Yesterday's Retrievals

Posted by Gatewaygrad on September 17, 2001 at 12:43:03:

I went to my place first and grew the crystal to about 8 feet tall and watched as pink and violet lights came out of it.I entered the crystal, came out and went to WTC again. This time I felt that most of the people have been retrieved but that there were still some so I
'saw it not there' and told myself to Light up, which I did, and then went looking and calling for people to come to the light. I feel I got about 10-20 and it took quite awhile. I hopped them on a smaller magic carpet and went to the Park and dropped them off. Then it was time tocome back. There was no emotion at all this time. I felt like it was a 'mopping up' effort on retrievals, to get the few that are left for whatever reason. I also remember flying around above the Park area again and there weren't that many people coming which sort of confirmed for me that most were retrieved. I haven't felt the 'call' to go to PA
plane crash or the Pentagon.

Later I remembered that while I was turning on the tape, my Collie was laying on the bed beside me and licking my left hand (both hands hold a crystal). I told him he could go with me and he did. I had his hair cut about 6 weeks ago as he was so tangled and messy so it hasn't all grown out yet. When I saw him There, he had a full, beautiful Collie coat and looked absolutely regal and proud. He went to each of the people and barked at them and they followed him over. And he rode on the carpet with them with me leading the way.

My first partnered retrieval and it was with my Collie, Teddy. I've come to expect almost anything during retrievals anymore.

With Love,

Posted by Bruce Moen on September 18, 2001 at 01:17:49:

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Yours is the first partnered retrieval done with a Collie, thank Teddy for me will you? I've witnessed people retrieving dogs, and dogs Helpers retrieving dogs, but never a dog retrieving people. GREAT WORK

And the majic carpets are a marvelous technique. I hope other Retrievers try that one too.

Love you,