Hollow Heaven, populated only by people who had also been members of his earthly religion. When he entered he believed he was in the real Heaven since it fit his beliefs about what the real Heaven would be. Everything was free for the asking. No one was required to work or toil for food, clothing, a house, or anything. There was just one catch and it was that catch that led to his being kicked out of this Hollow Heaven.

The catch was that in order to remain in this land of plenty, this Hollow Heaven, you had to continue to espouse, practice and obey the rules and beliefs of this fundamentalist Christian religion as they had been taught during your earthly life. The penalty for breaking the rules, or doubting any of the religion's beliefs was to be cast out of this Hollow Heaven. Rule breakers were 'cast into outer darkness,' in other words, they were sent to Hell.

As a newly arrived preacher in this version of Heaven my tour guide had been assigned a church and congregation where he was to continue preaching his religion's beliefs and rules as taught and practiced on earth. It was his duty to report any infractions and if necessary perform the casting out ritual, sending rule breakers to Hell. Within his congregation were a man and a woman who were blatantly breaking the rules regarding unmarried people who were 'living in sin' as we might say. The earthly rules clearly stated that a man and a woman had to be married in order to share themselves with each other the way these two did. But every time my tour guide, as the preacher, approached these two to get them to obey the rules by getting married they refused.

They truly loved each other and pointed out to the preacher that the Bible clearly stated Jesus words on this issue saying, no one is taken or given in marriage in the Kingdom of Heaven. Every time the preacher confronted them they pointed to Jesus word in the Bible and told him they would not go against the word of their Lord and Savior to satisfy a rule of the church they say as an error. But the rule while living physical lives had been that marriage was required, and in order not to be cast out all earthly rules and beliefs had to be obeyed. This left the preacher in quandary as to what to do. If he didn't enforce the rules and get these two people to marry, he himself could be cast out into Hell. Finally, in an effort to humiliate the couple into obeying rule my guide, as the preacher, had ordered them to stand during a church service in front of the entire congregation. He berated them for living in sin, saying, you must marry or you will be cast out of Heaven into outer darkness. His effort at humiliation back-fired, the couple walked to the front of the church and addressing him and the entire congregation, refuse once again, stating their reasons. They told all present that if they had to give up their love for each other in order to stay in Heaven they would rather be sent to Hell. This left the preacher with no alternative other than to perform the casting out ritual right then and there in the church. The entire congregation witnessed the couple's disappearance as they were cast out. It was obvious from the looks on their faces that the act had at least put the fear of god into the rest of his congregation.

After the service the preacher/tour guide retired to his office and was down on his knees praying to Jesus. He asked for understanding that would relieve his guilt at having sent these two people to Hell for the sin of loving each other so deeply. He saw the conflict between the rule of his religion and the Biblical word of Jesus. A bright light began to shine in his office behind him and when he turned around to see what it was, there was Jesus standing before him. Jesus said, "The Love of Christ is for all, even to these the least of them." After Jesus disappeared the resulting conflict between the rules of his religion he was sworn to enforce and the message of Love from Jesus was even more difficult to reconcile.

The preacher/tour guide sought out the advice of other preachers in his Hollow Heaven, trying to understand how Jesus could advocate breaking the rules. His fellow preachers told him it couldn't have been Jesus who appeared in his office. It had to be Satan, disguised as Jesus, they said. They admonished him not to follow the word of Satan lest he be deceived and deceive his congregation also. But according to the church doctrine of his small, Christian sect, Satan entering Heaven also broke the rules. Once in Heaven everyone was supposed to be safe from Satan's reach as there was no way, according to church doctrine, that Satan could enter Heaven. But that Satan had entered Heaven to deceive him was the only explanation even the old-time, venerated preachers and founders of his religion could offer. It was the only way they could explain how the doctrine based on their Biblical interpretation could be correct.

After much soul searching and more visits by Jesus, who always delivered exactly the same words, the preacher/tour guide began to preach Jesus' message of Love to his congregation. In his sermons he often referred to the cast out couple as an example of those deserving of the forgiveness and Love of Christ. This also broke the rules as those cast out were never to be spoken of again by anyone in this Heaven. The congregation grew. The preacher/tour guide's sermons became popular and spread. He knew it was only a matter of time until the strength of his convictions would be tested. Then, one Sunday, two venerated, old-time preachers came to his church to attend a service. During his sermon, after mention of the cast out couple, the two preachers stood up and interrupted the sermon. In front of the entire congregation they demand he stop preaching the word of the great deceiver, Satan. He found their effort to humiliate him into submission rather ironic. He response to them was that if he had to deny the word of Jesus Christ to stay in this Heaven he would rather be cast out right then and there. Leaving them no alternative, the two old-time preachers moved forward and performed the casting out ritual in front of the entire congregation. They all witnessed his disappearance from the pulpit. From the looks on their faces, the two old-time preachers knew they'd put the fear of god into any on the congregation inclined to follow the preacher/tour guide's blasphemy.

Expecting to find himself in Hell, the preacher/tour guide was surprised when Jesus appeared in the surrounding blackness. After a tour of the real Heaven, Jesus explained that he'd been in a Hollow Heaven, what that meant, and some of his options for the future. In the real Heaven people were entirely free to explore anything they desired. The preacher/tour guide decided to move to the House of God Center in Focus 27 and work at freeing others. This House of God Center was a place where many who had been preachers, or priests or rabbi's and others worked together to assist those trapped in the Hollow Heavens of Focus 25. As part of this work Jesus and the preacher/tour guide had reentered his Hollow Heaven many times. They started by appearing together to members of his former congregation he knew had legitimate doubts about the rules and beliefs. They appeared in private to people in their homes and on long walks along the road, in private to others. Each time they answered questions and gave the message of Jesus Loving forgiveness. This of course also broke the rules. Once someone had been cast out from this Hollow Heaven they were never supposed to be able to return from their sentence of eternity in Hell.

My tour guide explained that things really got interesting when he and Jesus began appearing before the congregation during Sunday church services. They loved to play a scene in which the preacher/tour guide first appeared, hovering above the altar, surrounded by a cloud of angelic light. Then Jesus would appear beside him and addressing the congregation say, "this is my Son, in whom I am well pleased." That stopped when the old-time preachers came back on Sunday and ordered everybody out of this, 'House of Satan' as they called it. In front of the whole congregation the old-timers cast out the entire building. Since then, my tour guide explained, he's continued to act as a Helper from the House of God Center in Focus 27 to free others from the Hollow Heavens of Focus 25.

When you ask how what I've found in my Afterlife explorations compliments what is said in the Bible. Your question reminds me of what happened to Galileo as a result of his explorations. Galileo used a telescope to search the heavens for the truth about planetary motion. He came to understand the it was the earth that revolved around the sun, not the other way around. This conflicted with the doctrine of a certain Christian church, based on its interpretation of the Bible. According to their interpretation the Earth was at the center of God's universe and everything, including the Sun, revolved around the Earth.. That Christian church forced Galileo to recant the truth he'd discovered by threatening to execute him as punishment for his blasphemy. To their credit a little over three hundred years later, in the 1990's, the Catholic Church finally forgave Galileo for the sin of repeating the truth he discovered with his telescope.

Now, perhaps you're not a member of that specific Christian Church, but in my experience all churches attempt to interpret for their follows what the Bible means and what resulting rules they must live by. If all these church's interpretations are correct, why does each Christian church's interpretation conflict so much with that of other Christian churches? Doesn't such conflict indicate that someone has an incorrect interpretation? The question then becomes, which Christian church is right? Does anybody know the answer to that one?

So, again, when you ask me how my findings in my Afterlife explorations compliment what is said in the Bible we are back to asking, "complimenting whose interpretation of the Bible?" Yours? Mine? The Catholics? Lutherans? Baptists? Fundamentalist Christians? All I have done is to learn to explore the Afterlife existence of we human beings and report my experiences. Metaphorically, I've found a telescope that allows me to peer into the heavens to explore for the truth. I don't claim to have found it. I can only report what I see there through the veil of my own misunderstandings. But that's the best part of using this telescope, you don't have to take my word for what's there or anyone else's word for that matter. You can learn to explore human existence beyond the physical world and search for the truth yourself.

You ask me to explain how the Bible doesn't say that those who are unsaved suffer eternal punishment in Hell. Which interpretation of which Bible makes that claim? Which Christian church claims this and what interpretation of the Bible did they use to make that rule. What about other Christian churches who claim a different doctrine based on a different interpretation? How are we to know which Christian church has the completely correct interpretation for any given question when so many of them disagree deeply some kill each other over it? Are the Irish Catholics right or the Irish Protestants?

As an example, the Christian church I grew up in had a simple rule, based on its founder's interpretation of the Bible. To get to Heaven you had to be baptized, no baptism, no Heaven. In fact, they believe if you die unbaptized you go to eternal punishment and suffering in Hell. Has to do with their belief in something they call, original sin. This simple rule leads to some incredibly ridiculous, yet firmly believed, outcomes.

It is the belief of that Christian church that unbaptized, new born babies who die go to eternal punishment and suffering in Hell. As a youth being taught this belief I was flabbergasted! Than an innocent baby who lived one second in this world and died should be punished in Hell for eternity because a baptism wasn't performed by someone else made absolutely no sense to me! That was a Christian church and that was their interpretation of the Bible's meaning regarding original sin and baptism. Following there logic to its ridiculous extreme, a volunteer murderer should be present at the birth of every baby. To insure it gets to Heaven, all Christian's goal, the baby should be born, baptized and then murdered as quickly as possible to insure it can't sin and will go to heaven. Have you ever heard anything more ridiculous in your life? But if you're a Christian who believes in original sin, and that getting to Heaven by the rules is the goal, this ridiculous plan guarantees immediate, safe passage to Heaven for every infant murdered. Surely there must be something wrong with the Bible interpretation that requires baptism in order to get into Heaven. But that is the interpretation and belief the Christian church I was raised in!

In my Bible Jesus Christ said his new commandment is to Love you neighbor as yourself. I find it difficult to understand how such a Loving God would disobey his own commandment or ever consider eternally punishing anyone for anything.

Well, I've probably spent too much time stuffing my foot in my mouth and handing out ammunition. Feels like the wood being piled up around my feet is up to my knees, so I'll leave it at that.

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