Meeting w/ aspect and Harry's training

Posted by Ginny on February 16, 2002 at 19:18:53:

Hi everybody,

I placed my intent to just help in a retrieval wherever needed (had nothing else on my mind)...went into the 3D blackness and after about a minute got the feeling to go to my park in Focus 27.

In using state specific memory to get to my park I then, in the blink of an eye, found myself looking down at the bench which was right behind me and to my left (this is interesting...each time I use SSM I never seem to 'land' at the same spot within my park or any other afterlife location). I decided to have a seat and soak up the sunshine, say hello to all the life and beauty there. It wasn't long before I then felt a 'pull' to get up and walk over to my right, to an area of my park I'd never been. I questioned this and got the strong feeling to just go over to that area. I remained sitting for a few seconds, looking that area over thinking this was unusual, got up and started moving toward what looked like the beginning of an open yellowish field or meadow. I then did something that was really strange, yet the feeling of what I did felt "natural"..or it felt familiar in a way? Without even thinking I began calling out what sounded like, "choo-loo-WAY-luh"....or, "choe-loo-WAY-loo". As I was announcing this word or phrase it was then I briefly questioned what on earth I was doing, as well as a brief 'knowing' feeling that I was calling to someone. Then off to my left I could feel the presence of someone, several feet away. In a golden foggy mass a humanoid figure appeared. I felt a familiarity with her instantly (a female aspect I have met and had at least one brief conversation with in the park). Not trusting my afterlife instincts (lol) I asked if she was the aspect I had met earlier and got back a smile with a knowing yes. I remained glued to the spot as she approached...seemed to sense a robe with hood and I asked if I could see her face in order to know it was really her (I don't know what my problem was but sometimes I can go brain-dead in the afterlife!). I was remembering her unusually large eyes and I thought of green, and she corrected me and said ,"No, they're blue."...and I saw a fleeting image of her face and eyes (she was right). I then got from her that it would be best if her face, and entire form for that matter, remain in a golden glow, and for me to just rely on the knowing feelings I was picking up. Okay. She then suggested we have a seat on the bench, which we did.

She was sitting on my left and I turned to her and said, " and I are really the same person, huh?" I perceived a smile and a yes from her. I looked out across my pond, noting a feeling of such peacefulness, and in looking at her again told her she was so serene and loving...that I wished I could be more like her (LOL!---this has got to go down as one of the best "Oh duh!s" I've ever had in the afterlife----like, what was I thinking?!)...and she communicated back that all I had been experiencing so far in this "Ginny physical life" had been of great benefit to her, to her growth...and the idea that our other aspects were also benefiting came to me (that we all feed, nourish one another through our varied experiences).

The thought of Harry Cheevers then went through me and before I could even think on that, she said he sent his love, to say hello to me. I stared at her and asked if he was an aspect of ours? No. Then the word 'cousin' went through me and she qualified it by saying, "We're all related" (had a fleeting glimpse of a disk with its many aspects attached and below it, and these aspects then creating their own aspects and so on).

I then asked her to share with me what was involved in his Helper training. She said he'd been very active at the Hall of Remembering...he was doing well in retrievals with Helpers and in using PUL. I wondered if we could then go and be with Harry in a retrieval situation...and she seemed to pause at this request. Several seconds went by until I could then feel that now was not a good time for that. Okay.< br>
What else was involved in his training? She communicated that he was working with people who were preparing to enter (or reenter) physical life. It seemed they were in small groups, classes, being reminded or instructed on how to not get stuck as he had upon leaving his last physical life as Harry. They were also given information such as people or things, possible physical life situations, that when encountered later in their upcoming physical lives would hopefully help them to remember who/what they really were (spiritual beings having a human experience). Was this a new kind of training---the classes? No. She smiled and said its been going on for a long time and that Harry was really motivated to help others, to help them learn before reentery. Have all of us most likey gone through this kind of schooling? Yes. I then felt a small-but-still-there-within-me heaviness about why we have to forget and remember, forget and remember, and asked why. If we already know we're spiritual beings at the time of this schooling, why go thru all this? I got back, "For the experience." And it was then I seemed to suddenly be in an elevated or 'enhanced state of knowing' as to why we have chosen this cyclic adventure. I just knew why...and I can not now explain with words that state I was momentarily in. I just knew...while There with her. Good grief...perhaps this will finally put to rest my constantly asking this question?!---(lol)!

So Harry was happy, teaching, retrieving...anything else about his training? What I got next was confusing, so hope I can explain what came across, not only in her silent communications but in visual pictures as well. The way I understood it was that the classroom I initially found Harry in (in Focus 23)was a thought form created by Harry, and that such thought forms are as real as the physical. After a stuck person leaves their own 'place'...this 'place' or thought form usually remains, for how long I don't know. Such energy/thought constructs eventually begin to lose their shape or function (?), their essence, mainly because the energy that 'holds it all together' was supplied by the stuck person. But while that thought form remains, it can have a secondary function for Helpers. As I was watching a visual of Harry's empty classroom I noticed someone walking first just outside the classroom doorway (out in a hallway I guess)...then another whitish humanoid figure walking briskly to the opposite side of the room and beyond, and I had the feeling that whatever 'fears and history of beliefs' Harry had left there were still embedded in that thought form, and such 'history' may possibly attract newly deceased persons (?): they attract certain people who can possibly be retrieved (??).

She then asked if I wanted to participate in a retrieval and I said yes of course. And I'll post what happened in Part 2.

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I again thought of how neat it would be to work with Harry in a retieval...and again got the feeling that it wasn't going to happen this time. She was then standing in front of me and suddenly my ability to focus wavered or started drifting. When I was able to bring myself back to her, in the park, she offered her right arm as if to say it was time to get going.

We were then suspended in the 3D blackness and out of curiosity I tried to aim my focus down and into the blackness, and got a brief feeling of movement. When I brought my attention back we were standing in what I perceived to be an ancient, dark forest. What I could 'see' was murky and then my attention again started to fade out. I went in and out twice and then once back in the forest asked her if she could help me with remaining focused on the task at hand. She communicated, "Use PUL." I think I must have spent a good two to three minutes bringing PUL into me...and it worked. I felt centered and could "see" better and looked up into the dark canopy, noting that this forest was so dense very little light could filter down to the ground. Huge old trees everywhere, ferns...all quiet.

She then indicated I should send my awareness out into the forest as she backed away, and I then perceived someone sitting behind a tree ahead and to my left. I got that it was a woman and I'm not sure if she then became aware of me, but she stood and moved quickly away from us, into darkness. My aspect and I followed and were then standing before a cottage of sorts with what I guess was a type of thatched roof. The woman entered this cottage and closed the door. I stood there wondering what to do and then got an idea and moved to one of two wooden, shuttered windows, calling to her that I had been traveling a long distance without food or water...and could I please just have a drink of water? All remained quiet inside the cottage for about 30 seconds and then the door opened and she walked out, handing me a wooden ladle of cold water. I drank it and thanked her. I mentioned she had a beautiful place and asked how long had she been living here. She responded by stating that someone was suppose to be coming for her (!). She was about my height, wearing what looked like a peasant dress with a long apron, dark, frizzy hair with gray. I told her she could leave now and that she could go to a place where she had choices: she could be alone or with others; she could live in another cottage or a would be a place where she wasn't restricted. I felt a positive response from her at the mention of the word palace, as if she'd like that very much. I then turned to my left and extended my arm in the direction where I could feel the Helper was, introducing a friend of mine who would go with us. The Helper stepped forward dressed in expensive clothing from I guess possibly the 1800's if not earlier: floor length full dress with a lace shawl and bonnet. She started talking to the woman and I watched as the two then turned their backs to me and started moving away. I didn't feel a desire to follow, but I did want to understand more of what caused the woman to become stuck there. What I then got was that she had been banished to this place because of not being a good wife and mother. She had fallen out of favor with a wealthy husband who grew tired and possibly embarrassed due to her refusal to participate in his/her religion or church. She had also given birth to two children with some kind of deformities and she was to blame. She had been deemed a bad influence on others and thus banished to this forest cottage, as her punishment. The thing about the forest, or so she believed, was that it was so vast and dense, any attempts to try to leave it meant death. No one could ever find their way out and live.

I then could feel it was time to return and did so, feeling very relaxed and content.

Thanks for listening and much love to all,