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Heavenly Frolic

by Lisa Richardson

Seeping deep within my bones
Dampness and cold
Send a chorus of shivers down my spine
Rain clouds hover
Ominously above me
Casting gloom across the mournful night
Heartache and despair
Weigh heavily on my shoulders
Softly fallen raindrops
Cascade onto my face
Like perfectly formed pearls
I pull my coat tightly around me
Once again I shiver as the distant hooting of a night owl startles me
Lost within my grief the night passed on by not a sound to be heard
My thoughts wander to you wondering where you are
Slowly but surely, you make your presence felt
At first it was just a slow realization that I wasn't alone
The tiny hairs on my arms started to stand up with the knowledge
I rose from the spot where I sat with trepidation and uncertainty
As I looked toward you the feeling of relief and disbelief washed over me
Like a tidal wave set on its course unable to stop
Emotions flooded through me raging out of control
A smile played across your mouth as you watched the conflict of emotions inside me
The next thing I remember is the warmth of your embrace
You spoke to me with love and affection
The tears started to flow again
Creating a deep seated cleansing in my soul
You showed me wonders beyond my comprehension
You took me on a tour of heaven
We sat and listened
To the chorus of angels singing in tune to the universe
Their perfect crystal voices piercing to my very being
Their perfect faces and golden wings are etched on my memory forever
I heard the sound of thunder and lightening booming in the distance
You turned to me as I inquired as to its origin
And said "Honey, that's not thunder and lightening. That's the voice of God"
I gasped as I realized what you meant
"But, but God's not real," I said
You looked at me and replied
"Oh yes he is Honey, he is very real
Who do you think created the wonder of heaven and earth?
One day you will understand God and all his wonders
When it is your turn to arrive here, I will be waiting for you.
But for now, you must go back and finish your journey"
Then you leaned across and kissed me
That was the last I remember of you
As I drifted off into sleep on the fluffiest and whitest of clouds I had ever seen
I awoke the next morning within the safety of my bed
The sun was streaming through the windows heralding the arrival of a new day
The birds were singing and the bees a buzzing
Somewhere down the street a neighbour was mowing the lawn striving for perfection
I snuggled down deeper under the covers
And pondered the events of the night before, wondering if it was real or imagined
When the distant echo of an angels' chorus played a serenade deep within my soul
The faint but tangible smell of your cologne lingered in the crisp morning air
The reverberations of that booming voice pulsed in my spirit
It made me realise just how small and insignificant we are in God's grand scheme of things
And it's not for us to question God, only to live our lives and to accept his will

Copyright© by Lisa Richardson
Melbourne, Australia

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