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Self Exploration, Discovery and Self Healing Advanced Workshop Course Description

A 5-Day Workshop teaching an advanced technique for Self Exploration, Discover and Healing.

Developed and taught by Bruce Moen
Can past life events influence our present lifetime experience? If so, can exploration of this phenomenon lead to greater understanding of who and what we human beings truly are? Curiosity led Bruce Moen to explore just such an event in his own experience, and resulted in the development of his newest, advanced workshop, "Self Discovery and Self Healing."

Brief Workshop Summary:
What is taught in this Self Discovery and Self Healing workshop?

o What is an "aspect of self" and how does their existence as a separated fragment of ourselves affect our life experience?

o Deeper exploration of who and what we human beings are and the evolution of our consciousness.

o A technique for retrieving aspects of self from both past and present lifetimes in order to become a more whole, healthy and fully integrated being.

o Advanced techniques for changing beliefs to more fully remove blocks to perception and obstacles to growth and understanding.

o Creation of your own special place in Focus 27, learn to use it to meet and communicate with Helpers and Guides.

o Advanced techniques for receiving Guidance.

o Establishing contact and communication with a Higher Self Guide.

o Exploring some of the Centers in Focus 27 and accessing the services available in these Centers. For example, we learn explore the Health and Rejuvenation Center, make contact with Helpers there, and utilize the healing services available for ourselves and others.

o What are the risks of retrieving aspects of self and how best to deal with them? (For example, some retrievals may lead to belief system crashes and more rapid opening of perception beyond physical reality.)

o It must be emphasized that "healing" of any condition does not mean the same thing as "curing" that condition. Some workshop participants will experience dramatic changes or improvements but there can be no guarantees of these results.

Prerequisite: In order to attend this workshop you must have first completed at least the first three days of the 5-day Exploring the Afterlife Workshop. You will be best prepared to attend Self Discovery and Self Healing if you have completed all five days of the Exploring the Afterlife Workshop, including the two day section on Partnered Exploration.

History of this workshop's development:
The new workshop had its origin in Moen's retrieval of Joshua, a story recounted in his first book, Voyages Into the Unknown. While some might call Joshua one of Moen's past lives he prefers "an aspect of self" as a more accurate, descriptive label. Joshua died thousands of years ago from a severe infection caused by a spear wound to his liver, and had been stuck in Focus 23 since his death. After Joshua's retrieval all symptoms of a rare inflammatory disease, sarcoidosis, (a disease with no known cause nor cure) eventually disappeared from Moen's liver in his present lifetime. Coincidence?

Development of the new workshop intensified when, while teaching his original Afterlife Knowledge Workshop, Moen witnessed the spontaneous retrieval of aspects of self by participants and the resulting healings that occurred. Not all of these aspects of self were from previous lifetimes, some were from the participant's present lifetime. Not all of the healings involved physical maladies, most might best be described as healing of psychological conditions and associated physical symptoms.

Early testing of exercises intended to trigger participant retrieval of aspects of self were first carried out in several Afterlife Knowledge Workshops. Some participants successfully retrieved aspects of self using these exercises, and the overall outcome of these experiences always led to positive, beneficial changes for these participants. But in some cases these successful, long-term results included some short-term difficulties, most notably adjustments to one's sense of identity. Retrieval and reintegration of a long-separated aspect of self can lead to abrupt changes in one's identity, and trigger feelings Moen ascribes to a "belief system crash".