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Caryl Dennis, Rainbows Unlimited
Caryl Dennis is a personal friend and for those of you interested in using the skills of a gifted psychic counselor I highly recommend you contact Caryl via her website Rainbows Be sure to check out Caryl's Afterlife Communication Study.

The Monroe Institute.
The organization founded by Bob Monroe where Bruce was introduced to traveling in the Afterlife

Magic and Reason.
Joe Felser is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Boston University. He earned his doctorate in philosophy from the University of Chicago in 1992. He has taught at various colleges, and is presently on the faculty of Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, New York. His numerous articles on parapsychology, religion, and myth have appeared in both scholarly journals and popular magazines. His first book, The Way Back to Paradise: Restoring the Balance Between Magic and Reason will be published by Hampton Roads in February, 2005. At present, he is doing research for book on individuals who had premonitions of the 9-11 attacks on America. In addition to being interested in the paranormal, he has had psychic experiences for as long as he can remember.

Institute for Afterlife Research & Institute for Afterlife Studies
This website presents some of the overwhelming evidence for the survival of physical death. This evidence is based on the experiences of thousands (and in some cases, millions) of people from around the world. It is not based on any religious beliefs, dogmas or theories and we try to report the facts to the best of our own understanding and abilities..

International Academy of Consciousness
A non-profit research and educational organization that studies out-of-body experiences (astral projection), bioenergy (chi, prana, subtle energies), and the evolution of consciousness. The site provides information on the organizationís training courses, as well as articles on various topics and other resources.

The Psychic Times
Monthly newspaper covering the latest news of life after death research and paranormal phenomena. Also interviews, features and articles.

Joe McMoneagle
Joe McMoneagle is a remote viewer who worked for the psychic spy unit, Stargate from 1978 to 1984.

Awakening Path
When was the last time you felt as free and innocent as a child? Deep within you is the source of all perfection, and you can touch that source once again. At last, you can realize the incredible nature of who you really are...

The Dream Interpretation Center
Learn how to decode and understand the meaning in your dreams in a positive environment.

Past Life Healing
A unique site with information about healing the effects of past lives.

Natalie's Love and Light
Founded by Natalie Smith-Blakeslee, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of mediumship and spirituality.

The Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey
A surprising journey through the Afterlife. This is the official website of Robert Murrary, author of the nonfiction book, "The Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey."

The International Association. for Near-Death Studies
Information about the Near Death Experience (NDE) and support for those who have been there.

SpiritWWW-Near Death Experiences
This site offers a myriad of metaphysical information and contacts.

The Art Bell Page
#1 Late Night Talk Radio, offers a good selection of paranormal topics which are discussed on this popular show.

The Laura Lee Show
Saturday night talk show nationwide on over 50 stations, discusses ancient mysteries, brain-mind research, and more.

Afterlife Secrets Revealed
This comprehensive site discusses the meaning of near death experiences.

After Death Communication
This service, provided by The ADC Project, is a forum dedicated to researching and sharing After-Death Communications and related spiritual experiences.

Into The Light
Dr. Melvin Morse, M.D. Dr. Morse is a pediatrician and neuroscientist who has spent fifteen years studying the near death experiences (NDEs) of children.

Nexus Magazine
An international bi-monthly alternative news magazine. Nexus has published an article by Bruce Moen in their magazine. Bruce spoke at the 1999 NEXUS Conference in Sydney and they may make video tapes of his presentations available, Check this NEXUS site for details

After Death Communication Research Foundation
A collaborative effort by a physician (Dr. Jeff) and psychologist (Dr. Tricia) for the serious study of after death communication (ADC).

An online journal devoted to transcendent experiences that scientists have reported. It lets scientists express these experiences in a psychologically (and professionally) safe space.

Soul Traveler
Website for Albert Taylor, the author of best selling book, Soul Traveler, A Guide to Out of Body Experiences and the Wonders Beyond.

The Website of P.M.H. Atwater
This is the web site of P.M.H. Atwater, NDE experiencer, author and lecturer.

Indra's Spiritual Center
This is the site for the Indra's Spiritual Center.

The NDE Web Site
This is a site about near-death experiences and their ramifications.

Innerworks : Counseling and Publishing
For over 25 years, empowering people through counseling, teaching, and personal coaching. Self-help books to inspire inner worth, build good relationships, and discover spiritual meaning and purpose.

Light and Life
An Exploration of the Spiritual Universe. Light and Life PDF Magazines and Library. Urantia Papers, spiritual news and phenomena, love-centered altruism, Stillness- centered religion.