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Curiosity's Father

Volume 4 of the Exploring the Afterlife series

By: Bruce A. Moen

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This volume has not yet been published. It is currently available only in electronic format.
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My first three books tell the story of my early explorations of our human existence beyond the thing we call death. I'd been drawn to explore that Great Unknown since childhood by wondering; where was I before I was Here; what am I supposed to do while I'm Here; and, where do I go when I leave Here? Curiosity guided me to the Monroe Institute where I learned to explore the afterlife in a program called, Lifeline. That taught me to perform retrievals, a way of assisting those who are isolated, alone and stuck after death within a self-created reality. The retrieval process became a port of entry to my early afterlife exploring. Later in Exploration 27, another Monroe Institute program, I learned to explore the structure and inner workings of our afterlife. I found a New World filled with Helpers, nonphysical human beings who've dedicated their existence to serving the needs of other humans, physical and nonphysical.

In both training programs the areas I explored were selected for me, either by the retrieval process itself, or by following the map drawn by earlier explorers who assembled the programs. Near the beginning of 1996 I found I'd come to the edge of this map when I encountered the thick, impenetrable blackness of the Great Unknown surrounding its perimeter. Standing there, facing that blackness, I realized no maps existed to guide my further exploration. From that point onward, only Curiosity became my guide.

Toward the middle of 1996 a friend asked if I'd be interested in exploring beyond the edge of the map we'd followed together as participants in the Exploration 27 program. That began a three month period of twice a week forays into the Great Unknown using an advanced technique called, Partnered Exploring. This technique allows a measure of verification of what is found when exploring nonphysical realities.

After agreeing on a list of questions sparked by their mutual curiosity, partners meet nonphysically to explore for the answers together. Upon return from these forays each partner separately documents his or her experience to the finest detail remembered. Partners then exchange notes to compare their experiences and the answers they've found to their questions. My experiences were always reflected in my partner's notes. Curiosity's Father tells the story of our partnered explorations; this book is based on information we gathered together.

At the beginning of our forays we discovered a new guide, Robert Monroe, who founded the Monroe Institute. Deceased for a year and a half, Bob met us each time and led us to Helpers in the Afterlife who answered our lists of questions. When we wanted to know if places like Hell exist, Bob guided us to a Helper who had been in Thief's Hell and escaped. We learned there are many hells, each one tailored to the needs of the inhabitants. We learned what draws people into these places and how they get out. When Curiosity led us to wonder about Heaven, Bob led us to a Helper who'd entered a Hollow Heaven at his after his death. These Heavens are called Hollow for reasons we learned exploring them. We joined Bob in teaching classes in the night schools many of us attend while we sleep. We explored many other aspects of human existence beyond the physical world.

It was when we became curious about the evolution of consciousness that we began to uncover the purposes for our present lifetimes; the purpose of humankind as a species; and the purpose of consciousness Itself. And then, while exploring how and why all the realities that exist were created, we came to understand what it means to say, "We are One."

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