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Bruce's Recommended Resources

Since this website's creation back in the mid 90s by my friend Rosalie, paid advertising has never appeared on
any of its pages, and that isn't going to change. Still, from time to time folks ask me for recommendations for
resources in the metaphysical field. Sometimes it is to recommend a book, a workshop or teacher. Often it is for
the services of a psychic counselor, medium, healer or other metaphysical practitioner.

The resources that appear on this page, now and in the future, are for people and other resources I trust based on my own
direct experience with them. Neither I nor my website receive any financial benefit from the resources listed on this page.

Caryl Dennis is a close personal friend. She specializes in identifying your “Life Color” and how that impacts and
guides your life; identifying probable future realities, as well as past lives impacting your current life. For those
of you interested in using the skills of a gifted Psychic Counselor I highly recommend that you check out her website

Vicky Short is a personal friend and I highly recommend her book.
About Vicky:
I've had paranormal, psychic, and spiritual experiences my entire life and have kept personal records of as many as I could. What began as a personal project just for myself turned into a book I believe other people with a similar journey will find useful and entertaining.

This book is a memoir of my personal life experiences of paranormal phenomena, out-of-body experiences, and my psychic and spiritual awakening. These events are chronicled spanning many years, demonstrating their impact on my life and my beliefs of what reality is really made of. In utilizing some of the teachings of author Bruce Moen, I've applied his tools of nonphysical perception to my own unique experiences because his insights, I found, apply to much more than only Afterlife Retrieval work. I felt I could pass on his work as well as explain what I've learned about some of the mysteries of psychic and paranormal phenomena. Through learning Mr. Moen's work, my questions surrounding not only belief and proof were answered, but also the questions of how and why.

In November of 2011 I was diagnosed with "esophogeal varices" by a gastroenterologist here in Florida. These varices are bulging,
ballooning veins in the esophagus can burst and bleed. Evidently, over the last 25 years sarcoidosis has gradually built up scar
tissue (cirrhosis) within my liver, blocking blood flow through it, and causing the esophogeal varices. Between 40 and 70 percent
of people die when the first varice bursts and bleeds. Not good odds.

After many more tests, and months of treatment with pharmaceuticals with no positive effect, my local doctors advised me to get
on a liver transplant list. I've had too many friends go through organ transplant surgery, a lot of pain, suffering, and bankrupting
medical expenses, only to die within a year or two of cancer or infection as a result of taking anti-rejection drugs. I could not
seriously consider a liver transplant. Several serendipitous events and my own Google research found Dr Burton Berkson and his
clinic in Las Cruces, New Mexico. In late May of 2012 I visited Dr Burton Berskon's clinic. My latest medical tests show my varices
are shrinking as his treatment continues to regenerate new liver tissue.

While I was at Dr Berkson's clinic I met a man named Danny. Danny's diagnosis was Stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver due to Hepatitis C
infection. He'd survived his first esophageal varices bleed about a month before he came to the clinic. Danny had been essentially
bedridden due to his medical condition for about two years. When I met him he'd already had one week's treatment at the clinic.
He looked and acted like a normal, healthy person when I first met him. Danny told me he was having difficulty believing the rapid
improvement in his condition. He told me that every day he RUNS up and down the stairs in his hotel to convince himself it's not a
dream! Dr Berkson and his staff routinely do these kind of miracles at their clinic.

If you or anyone you know has: Cirrhosis; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD); Diabetes mellitus; Hepatitis C; Lupus;
Multiple Sclerosis (MS); or Rheumatoid Arthritis, I URGE YOU to check out Dr Berkson's website.