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November 2000

By Bruce Moen


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New Workshop Date Available Near Pensacola, Florida


November 11-12 in Denver, Colorado.  Contact Bruce Moen at for details and to sign up.  We have room for several more participants for this workshop and if you’re interested in attending I’d love to have you here.


November 18-19 in the Boston area, contact  Grace at   This workshop has about 14 people who have sent in their deposit to register and there is room for perhaps a couple more.


December 2-3 in Toronto, contact   Loretta and/or Susan; email:; Mesg centre tel: 416-259-2829; fax: 416-259-2128.  Quite a number of people have expressed interest in attending this workshop, but few have sent in their refundable $50 deposit to confirm they will be attending.  We need to get a count of those actually planning to attend as soon as we can so, if you’re planning to attend please contact Loretta and/or Susan to let them know. 


December 9-10 in Lillian, AL, (near Pensacola, FL) contact Cam at: for details and to sign up.  We would very much appreciate it if those of you planning to attend would contact Cam regarding your refundable deposit.

Cam says”  We are located minutes from the gulf coast on beautiful Perdido Bay about 15 min. W of Pensacola, 45 min. E of Mobile, AL and about 4 hrs. E of New Orleans and 8 hrs from Central FL and 5 hrs from Atlanta, GA... If you are interested please respond via e-mail we have camping cabins and RV/Tent spaces available on site and motels close by prices are in the range of $50.00 per night

The Seattle Workshop is Completed


October 21-22 in Seattle, Washington, Joe Meboe at hosted my workshop in Seattle.  The new “retrieval of a part of self” exercise was debuted in this workshop with incredible, evolving results.  One of this month’s Workshop Participant stories is the story of one participant’s retrieval of a part of self.  I have one other retrieval of a part of self participant experience to share, perhaps in the next Newsletter.


What’s in a Workshop?

To let you know some of the things participants learn in my workshop I’ve added this section to this newsletter.  Each month I’ll talk a little about what’s in a workshop.  We can use more than our rational, thinking mind to explore beyond physical reality.  This month my topic is:


Heart Intelligence

We are all probably familiar with using our mental capacity, our logical, rational, thinking “brain”, but some of us are not use to using the intelligence of our heart.   Yet, experience has shown that we can ask questions and receive answers while focusing our attention on our heart.  This month’s second participant experience story is one like this.

By first learning to sense when the attention is focused at the heart or elsewhere, participants experience holding their attention at the heart.  They learn to use the power of Love to bring answers to questions they’ve been holding inside themselves for a long time.

While Heart Intelligence can be used for any question, the answers can come in ways different than logic.  Images, feelings, impressions, holographic learning experiences, and many other ways can be used by Heart Intelligence to bring the answers to conscious awareness.  The experience of a woman I’ll call “CO” illustrates graphically what I mean. Her story is below after Erika’s.



Seattle Workshop Participant Experiences


Erika's Power, A Retrieving Part of Self Experience


A new Retrieving Part of Self exercise was debuted in my recent workshop.  In a previous workshop a participant spontaneously experienced a retrieval and reintegration of a part of herself that she described as having "walled off" many years ago.  The results had such a powerful, healing effect on her that I decided to try to create an exercise in the workshop that might guide others to a similar experience.


This retrieval exercise relies heavily on the assistance of nonphysical Helpers.  In fact, it's an exercise in which some people will encounter things in their experience which may lead to a big time belief system crash.  Others may describe their experience during this exercise as a non-experience.  Either is a good outcome in my opinion.  It's my feeling that our Helpers and Guidance only lead us to conscious perception of only as much of a belief system crash as we can handle.  For those who would say they had a non-experience during this exercise, perhaps the retrieval of a part of self is done at a subconscious level.  Perhaps the contact of that experience will be released into conscious awareness in small doses.  Perhaps it was just an exercise in which nothing happened, I have no way of knowing and that's okay. 


As I said before, this exercise relies heavily on Guidance and perhaps direct input from our Higher Self, Disk or I/There.   Without such guidance for the participant during the experience I'm not certain how else it could be easily accomplished.  The part of self to be retrieved in this exercise could be anything from one stuck after death in a previous lifetime, to an aspect of self created during the present lifetime.  During my most recent workshop three people out of a total of nine participants experienced a retrieval of an aspect of themselves.  Erika's experience in this workshop demonstrates the both the healing potential, and potential for turmoil that can result from such an experience.  She has graciously allowed me to retell her story here, and as she continues to progress through this process of reintegration she may be willing to share more.  This is such a personal and private experience I'm feeling it is a great privilege for us that she is willing to share any of it.  Here's Erika's story so far.  I'll add to this story in future posts and articles in the Workshop Newsletter for as long as she's willing to share it.


  At the beginning of the retrieval exercise Erika asked for a Helper to come.  She then heard a voice say, "I am here" coming from insider her.  This voice seemed to be a part of her that wanted to help her.  She didn't feel comfortable with the Helper's voice coming from inside her and expressed this to the Helper.  The voice then said that two more Helpers could there with her.  According to Erika, "That is when the light beings came.  I remember feeling very connected to them from the beginning.  It wasn't like when the other helpers (who) came during the other retrievals." 


These two very bright Light Beings Erika described as feeling neither male nor female, just Light.  The Light Beings stood slightly behind and on either side of Erika, and with them there she felt a sense of security.  When she asked these Helpers to guide her to a part of self needing retrieval, at first she felt like she was going somewhere, but could only see blackness surrounding her.  As a scene came into view she found herself standing in a field, looking at a big, heavy door that had been slid open to reveal the opening to a cave.  Erika and the Helpers approached the opening and entered the cave.


She described that it was red inside the cave and she could see jewels piled high on the floor of it.  Most of these jewels were red and there were some gold ones also.  The cave opening led to a tunnel and she began walking through the tunnel with the Light Beings moving along behind her.  As she proceeded she continued to pass large piles of the red and gold jewels.  At the end of the tunnel Erika walked into a big room with more of the jewels piled high on the floor of the room.


 She then saw a throne in front of her and a King, wearing a crown and dressed in royal robes appeared, sitting on the throne.  Another throne appeared, and then a Queen, also wearing a crown and dressed in royal robes appeared, sitting on this second throne.  As she looked at them she realized that the King and Queen were her "Power."  She remembered creating them during her present lifetime when she was between the ages 2 and  4 years old.  She remembered that it had been too hard to keep her own Power at that age and deal with the rest of her life.  So she had created the King and Queen to hold it for her and sealed them in the cave.  After this realization she knew it was time for she and the King and Queen, her Power, to be reunited.  The King and Queen stood up from their thrones and walked to where Erika was standing.  They kissed her cheeks and then one by one each put their crown upon her head.  They removed their royal robes, put them around Erika, and then "just kind of came into" her.   


Erika then saw that there was now only one throne and she walked to it and sat down.  Sitting there, her first thought was, "what am I going to do with all these jewels?"  A whirlwind suddenly began and she, both Light Being Helpers, an all the jewels were picked up.  The two Light Being Helpers then assisted Erika in sprinkling the jewels over all the people in her life and every situation that had occurred since she had created the King and Queen as a child.  When they were done she turned to her Light Being Helpers feeling overpowering love for them.  She hugged both Light Being Helpers feeling great love and deep gratitude.  Before she parted from the Helpers they said, "Now, don't be a stranger," and then she returned to the workshop and opened her eyes.


When I contacted Erika via email two days after the workshop she reported that things were pretty chaotic the first day after the workshop, and she was working at "pulling herself together."   She realized these feelings were probably a result of her workshop experience and expressed confidence she would be able to pull herself together.  Her choice of words were for me a graphic description of the process of reintegrating her identity after the experience of retrieving her "Own Power."


In an email one week after the workshop Erika said it is hard to describe how she is doing.  "I feel depressed, yet still have a lot of hope without expectations about how things are going to be different."  She went no to say,  "Here's something interesting that I've noticed:  Up until last week I had been putting things that I wanted to get rid of in a pile in our garage.  A few days ago I knew it was the time to really get rid of the pile.  So yesterday and today I have been collecting all the other items out of our house that I don't want anymore and adding them to the pile until the donation truck picks it up.  I can't help but think that what I am doing in my house is a mirror image of what is going on inside me.  I do feel like I am discharging something, and that the process is not yet over."


Erika's understanding of the mirroring of her physical life events and the reintegration of her power speaks volumes about the process.  She continued describing things in her life now that may be part of this reintegration process:


"Another interesting thing is that some old health problems came back this week.  Maybe they are also reappearing until I discharge them properly or deal with them in a better way.  Probably one of the most soothing things I did this week was going out to an organic farm with (my two young sons).  We picked a wheelbarrow full of fresh and free vegetables plus pumpkins for carving. I am anxious to see what the next month will be like.


Gathering "fresh and free vegetables plus pumpkins for caving" and the soothing quality, to me points to part of the process of getting to know this part of self that she retrieved.  In some ways I reminds me of the Biblical passages that speak about the need to be born again.


Erika ended her latest email by saying, "feel free to put it (her experience) on your website and in your newsletter.  I hope that it is helpful to someone who reads it. 


I want to thank Erika for her willingness to share such a personal and powerful experience with the rest of us.   Perhaps through sharing her experience others will recognize something in their own life experience.  Perhaps it may help trigger such experiences for some of you who read this story of Erika regaining her Power.


“CO’s” Heart Intelligence Experience

CO’s son died unexpectedly in a car crash around the beginning of this year.  As we began the Heart Intelligence exercise I asked each participant to be prepared to ask a question that has been with them for a long time.  During the debriefing after the exercise CO described what happened.

As she focused her attention on her heart there was a question she wanted to ask so desperately, but she was almost too afraid to ask it.  She wanted to know where her son was and if he was all right.  As we approached the point in the guided meditation she would ask her question she gathered her courage and asked the question that was in her heart.

She described that when she asked where her son was and how he was doing he suddenly appeared to her.  He looked bright and healthy and like he was doing very well.  There was evidently a short period of lost time during her experience, probably due to a click out.  She said that she is certain what she saw was not just a memory of her son, but that it was actually contact with him.  She could feel his presence in a way that told her this contact with him was absolutely real. 

This Heart Intelligence exercise took place within the first two hours of the workshop.  CO said that for her the experience of contacting her son was enough that she felt that every penny she spent on coming to the workshop was worth it for that one experience.  And that if nothing else happened for the rest of the workshop she felt she’d already gotten her money’s worth.

It made me happy to see where CO’s experience went from that point through the rest of the workshop.  It is my wish that others could feel the certainty of CO’s contact with her son in their own experience just by reading this.


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Hosting Workshops

   If you’re interest in hosting a workshop in your area I’d like to do whatever I can to help you do that.  One possibility is for me to put you in touch with others in your area who’ve expressed interest in attending a workshop.  If you can facilitate putting on a workshop for between ten and twenty people you attend for free and share in any profit.  If you’re interested please email me and I’ll help in whatever way I can to bring my workshop to your area.


That’s the November Workshop Newsletter.  I hope to hear from those of you interested in hosting a workshop and look forward to meeting some of you in person in Denver, Boston, Toronto and in Lillian, Alabama.