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Posted by Ginny on December 08, 2001 at 14:41:37:

Hi everyone,

When I returned from this trip I initially wasn't even going to type it up because I had experienced everything from strong doubting to down right disappointment during the excursion...thinking I had gone on a wild fantasy ride (when anything new happens why do I always grab at the asumption that it's me making everything up?). And sorry for the lack of new information. I had not formed questions previously...only a wish to visit their "home". But as so often happens when coming back into waking consciousness, things hit me...qualities or new aspects of a journey make me wonder where they could have come from. So, here it is------:)

Once I went through my preparatory process and filling up with PUL, I decided to use State Specific Memory to get to the place I had last visited with the tall golden beings behind the translucent screen. I visualized those beings behind the screen and also brought to me the "feel" of when I was last there...and when it felt as if I had done this I opened my awareness (fully expecting to be where I had always stood before, perhaps 20-30 feet away from them) and found myself within inches of what looked like translucent, multi-colored, undulating glass! I had to look directly up to realize it was their screen (LOL---like, did I over do it on stating that specific memory?). A little startled I backed up a few feet and stopped, taking in the familiar scene, and then I was gliding effortlessly backwards (like being on a moving airport walk-way)....and it did not feel as if I had intended that. When I came to a stop, at where I had always stood before, I could see that no one was behind the screen. And then the golden beings were before me, outside of the screen, with their attention expectant and obviously upon me. In previous meetings they had appeared as tall, golden, thin humanoid shapes behind that screen...whereas now they were narrow, vertical bands of gold light with each end coming to a point. As I stated my desire to visit their "home", place of origin, I immediately knew that they were either already aware of this or got my stated desire and communicated back aggreement in a nano-second. Everything was happening so quickly.

We were then in a kind of contradictory state of motion. The beings and myself seemed to remain upright and stationary...and yet I could see unperceivable things whizzing by us and whenever I opened up a little to feel this situation, it felt like the disorientation I experience when on a carnival ride. I did this a few times because I thought this was extraordinary, and this was when I also started thinking it just couldn't be real. We at one point seemed to either slow down or change direction, but the zooming then resumed for another, say, 20 seconds. We were then moving at a leisurely pace through clouds, rays of light illuminating some of them, and I could see the gold beings to my right...looking like golden upright toothpicks, just cruising along. Ahead appeared a huge white ball nestled in clouds, its pearl-white surface visible from its equator up. It's surface seemed identical to the shield they had at one time felt a need to stand behind: liquid mother-of-pearl in motion is the only way I can describe it. I asked about the location of this place and got back that it was connected to the same universe earth was. This didn't help my confusion and feelings of disappointment at all because, if this was a physical place (planet?), they had told me they dealt with and lived in a nonphysical state, and this wasn't adding up at all. One of the beings (felt like a "he" but who knows) then communicated that what I was seeing didn't really exist. Oh great! As I was then wondering if this scene was for my benefit---me needing the reasurance of "something concrete", to feel at ease---we moved closer to the gigantic ball and an opening appeared. As we entered it was pitch black (I had no feel of being inside something, where the blackness started or ended, it seemed to go on forever) and I was then with one being only, and for some reason it felt female. "She" answered that they had decided to offer a "female" as the others had been "male" to my perception.

A conversation then ensued, one I have no conscious memory of ever having before because of it's fast nature: reminds me of Bob Monroe's description of delivering and receiving rotes...thought balls, where when opened by the recipient an idea, full knowledge with feelings and visuals, is experienced all at once. The interesting thing was that it felt normal to me and I apparently held up my end of that fast "conversation" as nothing had to be repeated (or so I remember).

Q---Who created this universe we both apparently reside in?

A---"It created itself". When she said this I experienced a strong feeling that I almost knew what she meant. I could feel as if I was on the verge of knowing completely where she was coming from, and I even brought that feeling to me again to see if I could fully realize it, but it didn't happen.

Q---About physical matter and their association with it--could she explain more?

A---They were familiar with a "less dense form of matter". They live and work more within a framework of "ideas....thought creating environment".

Q---What was it like living in a world of thought?..and for some reason I included the idea of pure unconditional love.

A---I got back the same visual they had shared before of PUL being like water rushing over and bringing life to a barren land. She then said that when PUL and thought were combined, life springs forth...creation of many kinds. I then had a visual image before me of what appeared to be a band of what she labeled as PUL, as well as another band of "thought". These two long bands, at first separated, began winding round each other like two snakes, eventually becoming one.

She then reminded me of the golden, swirling column of light I had taken a ride in at our last encounter, and she informed me that that column of light had actually been one of the beings behind the screen. One of them had simply projected themselves out to me and I had stepped into it's consciousness(!).

Q---What was their take on those of us experiencing physical matter... being so narrowly focused into it?

A---"To gather knowledge". She said that basically my disk--every disk--that has aspects of itself exploring dense physical world(s) were perhaps more knowledgeable than they were. We could be a jump ahead of them because of our willingness to explore in those regions.
Q---Were they interested in doing the same?

A---Ambivalent feeling came back to me, but it was something that would be left open for possible (but unlikely---lol!) consideration.

Q---Could she show me something, say or do something that I could see/experience now, to take back with me (I asked this more for myself, to be convinced that the experience was real)?

A---I then had a very clear, 3D visual of what appeared to be a long, vertical, transparent tubing of some kind, with a string of connected transparent balls inside, as well as other strings of smaller whitish and/or transparent objects I didn't get a good look at. These strings were moving slowly upward. Whatever this was didn't have just looked and felt incredibly "silver"....almost like what silver-white neon lighting would look like. I was fascinated and remember wondering what it was, but I was either not given an answer or can't remember one.

The next thing I knew I was aware of being back and feeling as if I had either dropped off to sleep or was just struggling to stay in the deeply relaxed state I found myself in.

Much love,


Posted by Bruce Moen on December 10, 2001 at 07:14:02:

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Ain't exploration beyond Here a gas! And it seems like every time answers are found the lead to more questions. I'm so happy to see someone else following her curiosity into the Unknown and sharing what you find with others. I think there is something to that 100th monkey thing and in my view what you are doing is more than merely marking trails into Unknown territories that others can follow into their own experience. Sharing your experiences does seem to create links within consciousness that bring awareness to more of us on our own little islands of self.

I hope that folks will see in your sharing about using State Specific Memory to navigate within consciousness that it's an effective tool. And so simple really, just remembering the feeling of a place in consciousness and letting that memory guide you There.

Thanks again for sharing your experiences here, doubts and all. Doubt seems to be part of curiosity's drive to know.



More about State Specific Memory from Ginny:

Thanks for your comments (they always mean a lot to me)...and one more thing about State Specific Memory. It seems I no longer have to be concerned about being able to remember information shared in such journeys. When I returned from this trip I knew a Q & A exchange had taken place but I had zero memory of its content. I sat on this experience for over 24 hours and only decided to type it out as certain characteristics of the journey felt to be "not of my making". When I was preparing to write it out the idea came to me to use State Specific Memory to recall the Q & A session......and I'll be go to hell if it didn't all start flooding back!!! I simply closed my eyes while sitting at the keyboard, visualized and *felt being there* with "her" during the session, and Bingo! I was also able to recall more of the journey that had apparently been tucked away in that area of consciousness.

Your workshops are so loaded with powerful "accessing afterlife tools" that I guess it just took me awhile to start using this one.....but hey----this is a beauty!!

Your friend and much love,


Posted by Bruce Moen on December 11, 2001 at 10:01:33:

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Yeah, now you know exactly the way I write about my experiences. I sit down at the keyboard with my few skimpy written notes, worried I won't be able to fill the chapter in the book I'm writing. I use SSM to shift myself back to the experience, and all the material comes flooding back in. Sometimes it's almost like re-entering the experience allows access to information I probably didn't get during the original experience. Finding the material "that had apparently been tucked away in that area of consciousness" as you put it so well.

Yeah, some much fun stuff to uncover!



Posted by Ginny on December 11, 2001 at 11:46:56:

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Oh this is cool!

I could not understand how on earth you were ever able to remember everything--especially when venturing so far "out There"! Then I thought perhaps you went on several excursions and combined everything! Now I know and it's a remarkable tool, Bruce. I returned from that trip with, say, just a basic outline of what had occurred, which I'm sure contributed to my thinking it was a waste of time (LM*O). In using SSM while typing, it wasn't just purely the information coming to mind......I was reliving being there. As I was typing I seemed to be in a momentary pocket of the actual feel of being back there, which helped me to "know" the information was correct. Just like the knowing feeling that comes with remembering anything.

Thanks Bruce....and oh yea, it is a gas exploring! Now more than ever.