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Is There A Heaven? A Hell?

Yes, but they're not exactly what I expected. In the second book, Voyage Beyond Doubt, the section Chapter 10, Max's Hell, describes one of the Hells I've visited. It was located in Focus 25, The Belief System Territories.

During a partnered exploration, my friend and I went looking for Max who had died within the previous year. Max had been a psychotherapist during his most recent lifetime, and was what you might call an emotional sadist. He delighted in setting people up to suffer emotional pain, particularly if he could observe their suffering. The Hell we found him in looked very much like the physical world we live in. It had buildings, roads, cars and people living there much as we do here. The difference was that everyone living in Max's Hell was an emotional sadist just as he was when living in our physical world. Everyone there did their best to inflict as much emotional pain on everyone else as possible. While exploring Max's Hell, I discovered there is a way for him or anyone else living in a Hell to leave.

During partnered exploration to gather material for my third book, Voyages Into the Afterlife: Charting Unknown Territory, the group I work with has explored the Hells of Focus 25 in more detail. We've discovered there are "back doors" out of these Hells. This led to the discovery of a group of Helpers dedicated to retrieving people from Focus 25 Hells. Communication with these Helpers brought more insight into the inner workings of Focus 27 and introduced us to "The Graduates." The Graduates are incredible beings who've been through the same earth school we're attending in the physical world. Introduction to The Graduates led to understanding of areas of consciousness beyond Focus 27.

We found and explored several areas of Focus 25 called "Hollow Heavens" by our tour guide. One of these was a Fundamentalist Christian version of Heaven. Everything appeared as you'd expect in a Heaven, except that only people from that specific Fundamentalist Sect were allowed in. It looked much like a physical earth environment, except food, shelter, recreation and more was provided without the need to work or earn it. The catch was that people there had to continue to follow the strict, very limited set of beliefs taught by their religion. If they strayed from the appropriate religious practice they could be "cast into outer darkness." They'd be forced to leave their Heaven. Our tour guide was a former minister who'd been cast out because he questioned some of the beliefs of the religion he preached. We visited several other Hollow Heavens and found pretty much the same situation. As long as the inhabitants continue to believe in and follow the rules of their religion, they can stay. If they question their beliefs, they will be expelled. Detailed information about the Hells and Hollow Heavens of Focus 25 are contained in my third book, Voyages Into the Afterlife: Charting Unknown Territory.