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September 2000

By Bruce Moen


Welcome to the first issue of the Workshop Newsletter.


Each of you receiving this newsletter expressed interest in attending my Exploring the Afterlife workshop either by sending in a form or posting to the website.  Some of you have already attended a workshop, perhaps hosting one.


  There are two intents in my sending you this newsletter.  The first is to update you on the dates and locations of upcoming workshops that you or someone you know might like to attend.


Scheduled Workshops:

October 21-22 in Denver, Colorado.  Contact Bruce Moen at for details and to sign up.

 November 11-12 in Seattle, Washington.  Contact Joe Meboe at for and to sign up.


  The other intent is to share some of the experiences of past workshop participants and update you on new features as my workshop evolves.


 I’ll be sending out a new issue of this newsletter each month.  If you’d like to have it sent to someone you know, please have them contact me and I’ll be happy to add their email address to the list.  If you’d like your name removed from the list please email me at and I’ll take care of it.


New Workshop Features

  As a result of a participant’s experience during the Oakland, CA workshop last June I’m adding a new exercise to the Exploring the Afterlife workshop.  As one of the retrieval exercises participants will be guided to retrieve a part of Self.  One of this month’s participant retrieval experiences shared below is basis for this new workshop feature.  I’ve changed the names of participants whose experiences I’m sharing, for their privacy.


Participant’s Retrieval of a part of Self

   Susan was having some difficulty learning to perceive There, she’s like me, often times I don’t “see” anything but blackness during the experience, but I know what the scene looks like if I could see it.  During the first of three retrieval exercises she successfully performed a retrieval, and understood what I meant by “knowing what it would look like if I could see.”  She been very disappointed up to that point, feeling like she just couldn’t learn to perceive There.

   During the retrieval exercises I normally look at each participant, physically, to get a feel for what’s going on.  I noticed Susan’s body physically trembling several times during the exercise, and felt a little concern.  She seemed to be okay, just a little mild shaking.  During our debriefing session that followed this exercise, she shared her experience and blew me away. 

   In that last of the three retrieval exercises she got her first clear visual of a Helper.  She describe the Helper as a female surrounded by glowing white light.  The Helper told her they were going to do something a little different that the two retrievals she just completed.  The Helper guided her to someone she instantly recognized as a “part of herself she’d walled off a long time ago.”  As she looked at the part of herself behind the clear wall, she knew everything about who it was, when she walled it off, the effects on her life.  With the Helper’s assistance she took that part of herself back into herself, if that makes any sense to you.  Susan said the feelings of that rejoining, that reunion, were impossible to describe.  She said her body was physically shaking throughout that experience due to the range of emotion, and that the joy was indescribable.

    Susan’s experience was the first retrieval of a part of self I’ve witnessed during any of my workshops.  Seeing the profound effect Susan’s experience had made me realize the importance to teaching others the techniques that could lead them to such an experience.  That’s why I’ve added it as a specific exercise to the workshop.


Participant Animal Retrievals

   In Melbourne, Australia I witnessed the first animal retrievals during a workshop.  The first was a small dog who didn’t realize he’d died and was so worried he done something wrong.  June, the workshop participant, helped the little dog to understand that the reason his master didn’t call him anymore, and the kids didn’t play “chase” with him anymore, was that he no longer had a physical body they could see.  The little dog expressed great relief that it wasn’t something he’d done wrong that had caused his family not to play with him anymore. 

   An interesting facet of this retrieval was that all my verbal guidance during the experience was intended to bring each participant to a human being needing retrieval.  In our debriefing session June explained that she didn’t get any impression of a Helper arriving at the beginning of the exercise.  Even though she wasn’t getting anything she decided just to “play along” when the Helper was to bring her to a ‘person needing retrieval.’  The next thing she knew there was a small white dog standing in front of her.  She saw the dog but was still looking for the ‘person’ she was to retrieve.  As the exercise continued she decided that since no person was showing up, she’d try to communicate with the dog.  It was then that she realized the dog was actually the “person.” 

   After helping the little guy understand his situation, June told him there was someone she’d like to introduce him to.  Facilitating a connection between the Helper and the “retrievee” is part of the retrieval exercise I teach in the workshop.  When she saw the Helper for the first time, also supposed to be a human being, a large white dog walked from behind her toward the little dog.  The two dogs introduced themselves to each other in the usual sniffing ritual dogs use.  When June followed the Helper as he took the little dog to “a better place” they landed in a huge pasture filled with other dogs and puppies romping around the field.  The little dog saw the others immediately and ran off to play.  There is a doggie Heaven!  Since this first animal retrieval I’ve witnessed several others during workshops, and not all of them have been dogs.


Participant’s Verified Retrieval Contact

   Steve attended the workshop in Sydney, Australia, and reported minimal visual contact during the retrieval exercises.  He was getting brief, indistinct images of people throughout each exercise, and successfully performed retrievals each time. 

  About two weeks after the workshop Steve emailed me to say he’d continued using the techniques after he returned home.  He decided to try to contact a cousin who died fifteen years ago as the result of suicide.  During the retrieval he, unexpectedly, first made contact with his deceased great aunt.  His aunt gave him a specific phrase she’d used to tease Steve’s mother when his mother was a little girl.  It was something Steve had no way of knowing beforehand. 

   After the contact with both his great aunt and his cousin, Steve called his mother on the phone to ask about the phrase.  His mother confirmed his great aunt teased her with that very phrase when she was a little girl.  Steve now has, through his own direct experience, confirmed the existence of our Afterlife.  He’s continuing to develop skill with the techniques he learned in the workshop and continuing to explore. 

   After the recent Russian submarine sinking Steve decided to try using the techniques to explore the submarine.   The information he gathered during his experience, like damage to the bow and quick death of many in that area of the ship, the listing of the sub to one side, and gathering of survivors in the stern of the sub, were all confirmed in later news reports. 

   From my experience Steve’s success at getting verification will continue the process of learning that eliminates old, blocking beliefs, and further improve his perceptual abilities.


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Hosting Workshops

   Several of you have expressed interest in hosting a workshop in your area.  I’d like to do whatever I can to help you do that.  One possibility is for me to put you in touch with others in your area who’ve expressed interest in attending a workshop.  If you can facilitate putting on a workshop for between ten and twenty people you attend for free and share in any profit.  If you’re interested please email me and I’ll help in whatever way I can to bring my workshop to your area.


That’s the September Workshop Newsletter.  I hope to hear from those of you interested in hosting a workshop and look forward to meeting some of you in person.