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: Hi Ginny

: I saw you comments from Bruce's chat about retrieving a little girl on one of the flights that hit the WTC.

: I don't know where you live or if you've seen this but the Boston Globe has been publishing pictures of the people who were on the two flights that originated in Boston. One passenger on UAL Flight 175 was a four-year old named Juliana Valentine McCourt. The pictures are linked in the middle left column about half-way down under "Photos: UAL Flight 175".

: I don't know if you will want to look at the photo but I thought I would just tell you about it. This is all pretty intensely emotional so I hope it is OK to mention this to you. I think you are beyond needing verification but you might be curious.

: For anyone interested there are also pictures of the people from AA Flight 11.

: My local paper reported that in a strange twist of fate, Juliana's mother's brother was in the WTC at the time of the crash but escaped.

: The mother of one of the other passengers reports that she feels him around telling her she can make it through this. Maybe this is a good time to send PUL to all the families.

: Peace.
: Lucy


Wow....thank you. One reason I'll be attending Bruce's workshop is because I seldom remember to ask for names or any other pertinent info from those I come in contact with in retrieval situations...and to be honest, Lucy, verification does help. A workshop will hopefully help with that too.
During that retrieval of the little girl, there was---as with the other WTC retrievals---such a sense of urgency, and perhaps because she was so young and free from so many fears adults seem to possess, well.....I just followed my heart as well as what the Helper there was encouraging-----to get her to a place of love and beauty to match her own amazing inner qualities.I will check out the Boston Globe, and does the article mention her being with her mother? Althought I never met her mom, she had apparently been traveling with her.

Thanks again Lucy.There has been a lot of emotion with the terrorists victims retrievals.....but seeing the little girl's grandmother greet her at the place we took her to is what always seems to make a difference.

Much love to you,


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yes her mother is pictured with her.
They were going to a Deepak Chopra center.

I believe a friend of her mother's was on the other flight. They couldn't get on the same flight to CA so they took separate planes.

thanks for your stories.


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Well I got a shock when I went to the newspaper link...and saw that beautiful face. Oh boy.


Tell more!

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Was it physically the same person? Or was the spirit that you saw in the picture the same?

Details!!!! Was she wearing the same clothes that you saw?

I love this end of things, I hope you deceide to share.



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Hi Patty,

One big reason why I'm going to Bruce's workshop. I either lack the self confidence or still don't completely understand some things that happen in the afterlife. I know what happened in the retrieval of her, and even the fact that her state of mind/heart threw me for a loop, still, as I went to the link Lucy provided, I assumed there wouldn't be any recognition.....and her face just made my jaw drop. I don't know why I saw lighter hair....perhaps because she was walking out from a dark area into light...and I wasn't perceiving well? I need answers like you do----LOL! The retrieval was quick, as so many were that resulted from the terrorist attack.
The Helper I was with earlier today did tell me that she is now with her mom.

Much love,


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Thanks Ginny,

I have also found that some of the times verification isn't what I expect, but that jaw-dropping experience is something!

Thank you for sharing!