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Voyage to Curiosity's Father

Volume 4 of the Exploring the Afterlife series

By: Bruce A. Moen

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"Are you God?" the Planning Intelligence asked.
"No," I replied.
"Guess it depends on your perspective," It said.
To author Bruce Moen, these words acknowledged that his odyssey into the nonphysical realms of existence would at last carry him back to the origin of consciousness itself, to the source he calls "Curiosity's Father."

ISBN 1-57174-203-4

In this latest installment in his popular Exploring the Afterlife Series, Bruce takes you on his deepest exploration of the vast, uncharted spaces beyond reality. Meeting those who have gone before, he asks: What is consciousness? Where do we, and our perceptions, fit into what is ultimately real? How can we discover what lies before, and beyond, our lives on Earth? You will enjoy Bruce's ability to translate the difficult metaphysical concepts learned during his non-physical explorations into easily understood metaphors and images. Going back ... and back ... and back to Curiosity's Father provides a stunning glimpse into the ultimate nature of consciousness. It is a journey unlike any you have taken before.

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Chapter 1: The Disk Vision Revisited
Chapter 2: Curiosity's Story Revisited
Chapter 3: Manna from Heaven
Chapter 4: Scraping Off the Rust
Chapter 5: More Rust Scraping
Chapter 6: One More Practice Session
Chapter 7: Prelude to the Forays
Chapter 8: More About Time and Events
Chapter 9: Our First Official Foray
Chapter 10: First Foray Debriefing
Chapter 11: Tony and More Debriefing
Chapter 12: The Second Foray
Chapter 13: The Second Foray Continues
Chapter 14: Denise's Second Foray Notes
Chapter 15: Max's Hell Revisted
Chapter 16: Fires of Hell
Chapter 17: Third Session Notes from Tony and Denise
Chapter 18: Back to Hell
Chapter 19: Satan?
Chapter 20: Hollow Heavens
Chapter 21: Sylvia's Graduation
Chapter 22: Disk Consciousness
Chapter 23: Lost Souls
Chapter 24: Lost Soul Exploration; Partner's Notes
Chapter 25: The Aperture
Chapter 26: Eddy's Ghost
Chapter 27: Humor Center
Chapter 28: Evolution of Consciousness
Chapter 29: The Planning Intelligence, First Contact
Chapter 30: Exploring the Planning Intelligence
Chapter 31: Denise's Notes on Planning Intelligence Exploration
Chapter 32: 2ndGathgroup's Re-Membering
Epilogue: The Voyage to Curiosity's Father
Appendix A: State Specific Memory and a Hemi-Sync Model of Consciousness
Appendix B: Workshops
Appendix C: Afterlife Knowledge Website

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