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Exercise CDs

For the Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook,

A Manual for The Art of Retrieval & Afterlife Exploration

By: Bruce A. Moen

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The Quest for Afterlife Knowledge

These Exercise CDs are the companion to the Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook. The book contains twenty-six exercises whose verbal guidance is an integral and essential part of learning the Art of Retrieval & Afterlife Exploration. These exercises are similar to a form of guided meditation. Written scripts for each of the exercises are provided in the book for those on very tight budgets who wish to create their own exercise tapes. Those haven't the time or technical skills to do that may wish to purchase these audio exercise recordings.

6 Audio CD Set

All twenty-six exercises, recorded in the author's voice, are available for purchase as either a boxed set of six Audio CDs or as a single MP3 CD. The Audio CDs are suitable for use with any standard Audio CD player. The MP3 CD is suitable for use with an MP3 CD player. For those with the technical skills required the exercises may be transferred to an MP3 player.

What's that hissing sound?
A low level pink noise signal is recorded with the voice on these CDs as a mask for outside sounds and as a background, randomizing source.


How to Buy Your Copy

These CDs are not intended or recommended for use without the Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook.

Track Number, Title and Duration of the Exercises

1 Three Deep Relaxing Breaths 9:00
2 Establish the Energy Flow From Below 12:15
3 Build Energy From Below 14:55
4 Complete Energy Gathering From Below 9:20
5 Silly Little Finger Bending 13:15
6 Interpreter / Perceiver Balance 17:20
7 Rosalie's Interpreter / Perceiver 15:30
8 Using Guidance 7:10
9 First Heart Intelligence Exercise 10:00
10 Second Heart Intelligence Exercise 12:45
11 Using Heart Intelligence 10:00
12 Establish the Energy Flow From Above 14:10
13 Build Energy From Above 13:40
14 Complete Energy Gathering From Above 13:15
15 Feel & Build Love Energy 13:15
16 Gather Love Energy at the Heart 12:00
17 Project Love Energy 13:00
18 Preparatory Process 8:00
19 Imagination As Perception #1 13:05
20 Imagination As Perception #2 12:00
21 Imagination As Perception #3 13:55
22 Imagination As Perception #4 12:45
23 First Retrieval Exercise 35:00
24 Belief System Territory Retrieval 35:00
25 Visit with Specific Deceased Person 33:00
26 Retrieve An Aspect of Self 31:20

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