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The following Focus level descriptions are taken from Monroe Institute literature.

Focus 1

(or C1, Full, Physical Waking Consciousness)

The level of awareness in which most of us spend our normal, waking lives. The everyday, ordinary reality of the physical world in which we live. The level of consciousness we learn to move beyond during Gateway programs.

Focus 3:

(Basic Hemi-Sync®)

This level is a participant's first exposure to the concept and technology of Hemi-Sync.

Focus 10

(Mind Awake/Body Asleep)

This is the level at which the physical body is asleep but the mind is awake and alert. Consciousness is fully retained without dependence upon signals from the physical body. Conceptual tools are developed that the participant may use to reduce anxiety and tension, for healing, for remote viewing and for establishing resonance with other individuals. In Focus 10, much like the dream state, we learn to think in images rather than in words.

Focus 12

(Expanded Awareness)

This is a state where conscious awareness is expanded beyond the limits of the physical body. Focus 12 has many different facets, including: exploring nonphysical realities, decision making, problem solving and enhanced creative expression.

Focus 15

(No Time)

The state of "No Time" is a level of consciousness which opens avenues of the mind that offer vast opportunities for self exploration beyond the constraints of time and place.

Focus 21

(Other Energy Systems)

This level offers the opportunity to explore other realities and energy systems beyond what we call time-space-physical-matter.