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October 2000

By Bruce Moen


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New Workshop Date Available Near Pensacola, Florida


††††††††† Those of you who live in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and the Carolinas now have workshop scheduled in your area.Maybe it will be an early Christmas present to yourself?††††


December 9-10 in Lillian, AL, contact Cam at: for details and to sign up.

Cam saysĒWe are located minutes from the gulf coast on beautiful Perdido Bay about 15 min. W of Pensacola, 45 min. E of Mobile, AL and about 4 hrs. E of New Orleans and 8 hrs from Central FL and 5 hrs from Atlanta, GA... If you are interested please respond via e-mail we have camping cabins and RV/Tent spaces available on site and motels close by prices are in the range of $50.00 per night

Other Workshop Dates


October 21-22 in Seattle, Washington.Contact Joe Meboe at for and to sign up.

††††††††††† Joe says, Bruce will be spending the week in Seattle (Bellevue, actually) prior to the long-awaited Seattle Workshop on October 21-22.†† I have arranged for him to speak at three public libraries and at the Issaquah Barnes & Noble store. We hope to get some publicity with the regional newspapers out of that appearance.Bruce's appearance schedule can be accessed from the Seattle Workshop page at

November 11-12 in Denver, Colorado.Contact Bruce Moen at for details and to sign up.There are still four spaces available for this workshop.


Whatís in a Workshop?

To let you know some of the things participants learn in my workshop Iíve added a new section to this newsletter.Each month Iíll talk a little about whatís in a workshop.Folks often ask how we can perceive within nonphysical realities like the Afterlife, so this month my topic is:


Imagination as a means of perception

Someone once told St. Joan of Arc that the voices she heard were only in her imagination, to which she is said to have replied, ďOf course, that is where you hear them.ĒOne of the most important concepts to grasp in Afterlife communication is the use of imagination as a means of perception.

A few deep relaxing breaths, and a consciousness-boosting form of energy gathering prepare you for nonphysical perception.In an eyes-closed exercise designed to teach the use of imagination as a means of perception I ask folks to remember people, places or things.In the debriefing after this exercise people describe seeing mindís-eye images of the things they remembered.The image quality usually ranges from crystal clear, full color, holographic movies, to brief flashes of fuzzy, barely discernable black and white still pictures.††

Many are surprised when I explain that they have just described the full range of what I mean when I write in one of my books that I saw a deceased person doing something.They have just experienced using their imagination as a sense of sight and itís exactly the same way I visually perceive while exploring within the Afterlife.Sometimes, rarely, my nonphysical visual perception looks indistinguishable from the physical world, and more often I see brief flashes of fuzzy images I can barely make out.From my exploration experiences Iíve come to understand that the quality of the images you see have no bearing on the quality of information you can know from your images.Participants also learn to use imagination as a nonphysical sense of hearing, taste, touch, smell and knowing.There workshop exercises to help you directly experience each of these.


Past Workshop Participant Experiences


ďMaryísĒ Experience

In the debriefing session after a retrieval exercise in a workshop in Sydney, Australia Mary commented that she had expected to have only vague impressions of anything.When she asked for a Helper to come at the beginning of the exercise she was shocked when a clown in full costume walked toward her out of the surrounding darkness and stood next to her.Mary describe him as having a big red nose and pink hair sticking out of the bowler hat that sat on his head.He wore big boots, baggy trousers, a spotted shirt, a big bow tie and full clown makeup.

When she asked the clown to take her to someone who needed retrieval Mary felt a sense of movement and then found herself in a hospital room she felt might have been in Childrenís Hospital in Sydney.She could plainly see a small boy on a hospital bed that had a curtain drawn around it.She said he was a thin, frail, dark-haired boy named Jamie.In a conversation with the boy she learned that heíd gotten so sick he was no longer allowed to go to school or play with his friends.When he got sicker he was put into the hospital.

Mary said the boy didnít tell her what came next, but that she somehow knew that his parents, especially his mother, were very distraught over his approaching death.The mother had repeated told Jamie not to leave her before he died.

Jamie pointed to the medical equipment surrounding his hospital bed and told her that the doctors had turned all off switches and that his mother had left the room.He didnít realize heíd died and didnít leave because his mother told him not to.It was at that point that Mary understood how Jamie was stuck in Focus 23 after he died.He was doing his best obey his motherís demand that he not leave, but he was confused about why she hadnít come back to his room to visit him anymore.

Mary then explained that something gave her the idea to invite Jamie to a party, and after a little cajoling, he agreed go.When she told him it was okay for him to slide down from the bed he did so and she decided it was time to introduce Jamie to the Helper, the clown.She expected Jamie would be excited to see the clown and was surprised when he seemed afraid of the clown as he approached.The clown stopped, bowed deeply and removed his hat, revealing a baby chick that was standing on his head, peeping.That was so extraordinary Jamie smiled and was no longer afraid of the clown.The clown stepped forward, took Jamieís hand, and the two of them started walking toward the door to leave the hospital room.

Mary followed them down the hospital hall toward the elevator and waited with them for it to arrive.When the elevator doors opened she followed them in and stood behind Jamie and the clown to see where they would go and what they would do next.She said she expected that when the doors closed elevator would go up, toward Heaven but it didnít, it went down.She became concerned about the implications of the elevator going down, I suspect because of her beliefs about Heaven and Hell.

When the elevator stopped, the doors opened onto a bright, sunny, green expanse of lawn filled with dogs and goats, ducks and bunnies, and other children playing and having fun at a big party.A little dog walked up to the elevatorís open door and Mary said Jamie seemed to know the dog and the dog seemed to know Jamie.When the little dog turned back toward the party Jamie followed him out of the elevator.

Mary then took the opportunity to learn more about our Afterlife by asking the Helper/Clown if it was common for children to get stuck after they died.The Clown explained that since children are so familiar and comfortable with fantasy they very seldom get stuck.In Jamieís case it was his desire to obey his motherís instruction that he stay that caused him to become stuck after he died.

Iíve not had any further contact with Mary, but if she does a little detective work at the Sydney Childrenís Hospital she may discover that a little boy fitting Jamieís description may have indeed been a patient there.Other details like the room and equipment surrounding Jamieís hospital bed may give some level of verification.If she managed to find Jamieís parents her description of Jamie might be further evidence.In my experience itís often the little, seemingly insignificant details that end up providing the strongest evidence.For example, if Jamie had a little dog that and fits the description of the one who met Jamie at the elevator, it could be more evidence that this Afterlife contact was real.


ďPeterísĒ Experience

Peter, a computer programmer, attended a two and a half hour introductory version of the workshop in Sydney, Australia.When he asked for a nonphysical Helper to assist him at the beginning of the retrieval exercise he didnít perceive her arrival.When he asked this Helper to guide him to someone in the Afterlife he found himself standing in a dark alley looking at a young woman who was sitting on the ground with her back against the wall of a building.In their conversation she told him her name was Valerie, that she was sixteen years old, and that sheíd lived in Green Valley, a suburb of Sydney.When Peter asked Valerie how she died he saw a scene in which she injected herself with a fatal overdose of heroin.Later, as Peter described this scene in the debriefing session after the exercise, he was visibly shaken by remembering that scene.

After gathering information from Valerie, Peterís next task in the exercise was to introduce her to the nonphysical Helper.When he told Valerie there was someone he wanted to introduce her to, the Helper came into view for the first time.He described the Helper as a woman who appeared to be a bright white light and gave off the feeling of a loving mother.When Valerie saw the Helper she stood up and followed her, leaving her backpack and drug kit on the ground.

Peter followed Valerie and the Helper through empty blackness until a sunlit field came into view.Valeria seemed to recognize three young woman who were picnicking in the open field.They jumped up and began waving their arms and calling to her.Peter said he had the feeling these were friends of Valerieís who had previously died and were there to welcome her into her new life in the Afterlife.

If Peter investigates the information he gathered during his experience, if he finds that a sixteen year old girl from Green Valley named Valerie died of a heroin overdose, he will have evidence that his contact with her was real.


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Hosting Workshops

†† If youíre interest in hosting a workshop in your area Iíd like to do whatever I can to help you do that.One possibility is for me to put you in touch with others in your area whoíve expressed interest in attending a workshop.If you can facilitate putting on a workshop for between ten and twenty people you attend for free and share in any profit.If youíre interested please email me and Iíll help in whatever way I can to bring my workshop to your area.


Thatís the October Workshop Newsletter.I hope to hear from those of you interested in hosting a workshop and look forward to meeting some of you in person in Denver, Seattle and in Lillian, Alabama.