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The following material is excerpted from the third book in my Exploring the Afterlife Series Voyages Into the Afterlife: Charting Unknown Territory. These experiences took place during a program at The Monroe Institute. called, Exploration 27.

Copyright Bruce Moen. All rights reserved.

The Gathering Part 2

We started moving backwards and the planet quickly became a pin point of light in the distance and then disappeared. My impression was that we came back along the same route we'd taken to get to the little guy's home world. We flew backwards the entire time, again at a speed beyond the meaning of the word. Along with the sensation of moving backwards, I could feel the bumps each time the Tube changed direction. Visually, I could see star fields that were stable images for a few milliseconds, and then with each bump I could see a different field with stars in different positions. When we came to a stop, we were back where we'd started, floating next to the giant puffball shape. My impression was that the entire trip took two, maybe two and a half seconds at the outside. I know in physical world terms such a trip, traveling millions of light years in seconds, is impossible. I also know I experienced it. It was very long trip, we moved very fast, and we did not travel in a straight line. I floated quietly for five or six seconds, reviewing images of our trip and trying to restabilize my thinking. The trip left me with a feeling of mental shock like being hit with a baseball bat in the psyche.

"You okay?" the little guy squeaked, with a feeling of concern carried on his voice.

"Yeah, that trip seems to have jumbled me a little, but it feels like I'm coming back around. Yeah, I'm okay, no harm done." I still needed a few seconds before my head cleared and I remembered where I was and what I was supposed to be doing.

"You said earlier you're here to observe the Big Event, can you tell me what it is?"

"Sure, the core crystal of your planet is moving into alignment with a very distant object. It's an alignment at an intergalactic level," the little guy said, flatly.

"What's the object the core crystal is aligning with?" I asked, curious.

"The Big Guy, head honcho, mister big, the main man, center of the universe, the beginning, the grandfather of all grandfathers, get it?" he replied.

From his redundant answers an image formed in my awareness. It was similar to the Uranus / Bimini axis alignment, except it was the main earth core crystal and some very distant object. There was a sense that this alignment would make a pathway through which some kind of energy would enter and be infused into the earth core crystal. Whatever this energy is, it would become a part of a new "consciousness environment" for earth's inhabitants, both physical and nonphysical. My sense was that this was not yet perfectly in alignment, but very close. Close enough, earth's inhabitants were already feeling the effects from just the fringes of the distant object's energy. The effects would continue to intensify as perfect alignment approaches.

"How soon before this Big Event takes place?" I asked.

"It has already begun. Complete alignment will occur very soon," the little blob replied.

"What happens at complete alignment?" I asked.

A visual image formed in response to my question. It bore a strong resemblance to the final scene from the movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey. An image of the planet earth shone brightly, against the blackness of space and distant stars. A ball of bright light emerged from the earth and rose upward. The ball of light was the size of the earth and inside the ball I could see the fully formed body of an infant human. Its eyes were open and it was looking around.

"So, when the earth core crystal and this distant object are in perfect alignment, there will be a birth of some kind?" I asked.

"Yes, a birth, a human birth would be a way to describe the Big Event," the little guy replied.

"Why are you here to witness this birth," I asked.

"We are all here at the Gathering to witness it because the change it represents may effect us all. We're recording the event to try to better understand the effects it may have upon all of us. There's also the aspect of a desire to record it so we are better prepared to deal with this change should it occur on our own home world," he replied straightforwardly.

"What emotional effect will this have on earth's inhabitants?" I queried.

"Emotional effect? That doesn't translate to anything I'm familiar with, sorry can't help you there, maybe try someone else in the area," the little guy squeaked back.

"Oh, okay. Well thanks for your help, I'll check around a bit," I responded.

With that I sensed the little blob I'd been communicating with oozed back into the puffball shape and merged back together with rest of itself. Opening my perception to a wider field, I watched as the puffball drifted away and several more odd shapes floated past. Then Dar's voice on the tape suggested that we try to contact an earth school graduate if there were any around us. I decided to give that a try.

"Hello? . . . is there an earth school graduate in the area I can communicate with?" I asked, sort of casting my bread upon the waters. A voice deep bass, very low frequency voice came rumbling back in response.

"Yes, I'm here, how can I be of service?" the lower than James Earl Jones voice asked.

"I'm curious about the emotional effect the Big Event will have on earth's inhabitants. Can you give me any information on that?" I asked.

"Hmmm . . .," came back, sounding like the lowest note possible being played on a pipe organ. "Emotional effects . . .? It's been so long since I've experienced emotional effects I don't seem to be able to remember enough to give you a meaningful answer," the deep voice replied.

Not getting an answer from a supposed earth school graduate made me immediately feel suspicious. How could someone who went through the earth school profess not to remember about emotional effects. It felt like I was dealing with an impostor!

"Let's try this," I heard the deep voice say, with a deep, vibrating rumble.

Then something grabbed my attention, to say it was a vibration doesn't really describe it, but that's as close as I can get. I began to feel a definite sense of acceleration within the vibration. It kept moving faster and faster carrying a feeling of hyper alertness into my awareness. Then the feeling faded.

"That's the best I can do to describe it, I realize from your perspective, it's not much, but it's the best translation I can give you. Hope it's been helpful," the deep voice rumbled out.

"Well, I felt something. And it had a definite sense of acceleration of something, but that's all I got," I responded.

"You'll be getting more, soon," boomed out to me.

"Okay . . . well . . . thanks your for your input," I replied, then I moved away to explore a little on my own.

A short time later Dar's voice cut in requesting we all return to the crystal at TMI There. I arrived early and found Bob and Ed waiting for me.

Addressing Ed, Bob said, "Told you his energies would be beneficial to the group!"

"Never doubted it for a moment," Ed replied with a chuckle.

Then addressing me, Bob went on, "We had to prime the pump a little with Tom's Hoky Poky dancing, but you caught our intent right away after that. I just can't tell you how important it was for the group to perform that little ritual before this exercise. By the time you guys were done everyone in your group was positively glowing with energy. It made the leap to the Gathering so much easier for everybody."

"Bob's right," Ed added, "this is the best shot at conscious exploration of the Gathering, by the largest number of people we've seen in since the beginning of the program. Your group is doing extremely well. Everybody working over here on our side is just thrilled with how well this Exploration 27 group this is doing."

"And just wait," Bob said excitedly, "there's more, there's a lot more."

"Geez, Bob, you're going to give me a case of performance anxiety if you keep talking like that," I laughed.

"Nonsense, we took care of that in the beginning, remember? Nothing is going to happen until later? Well, later is still now, just relax and let come what comes, you'll do just fine," Bob replied. "Looks like almost everyone is back, I'd suggest you rejoin your group and have fun!"

Indeed, everyone had returned and we all joined hands in our circle at the base of the crystal and repeated our WOOO-AAAHH exercise until it was time to return to C-1 consciousness.

In the debriefing that followed this exercise the energetic effect of the physical world WOOO-AAAHH we had done just before embarking was very apparent. Almost everyone remarked about the strong sensation of body heat they'd felt throughout the exercise. Most had to kick off the blankets they usually needed to keep warm in their CHEC units. Some had opened the privacy curtain of their CHEC unit and a few had to remove clothing in an attempt to cool down. From my previous experience with such body heat sensations I knew this indicated tremendous flows of energy. Such energetic flows greatly facilitate maintenance and focusing of awareness. Like putting additional batteries in a flashlight, it has the effect of increasing brightness of the mind. Body heat is one of the telltale signs.

I was still pondering my first experiences at the Gathering, later that evening, when I headed down to the dining room for supper. Arriving a little late, as usual, I found myself sitting at a table, alone again with Ed Carter. Guess we're both a little slower than the rest of our group when it comes time to eat. Ed had looked over the articles, rough draft chapters and skimpy outline of my first book. We talked a little about what I'd written and what we'd each experienced at the Gathering.

During our dinner conversation Ed mentioned he'd invited a man named Frank to join us for breakfast Friday morning. Frank is a partner in Hampton Roads Publishing Company, located in Charlottesville, Virginia, a half hour drive from TMI. Ed said he thought Frank might be interested in what I was writing. And meeting him over breakfast would be an opportunity to have someone in the business assess the possibility of publishing it as a book. I felt a little excitement at the prospect of meeting him, and then Ed's and my conversation turned to what we'd experienced during the day's tape exercises, and thoughts of books and Frank faded into the background.


Thursday was the last full day of the program and our first tape exercise task was to return to the Gathering at Focus 34/35. We were to again make contact with one of the intelligences there and continue to explore both their reasons for being there and whatever we could find out about the so called earth changes. Bypassing the Hemi-Sync sound guidance, I shifted to my place in Focus 27 once again, immediately after resonant tuning and the affirmation. White Bear was waiting at the lake shore as usual.

"One more leaping exercise I want to show you," he toned, in a series of squeaks and squawks. "Elements of this one should keep you busy for quite some time."

"Okay, let's see what you've got for me this time," I replied boldly.

"The first element we need to talk about, before we get started," White Bear toned, solemnly, "is your focus of attention. In our exercises so far, where has your focus of attention been?" he asked.

"I'm not sure what you're asking me?" I replied.

"Put it this way, where have you been watching yourself from? Where's your vantage point been? What have you seen during our leaping exercises?" he questioned.

"Well, now that you mention it, I realize I've been seeing myself leap up into the air from the outside. I've been watching my body go through the air and land on the lake. Then I kind of rejoin it while we're talking. Why, what's important about my point of view?"

"Up until now you've been watching a body fly through the air. If I say it hasn't really been you doing the leaping, do you understand what that means?" White Bear toned, a sense of serious inquiry emanating from him.

"I think I get it. This has something to do with seeing myself as a physical body, doesn't it?"

"Couldn't have said it better myself," he replied, chuckling. "I'll wait quietly now, while you explore this element."

I stood there trying to understand what White Bear was getting at. I kept hoping he'd give me a hint, but none were forthcoming. Then it began slowly seeping into my awareness.

"The lake is a thought form I've projected into Focus 27. The splashes when I dove into the lake were responses of that thought form to my expectations, based on my belief in being a physical body. But, I remember I saw those splashes from my vantage point here, at the edge of the lake. The body I saw leaping, diving and splashing, I saw as separate from the me observing the experience. I was projecting a thought form of my body into Focus 27, and then watching it! I wasn't actually leaping! I was watching the body thought form, that I was projecting, as it was leaping!"

"And what," White Bear toned, "what do you suppose is the next lesson in leaping?"

"To actually do the leaping! Not watch my projection of a thought form of myself doing it, from a separate location, but actually do it myself!"

"You catch on quick!" he toned with a look of surprise. "There's a special form of leaping your are to use for this exercise. Watch me closely."

With that, White Bear shot up into the air along his usual trajectory, but he was doing forward somersaults from the time his feet left the ground. He was bent forward at the waist, with his knees tucked up against his chest, and his hands gripping his ankles. Just before he landed, his body stretched out like an Olympic gymnast finishing a perfect ten floor exercise routine. Landing on his toes, he brought his arms down from above his head and straight down along his sides. When he finished, his tones beckoned me to repeat his movement.

I immediately found myself off to one side, watching my body attempt the leaping somersault I'd just watched White Bear do. I had all the basics, with an awkward, amateur form, and I landed with my legs still tucked up against my chest. I made a very big splash.

"Bruce, where are you?" I felt White Bear tone. That's when I realized I was still standing on the shore, looking at myself and White Bear on the lake.

"Whoops! I was supposed to do the leaping, not watch a thought form of my body leaping," I toned back with embarrassment.

"This can be a difficult exercise. It takes tight focus of attention. Watching yourself instead of being yourself is a common trait for physical humans. Let's try it again," he toned, with a sense of encouragement.

For the next several attempts, White Bear stood on the shore and watched as I attempted this new form of leaping. He suggested that as a beginning exercise I could just try to stay in the body thought form I was projecting as it was leaping. I was astounded at how difficult this is to do. Once or twice I managed to be in my body thought form for a short portion of the leap. When I did, it felt like I was flashing back and forth between my standing position on the lake shore and my head over heels flying through the air. For the brief snatches of time I was actually in my leaping body, I could feel the sensation of somersaulting through the air. Dar's voice on the exercise tape cut my leaping exercises short with her request that we all meet at TMI There.

"For brief moments you are leaping properly. If you focus your attention on feeling the bodily sensations as you somersault through the air it will help you develop the tight focus required. Know that successfully experiencing these bodily sensations from the beginning to the end of your leap is only in intermediate step toward what leaping can ultimately teach you. Don't get hung up thinking you've mastered it at that point, all it means is you're just beginning to learn," White Bear cautioned.

"What can leaping ultimately teach me?" I asked, knowing beforehand what he would say.

"You will discover it when your leaping teaches it to you," White Bear laughed.

"Can't blame me for trying to find a short cut," I laughed back.

"I think you will find that all such attempts at short cuts, are really long cuts," he barked back. Then it was time to join the group at the crystal.

Before this exercise began most everyone had expressed some excitement and interest in further exploring the earth changes. So much has been written on the subject, predicting death, destruction and catastrophe, I was very interested in what we might discover too.

To be sure, each of us viewed our contacts at the Gathering through our own, unique sets of filters. What we perceive is always colored by our past experience and the contents of our personal library of images and beliefs. So with all our baggage and perceived notions we were ready to explore and gather first hand information once again. We used the same slingshot method to reach the Gathering at Focus 34/35. From darkness at EC F-27, at the Earth Core Crystal, I rocketed through the light at the TMI There crystal and into the darkness beyond. When the Hemi-Sync tones began to stabilize I opened my awareness to the lightening surroundings and waited for an impression to form. Several odd shapes floated into and out of view. The large, dark, mottled snail shell-looking thing came into view again above me and floated downward out of view. Next, the long tubular structure with the large satellite dish shape on one end moved by and faded from view as it moved from my right to my left. Then I could feel something very large directly in front of me, giving off impressions of hard, shiny, metallic and curved. I couldn't see it yet, but there seemed to be many individuals grouped together inside and they were busily working at various activities. I took this to be one of the intelligences at the Gathering and so I opened my intent to communicate with them. I'll refer to this intelligence as the "2ndGathgroup" because they were the second group I contacted at the Gathering. 2ndGathgroup isn't a name they gave me to call them. They might have had a name they called themselves, but it didn't occur to me to ask for one. So, we're stuck with 2ndGathgroup as their moniker.

As it turned out, there was a purpose in White Bear's teaching me his tonal language beyond just being able to communicate with him. During my first encounter at the Gathering, ordinary verbal communication had been sufficient. 2ndGathgroup didn't have a verbal language capability. They spoke in the same, Star Wars, R2D2 beeps and squawks as White Bear. If he hadn't patiently prepared me to communicate in this way, contact with 2ndGathgroup would have been impossible. To emphasize the way we communicated, how it sounded to my nonphysical ears, I'll try to describe the sound of it, at least for a little while. I discovered White Bear was right, the method he taught me is a universal language. Still, you'll probably have difficulty understanding what I mean when you read, I turned to the 2ndGathgroup Spokesman and said, 'Shreeeep, wop, wop, rerrrrr, pop, snap, nurt, nurt. It's completely unintelligible squeaks and squawks to the ear, but the sounds carried more information in two squeaks, than several paragraphs of text. Floating there in Focus 34/35, I faced the large, metallic object I could feel in front of me and opened my intent for contact.

"Hmmmmmm, meep, meep," I toned out to them, indicating I was an explorer from The Monroe Institute's Exploration 27 program interested in communication.

"Screeep, pop," came back, indicating it would take a moment for one of their group to separate himself from the rest and act as a liaison or spokesman. After a short wait I had the impression that one of their group moved out to my immediate vicinity, distinctly apart from the massive craft I could feel near by.

"Ommmm, beep," I toned out to him, asking him to tell me who he was.

Dropping the tone language sounds for now, he said, "We are a telepathic race, all connected to each others' thoughts in an instantaneous manner. We are a group consciousness. It was somewhat difficult to separate myself from the group to communicate with you, but here I am. As a telepathic group, all other members of the crew can listen in on our conversation through me. What is your interest in communicating with us?"

"I'm exploring this region of space to learn about something we call the Gathering," I replied. "I'm one of eighteen people participating in a program to explore beyond physical earth existence and learn what I can. What is your interest in communication?" I queried.

"We've come to this region to witness events taking place on the earth. Specifically the great event which is happening here to the earth school. You know anything about that?" he asked.

"We call it the Earth Changes but there seems to be lot of confusion about exactly what that means," I responded.

At this point Dar's voice came in on the tape and suggested I ask a question, I focused my attention on the 2ndGathgroup Spokesman and toned it.

"I've noticed there are many other groups gathered here also, what is your relationship to those other groups?" I asked.

"We are mostly all members of an intergalactic group, you might call it a federation. There are also some loners here who came on their own to observe these events. They are not members of our federation but are welcome to be here to observe. As federation members, we are part of a network that shares information in a cooperative effort to learn more about each other and the unknown. Every member of the federation with the capability has a contingent here to observe and we share our information with other members who haven't the capability," he replied.

Dar's voice stated the next question, "What proportion of those gathered here are Earth School graduates?" I passed it on to the 2ndGathgroup Spokesman.

"Their actual numbers are very small, perhaps five or six percent, but their power is great," he replied.

"How do those gathered here identify themselves and their current locale," I asked my host, prompted by Dar's voice on the tape.

"As a network of Aliens, or Other Home Worlders if you prefer. We each have our own home world in the physical universe. Each home world has sent a contingent here to observe the earth changes as you call them. We are located here where you've found us, in relatively close proximity to the earth. But we are just a small group of astronauts here on a mission from our home world. It's our understanding that one of the potential results of the earth changes, as you call them, is that earth will be joining our federation."

"What is the focus of your interest in your observation of the great event as you call it?" I asked, rephrasing the question Dar's voice suggested on the tape.

"We are here to try to gain some understanding of the energies involved in the great event," he replied. Calling my attention to the interior of his ship, he said, "As you can see we have brought the most sophisticated equipment available, from our home world to record this great event."

As I looked around the interior of their ship my impression of the control room was that of a NASA moon shot. Row upon row of computer monitors, technicians, sensors, control consoles, recording equipment and other assorted gear. It felt like there was close to a football field size area in their ship filled with technicians and equipment. Quite impressive.

"What sort of energies are you interested in recording?" I asked.

His answer came in a series of squawks and squeaks that translated themselves into images. The first one was an image of the earth that looked about two or three times the diameter of a full moon. As I looked at it I wondered if this gave some clue as to the distance from earth to 2ndGathgroup's ship. I could see the huge crystal within the earth aligned to the axis of rotation. At one end, near the north pole, a ring was placed around the crystal. The word "LOVE" was engraved on the ring. In response to my question about the nature of the energies 2ndGathgroup was here to record, the ring slid from the end of the crystal to the center. With the images of the crystal and the earth superimposed the ring moved to the core center of the earth.

These images then translated themselves into the following information. The energies are about a change in the duality nature of the earth school. When they're infused in the earth's core crystal some of the confusion we earth people have about this duality nature may be cleared up. The crystal symbolized the polarizing nature of the earth school where every thing can be described in terms of opposites. Polar opposites like hot and cold, wet and dry, tall and short are just a few examples. Moving the ring, labeled LOVE, from one end of the crystal to the center, symbolized a change in which we in the earth school would now recognize our confusion. We would have the opportunity to understand that Love does not have a polar opposite called hate. That is a confusion, caused by the duality nature of the earth school. As a result of the ongoing earth changes, the true opposite of Love would be revealed to be No Love, or lack of Love.

As I watched the images and listened to the translations from the 2ndGathgroup Spokesman I noted his flat tone, and clinical description of the earth changes. I realized he had absolutely no understanding of what he was describing at an emotional, feeling level. At a mental, feeling level, the Spokesman and his group reminded me of the Vulcan character, Mr. Spock, from the Star Trek television series. Totally incapable of experiencing anything at an emotional feeling level. Not a single member of this telepathic race had the slightest inkling of what Love felt like. To them, Love was just an energy like heat or light. It might be more useful to them if Love's energy came in the form of a wooden log. At least then it would provide heat when burned it in a fireplace. At least then it would have some reason for existence. Any actual use for energies such as Love was inconceivable to them. These guys were totally clueless. They were completely without any ability to perceive from an emotional, feeling perspective and lacked any means of emotional expression of such energies.

Responding to my query about any messages he might have for Earth's inhabitants, the 2ndGathgroup spokesman replied. "Many of your people will make the leap to your Focus 27 soon and will have to exist there for a very long time. There will be great reductions in overall earth population. Do what you can to prepare your people for this event."

"Can you give me a sign that will help me validate the information I've received from you?" I asked, again prompted to do so by Dar's voice on the tape.

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