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An Introduction to the Artist

Tony Schanuel

Tony Schanuel is a photographer by profession, but he loves to have people scrutinize his mysterious, almost undulating montage work to see if they contain any photographs whatsoever.

His inventiveness comes from many sources such as elegant painters like Monet and surrealists like Dali and Magrite, as well as other pioneers in the inner world of consciousness like psychiatrist Carl Jung and writer Joseph Campell.

His work is also greatly influenced by his own inner journeys and experiences resulting from attending programs at
The Monroe Institute, an educational and research facility working in the exploration of Consciousness.

In the words of the artist, "My aim is to perceive and share the world of the seen and the unseen and to merge them together in my art. I believe we are living in a very important and pivotal time in human history, and my art speaks to these changes and challenges. My hope and want is that viewers of my work are inspired to see the inner beauty of themselves, this world and the other spaces and dimensions beyond HERE, and their relationship to them. I believe the last frontier is not outer space but inner space. I want my work to be a catalyst for this exploration."

Tony Schanuel's fine art prints are for sale. For information, contact him:
e-mail or telephone 618-632-8550. See his Online Portfolio

Art by Tony Schanuel
Leaf Daimon (1.19M)
Gathering One (769K)
Time Vortex (1.19M)

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