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Exploring the Afterlife Workshop Course Description

A Two-Day Workshop that teaches you how to explore the Afterlife and other nonphysical realities.

Developed and taught by Bruce Moen
I am neither a medium nor a psychic who communicates with deceased friends or loved ones for you. Instead, I teach you to do that for yourself and others. Learning to explore our afterlife and prove to yourself that it actually exists might seem like quite an accomplishment. Yet, workshop participants routinely contact and communicate with the deceased and have their experiences verified as accurate and real during the workshop. And for as amazing or unbelievable as that might sound it's just a first step in exploration beyond physical reality.

This workshop teaches a system of simple concepts, techniques and exercises anyone can use to explore beyond the boundaries of physical reality, including our afterlife. It's a mix of sharing insights gained from my experiences, lecture, discussion and group exercises. This is a hands-on workshop in which you'll learn by doing. And it's an opportunity to meet others who share your interests. In addition to about twelve hours of classroom format instruction, time is allotted for open discussion. The workshop generally runs from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM both Saturday and Sunday. A ten minute break is taken each hour and a one hour break for lunch. You'll get a lot more out of the workshop if you've read at least my first two books, Voyages Into the Unknown, and Voyage Beyond Doubt prior to attending.

The workshop teaches the Art of Retrieval as a means of learning to make contact and communicate with those living in the Afterlife. You'll learn to make contact with nonphysical Helpers, you might call them guides, angels, or some other name. You'll learn how to work with Helpers to perform retrieval of those who get stuck after death. Just in your interactions with Helpers and those who are stuck you will begin to learn, firsthand, more about the structure and inner workings of human afterlife existence. Continuing to work with Helpers, you'll learn how to explore the areas of our afterlife I've written about in my books. And, you can use what you learn to explore any reality or dimension that exists beyond our physical world. That might sound like an outlandish statement, but the experiences of previous workshop participants demonstrates its reality.

Some Workshop Topics
  • How to explore nonphysical realities including the afterlife
  • Imagination as a means of perception
  • The role of pretending and fantasy in real perception
  • Am I making it all up? How to tell if it's real
  • The Interpreter & Perceiver, the Balance leading to perception and memory
  • Affirmations & Placing Intent
  • What to do about doubt
  • The role of Beliefs, Doubt & Identity in perception
  • How integration of experience leads ever widening perception
  • Changing and replacing perception-blocking beliefs
  • The role of Love in perception & exploration
  • Methods of exploration: Dreams, OBE & Focused Attention
  • A map of afterlife consciousness
  • Retrieval, what it is and why it's sometimes necessary
  • Helpers, who they are and how to contact them
  • How contact and gather verifiable information from specific deceased individuals
  • Guidelines for the Novice Ghostbuster
  • The role of Pure Unconditional Love in expanding awareness
  • Curiosity, coincidence and guidance