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December 2000

By Bruce Moen


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Upcoming Workshops


January 27-28 in Northern Virginia, Fairfax area.  Contact Hanh at  (note: there is an underscore in this email address so it’s Hany_Nguyen) for details and to sign up.


February 10-11 near Flagstaff, Arizona.  Contact Marsha at for details and to sign up. 


A Workshop in Europe?


My list of folks interested in attending a workshop in Europe has grown to close to forty people.  The majority of people are located in Great Britain, with others in Sweden, Germany, Holland, a few other countries.  All we need to bring my workshop to Europe is someone to host it and approximately fifteen to twenty people to sign up to attend.  If you might be interested in hosting my workshop in Europe let me know via email at   If more than one of you in Europe is interested in hosting the workshop, I’ll put all the names in a hat and draw one as the host.  The host of the workshop attends free in exchange for making some arrangements for the workshop.  Also, to help keep costs down I often bunk in at the host’s home.


What’s in a Workshop?

To let you know some of the things participants learn in my workshop I’ve added this section to this newsletter.  Each month I’ll talk a little about what’s in a workshop.  We can use more than our rational, thinking mind to explore beyond physical reality.  This month my topic is:


Energy Gathering

This is a simple technique that’s similar to putting a flashlight on a battery charger, but the flashlight is your awareness and the energy is consciousness.  It can be used at any time you wish to add more clarity and power to your awareness.  This technique is similar to the REBAL exercise taught in Monroe Institute programs.

The exercise begins by setting down, closing your eyes, and intentionally relaxing.  Participants learn to use three, slow, deep relaxing breaths, or as many as needed until they note some change in their level of relaxation.  You don’t have to relax so deeply that you fall asleep, just until you can feel any change in your level of relaxation.

You begin Energy Gathering by first thinking about a vast pool of clean, clear, bright, shiny, sparkling energy below you.  It is not required that you “see” this pool of energy, just that you think about it.  Then, focus your attention at the bottoms of your feet and as you slowly breath in, pretend you are breathing that energy into your body through the bottoms of your feet.

As you continue breathing in, pretend this energy is rising up through your body until at the top of your slow, deep breath the energy arrives at the top of your head.  As you exhale, pretend this energy flows up out the top of your head, turns downward, and then showers down around your body, toward your feet.  On your next inhaling breath, breathe the energy showering down around you, and more energy from the pool below you, into your body, through the bottoms of your feet.

Sounds a little silly doesn’t it.  But if you do this exercise you may notice feelings or sensations at the bottoms of your feet that indicate the flow of “something.”  And with practice one can learn to experience Energy Gathering as a continuous flow of the energy of consciousness through one’s body.  Practice this one.  It’s used before every exercise in my workshop and folks remark about the boost it gives their awareness.


Workshop Participant Experiences


Cathy’s Experience: Another Verified Afterlife Contact


Cathy’s son Daniel died unexpectedly three weeks before she attended the workshop in Boston.  She came with the clear intent to contact Daniel during the workshop to be certain he was okay.  During their contact Daniel gave his mom a message for his dad, Jeff, a message about an “special section” that would be published in the New York Times newspaper on Monday, the day after the workshop.  That “special section” turned out to be an unmistakable message to Jeff from his deceased son. 


Cathy’s Description

I attended Bruce's Afterlife Communication Workshop in the Boston area on Nov. 18&19, in a state of desperation. My only son, Dan, had just been killed in an auto accident on Oct. 28 in California. Fortunately, I was with Dan for the week before his death, having gone to L.A. to be there with him for his 22nd birthday---Oct. 21st.

From the moment of his death and in the following days, I saw Dan in my dreams, and felt his presence near me when I was "awake", however, I NEEDED to see and talk with him in the AFTERLIFE and to know that he was happy. During the Workshop, Bruce taught us how to accomplish that communication. It was so startling! It was so simple! While I was "out there" with Dan, I asked him to give me a sign for Jeff, his Dad. Dan pulled that one off with flying colors! He specifically said to me, "Tell Dad I put a 'Special Section' in The New York Times for him in tomorrow's paper." (The NYT is like oxygen to Jeff--he inhales every word of it first thing in the morning). Our Workshop communication was on Sunday---that night, after the workshop, I phoned Jeff and he said the most incredible thing had happened with a particular candle we had burning in front of Dan's recent graduation photograph (UCLA 2000)---it started, "crackling and sparking", as Jeff said, "like fireworks."---oh, Dan was the youngest person ever to be given membership into The Western Pyrotechnical Association. I told Jeff to check out the NYT in the morning for "something special" from Dan.

Monday, I left Sudbury, Mass to drive back to the Philly area. To say the least, I wanted to see a copy of the NYT. Every store I went into was sold-out! As I drove down I-95, I kept talking with Dan---I'd say, "Okay, Honey, I'm going to turn on the radio--send me a message!" He did, every single time. Finally, right before I hit the NY/Conn border, I said, "Dan, where can I find a copy of the NYT?" As though he were sitting in the car with me, he answered, "On the next corner in a machine, and Mom, I put something in the crossword puzzle for you, too!" (I start my day with the NYT crossword puzzle--always looking for messages, of course, Dan used to always laugh at me for it!).

In short, there was a "Special Section" in the NYT for Jeff--an actual SPECIAL SECTION, entitled, GIVING. It was pages long about how to help out the less fortunate in your community and in the world. The night before, when Jeff was home and I was up in Mass. (Ed: at the workshop), Jeff became overwhelmed with Dan's death, but he determined to turn it into something good, something that would help kids in need---kid's who don't have parents or the great advantages that Dan was fortunate enough to have. When he opened his NYT Monday morning he KNEW he had gotten his message from Dan!

And what was my crossword puzzle? Fourth Estate (Press)--Dan was intending on becoming an International Journalist, he'd been writing and published since age 13; Newsman Rather (Dan); Japanese fighter (Ninja)--Dan majored in Japanese Language and Literature, graduating summa cum laude. I used to call him, "Ninja Dan"---Easy-to-catch hit (pop up)--Dan was a mega baseball fan and player; but most importantly, there was Expert (guru)--his first word, when he was just months old was: "GURU."

Phew! I know this is a very lengthy post, but I feel it is very important to share these experiences exactly as they happened. I cannot find words adequate enough to express my deepest gratitude to Bruce Moen for his books, his website, but most of all, his Workshop.



Janice’s Heart, A Retrieving Part of Self Experience


A new Retrieving Part of Self exercise was done for the third time in the Boston workshop, beautifully hosted by Grace DiMauro.  This exercise continues to demonstrate the sometimes overwhelming power of retrieving a part of ourselves, and the tremendous effort it can be to reclaim who we are and reintegrate parts of our Self we’ve left behind.


Janice attended the Boston workshop and experienced retrieving parts of her heart she had been forced by life circumstances to leave behind.  Her account of her experience is below and I’ve edited just a little in the interest of her privacy.


Janice’s Retrieval of an Aspect of Self Description


This is probably one of the toughest things I have written about because I haven't processed it all yet, it may takes months to realize all the implications. I have a lot of conflicting emotions. Sometimes, I get sad, other times mad, confused, doubtful, name it. The emotions I feel quite a lot are confusion and anxiety.

After I got the "hang" of exploring, I quickly settled into this next exercise, retrieving an aspect of myself, and settled on the floor surrounded by my new friends. I can't remember everything Bruce said in the beginning of this guided exercise, actually, I don't remember any of it now. I only remember the experience, which is pretty cool considering in the first exercise I couldn't get past his voice. Also, this third time, I didn't seem to have much control, it was a very spontaneous thing.

I remember asking for my guides to come and help me retrieve an aspect of myself. I had no idea what this REALLY meant. So I was pretty comfortable and open to whatever happened. I was suddenly back home at my apartment, sitting at my table. I looked over and there was this guide, John, who was so elusive, but suddenly John became Donny! A fellow workshop participant! I said, "Donny! What the hell are you doing here?!" as I smiled happily! He just raised his eyebrows and shrugged an "I dunno!" Wendy (Ed: one of Janice’s recurring Helpers or Guides) was sitting directly across from him. She was in her usual purple garb and as always spoke not a word. So I so, "ok, let's go." 


I told them we had to go out through the living room because the kids were in the back end of the house, and I didn't want to disturb them. So out we went to my balcony and Wendy took one hand, John/Donny took the other and off we stepped the balcony into thin air. Uhhhhhh, heeeellllo! I live on the second floor! As I realized we were floating, I started to think this was gonna be fun! I could see my whole neighborhood! It was dusk, almost night.

We started moving. When I realized where we were going I freaked out a little bit. We were headed right up over the trees and as the crow flies to my old house where Joey and I lived together.  I moved out of that house as soon as he died. I said  "Hey! Hey!!! Hey wait! I don't wanna go there! I'm afraid of THERE!" Well, tough shit for me I guess because they didn't say anything, just kept flying me "Peter Pan" style to my old house. It was so weird and wonderful to see like a bird and feel the absolute freedom of my spirit!

I don't know how to explain the sudden shift in my emotion that happened next. One minute I was floating off my porch, the next feeling happy and fun, the next nervous, then all of a sudden I felt the most intense sense of URGENCY!  We were no longer floating blimp like along, and as we soared through the door and down the cellar stairs, John/Donny and Wendy were no longer holding my hands, they didn't have to. I knew instinctively what I had to do. I was filled with such a rush of urgency and purpose! I looked around quickly and saw a very young girl, probably 8, 9 or 10 maybe. She was huddled up in a fetal ball on cold stone floor of the cellar with a red cloak on and a hood, kind of like Wendy's, but red. She was crouched there hiding, but she was in plain sight to me! She peaked ever so slowly out of the corner of her eye around the hood and I saw the outline of her face. It was MY face! HOLY SHIT MAN! I ran to her and I knew I needed to take her with me! She started to run away! I freaked out again! I didn't want to lose her but feared in my forceful urgency that I was frightening her so badly that she would get away. I soften as much as I could and told her "No, no, please don't run away. I
won't hurt you. I am part of you, and you me! I want you to come with me, please! PLEASE!" I didn't give her a whole lot of opportunity to change her mind because I GRABBED her and that's when I heard Bruce's voice saying look an opening, like a doorway of some kind, but I had already spotted a window that I felt had  to be my doorway. It opened up and expanded as soon as I grabbed this little me. It was full of white/yellow light. I got the surge of feeling that I had aspects of myself left all over that house and the property! I began to feel very, very sad. My heart ached with the pain of the knowledge of losing such a beautiful and vital part of myself, and at the same time joyously sang at the love I felt for her, this little girl, and having her back with me! I was just flooded with all these emotions! I felt the tears running down my face and I felt the


I started to feel the room around me but the grip of this retrieval has me tight. I fought
back the sobs fearing I would disturb other participants. I returned my full attention to my guides and the girl. Wendy and Donny/John and I and the girl took hands, or bonded, or something, and we zoomed out through the window and up, up into the night and into the yard surrounding the house. I could feel aspects of myself EVERYWHERE! Oh GOD! It was awful!!!!!  It was awful because I knew I couldn't get them all. I felt like I was trying to save all the people I loved the most in the world from a fire at the same time and
desperately knew I was going to fail and lose some of them! The torture of that feeling! But a choice had to be made. I got a strong sense of someone way in the back of the yard, down by the trees. I flew over there and there she was. A full grown version of me sitting on the root of a tree grown out of the ground that wound around and back into the earth again forming a chair. She was a couple of feet down an embankment that led down to a deep ravine and was all trees and darkness. I extended my hand and pulled her up and out onto the lawn. The three of us stood there, in the night, with John/Donny and Wendy encircling us.


As I stood there flooded to the brim with emotion of sorrow, of loss, of joy and a million feelings I can't put into words if I tried for a hundred years, as we stood, they (the two aspects I retrieved) each opened their hands and extended their palms out to me. As the moonlight illuminated their hands, I saw each girl had a beautiful perfect little pearl.  I knew that those pearls were beautiful pieces of my heart that they kept for me. I knew the shocking paradox of love and hate, bitterness and joy, freedom and captivity in an instant. The three of us joined hands as I accepted their gifts for me, and as we did, as our hands
became like one, a great beam of white light shot out from the earth between us and high into the heavens. In an explosion of love we all, including Wendy and John/Donny, hugged and hugged and the two that were me, melted into me. I don't remember any more of the scene after that, I think I just couldn't hold on any longer. My eyes opened and my heart exploded. I was breathless with the PAIN! I had to get out of that room and I had to get out fast. As quietly as I could I stepped over the other participants who ALL were still busily exploring their experience. I ran to the bathroom and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed!

My first reactions were how could I have let Joey do this to me?  How could I have let him cause me so much pain that I lost those two beautiful parts of myself? I was wracked with the implications of it all! I couldn't have imagined this! I couldn't have made it up! It was real. It was shaking me to my soul and I was falling apart! I went outside to breathe the air , hoping desperately for some sort of stability. I was so out of it that I had to have someone walk me to the door that I had been in and out of a hundred times in the two days of the workshop.  When I sat down in the cold night air of the New England November, I was so sad. A million questions raced through my mind. How? Why? How? How could I let this happen? What was I going to do about the rest of the aspects of
myself there? What if I had aspects of myself all over the place? How the hell was I going to find them all? How would I handle this mentally? Oh my GOD! How could Joey hurt me so bad? How could he hurt me so bad, then say he loves me, then just kill himself and leave me here so LOST? How could God allow this to happen?
As I sat there filling up tissues, I began to get answers. Very clear, very simple, concise answers. How could it happen? I had to drop those parts of me, otherwise, I never could've survived that relationship. I remember how lost I knew I was becoming in the violence of the drug induced rages Joey would experience. I could never leave my kids, he knew it. So I would always try to escape the hours and hours long onslaught of verbal and sometimes physical abuse. I would run to the cellar and just cry and cry and cry begging him to stop. I would cry out to God for help.  And my God how I just felt like shit and wanted to die! He made me feel so awful and I kept allowing it to happen! When would it all end? How much more could I take? The little girl in the cellar was my innocence, for there came a day, that when I climbed back up those cellar stairs, I knew what I was getting myself into, to some extent, but had no choice, because I loved him. She took that piece of my heart and protected my innocence.

The second girl that hid in the yard, sitting on the tree at the ravine, was in the exact same place I went one night to escape the onslaught once again. I remember so vividly wishing he would think I ran away and would just leave so I could flea with my kids. I couldn't understand how he could cage me like he was. I couldn't understand why I could still love him. I couldn't understand how crazy things had become. I couldn't understand anything it seemed. I just know I felt so desperately lost and alone. I was afraid. I am not sure what her pearl signifies, but I feel it is something yet to be discovered and integrated. I feel that pearl is somehow connected to my sense of freedom once again in this life. The thing in me that keeps me going  and moving toward change even though I am scared to death of it. But I can't peg for sure what her pearl meant. I have yet to discover that.

I shared this experience with the group, and gladly share it to anyone who cares enough to seek it out. It rocked my world to say the least. I have felt very anxious since then, but I have made plans to leave this place. I am moving, to start again. To go where people only see what I am, not what I was. I am going to find the rest of my life.  Somewhere there is a little white horse, freshly turned out, picking up the scent of the mountains and
the rain.

Rosalie’s Retrieval of a man stuck since 1929


During the Denver workshop Rosalie retrieved a man who was stuck after death in a way I’ve never seen before.  It’s an example of how a person can create an afterlife reality for themselves and then get stuck there for a very long time.


At the beginning of the retrieval exercise Rosalie found herself standing on a stage in a huge concert hall with seats for perhaps 1,500 people.  Not far from a grand piano she saw a man was lying face down on the stage.  After introducing herself to the man the story of how he got himself stuck became clear.  He’d been walking onto the stage to play the piano in front of a packed house when he had a heart attack and died, but this man didn’t realize he’d died.  It all happened so fast he believed he’d somehow tripped and fallen, face first, on the stage in front of all those people who had come to hear him play.  He was so embarrassed to have done this that he refused to get up off the floor out of his fear the people would laugh at him.  That concert took place in 1929 and he was still lying there, too embarrassed to get up.


Realizing his predicament, Rosalie bent down and introduced herself, then asked the man if he could hear anyone laughing at him.  She could plainly see that the audience had all left and that she and the man were the only ones in the building.  When she remarked that it looked to her like everyone had left, the man lifted his head just enough to look at the empty seats for himself.  Realizing the audience had gone, the man was willing to stand up.  Rosalie and the Helper who had come to assist him them took the man to a better place.  I still marvel at some of the strange ways folks can get stuck after death.


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Hosting Workshops

   If you’re interest in hosting a workshop in your area I’d like to do whatever I can to help you do that.  One possibility is for me to put you in touch with others in your area who’ve expressed interest in attending a workshop.  If you can facilitate putting on a workshop for between ten and twenty people you attend for free and share in any profit.  If you’re interested please email me and I’ll help in whatever way I can to bring my workshop to your area.


That’s the December Workshop Newsletter.  I hope to hear from those of you interested in hosting a workshop and look forward to meeting some of you in person in Virginia and Arizona soon.