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Retrieval with Verification In This Issue! Workshop Newsletter

January 2001

By Bruce Moen


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Upcoming Workshops


February 31- March 1 in Northern Virginia, Fairfax area.Hanh is hosting his second workshop!He did a marvelous job with the first one and the next one is going to be great.Contact Hanh at there is an underscore in this email address so itís Hany_Nguyen) for details and to sign up.


February 9-10-11 near Flagstaff, Arizona.Contact Marsha at for details and to sign up.


March 3-4, 2001 Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in Lillian, AL (across the river from Pensacola.)Cam is hosting her second workshop!Cam, Bobby & Denise did put on a great workshop in a very nice facility the first time around, this one will be great too.The setting is beautiful and allows some of the exercises to be done outdoors, a great advantage for this location. "We are located minutes from the gulf coast on beautiful Perdido Bay about 15 min. W of Pensacola, 45 min. E of Mobile, AL and about 4 hrs. E of New Orleans and 8 hrs from Central FL and 5 hrs from Atlanta, GA. If you are interested please respond via e-mail. We have camping cabins and RV/Tent spaces available on site and motels close by prices are in the range of $50.00 per night." Cutoff date for cancellation/refunds is February 17, 2001.


April 20,21,22, 2001, Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in Miami, Florida; contact Donna or Jack at or by phone at 305-235-0297 to register and/or receive the details. Cutoff date for cancellation/refunds is April 7, 2001.

May 19-20 2001, Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in Indianapolis, Indiana; contact Judy at to register and/or receive the details. Cutoff date for cancellation/refunds is May 3, 2001.

July 27-29, 2001,Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in Ireland;23 miles from Dublin;

For Registration information, schedule and details contact Bruce Moen


A Workshop in Europe?


Yes!The first workshop in Europe is scheduled to take place in Ireland, near Dublin, the weekend of July 27-29.Any of you in the Europe who might consider attending, please email Bruce Moen at: for more information.

Whatís in a Workshop?

To let you know some of the things participants learn in my workshop Iíve added this section to this newsletter.Each month Iíll talk a little about whatís in a workshop.We can use more than our rational, thinking mind to explore beyond physical reality.This month my topic is:


Feeling Love

So often I talk about the power of Pure Unconditional Love and in the workshop there are several exercises that demonstrate using Love in retrievals and in other situations.Feeling Love, not thinking about it but Feeling it, can automatically open oneís awareness beyond its normal limits.One of the ways around the perceptual blocks that can hamper oneís Afterlife exploration is to cause yourself to Feel Love.Just Feeling Love during a retrieval experience can bring clearer perception and insight.And Love is such a simple tool to use for such exploration.

The first step in learning to Feel Love is to sit in a relaxed position, close your eyes, and take in three deep relaxing breaths.Take in as many as you need in order to feel some change in your level of relaxation.Then, take in three energy gathering breaths, described in last monthís Newsletter.

Then, just remember a time when you were feeling Loved or Loving.Let that memory bring the feeling of Love into you.Again, I donít mean think about feeling Love, I mean FEEL IT.Continue remembering times in your life when you were feeling Loved or Loving.It could be the last time you petted your cat, a first kiss, or holding your newborn baby.

Once you can FEEL Love, let that feeling continue to build, let if fill your entire being, let it bring that inner smile.Thatís all there is too it.Any time you desire a little more clarity of perception, in physical reality or any other, Feel Love.




Workshop Participant Experiences


Janiceís Retrieval with Verification


Janice attended the workshop in Boston, hosted by Grace, November 18-19, 2000.She experienced one of the more powerful Retrieving an Aspect of Self exercises Iíve witnessed in a workshop.She weathered a belief system crash and is well on her way to reintegration of the two aspects she retrieved.


In the past few months Janice has continued the simple techniques she learned in Boston and has performed several retrievals with HITS.When I teach my workshop I talk about how to gather information from a deceased person that may later be validated as true.What follows is Janiceís most recent retrieval, and verification feedback from Jackie, the person who requested the retrieval.Itís an absolutely textbook example of how you can explore the Afterlife and find the truth of its existence through your own, direct experience.This retrieval also demonstrates how retrieval can be an act of Service There and Service Here.


Posted by Janice on February 04, 2001

I was recently approached by someone and asked to attempt a retrieval. I had only attempted one other time outside of Bruce's workshop and received verifiable information. So of course I said I would try; using Bruce's techniques.


I know firsthand how much it means to hear from loved ones that have died. I also know firsthand how powerful retrievals can be! They can rock your world and they can be a source of hope and new light.


I won't mention the names of the people for whom I did the retrievals, but one of them asked me to post the experience for the benefit of all of us here seeking truth and light. So when that person feels comfortable, they can say - HEY, that was me Jan did the retrieval for!


Before I began I knew quite a lot about the deceased woman from her daughter-in-law whom I spoke to. Susan had committed suicide, and that hit home with me because my husband did the same. When I first attempted to contact her it was very difficult to reach her, but just as I was about to "back" out, I saw a woman sitting on a long bench in a locker room, huddled all alone with her head down, sitting in the shadows.


The next night I tried to reach Susan, she was again difficult, as if she wanted to be left alone. When I was finally able to reach her and see her clearly again, I noticed this time that the darkness around her wasn't all shadows, but she had a layer of black tar-like stuff all over her body. I had Guidance strongly there with me the whole time. I could sense that this woman was confused, she was actually dazed, like her mind was a million miles away. After a few moments of wondering what to do, I thought of the "blue-white flame" I have been dreaming about and pictured it there. I gathered it into my hands and used it as a knife to slice off this black "tar" that encased Susan. As I sliced it away she became brighter and brighter, and for the first time she looked up at me! I could see her eyes, she was very dazed, but a spark of consciousness shone through and she showed me an old-fashioned nurse's uniform.


I started to tell her how much her family here loved her, and that she had a beautiful new granddaughter named Susan Grace, and that I had seen her picture and she was very beautiful. I just kept talking to her trying to get her to come around a little bit more, but she didn't seem able to shake the fuzziness off, and she showed me the uniform again. I told her the person who asked me to come loved her dearly and they weren't mad at her and didnít blame her for her suicide, they just wanted to know she was ok. I got a sense of guilt and sadness that almost overwhelmed me throughout the weekend after that, and I wasn't sure if it was residual feelings of hers, part of mine, part of my husband's, or all, both, none or a combination.


It didn't really matter, because I asked for Guidance to come and Helpers immediately came from behind and my right, and bathed Susan in the warmest yellow white light. I asked her if she could show me something so her daughter-in-law would know I saw her.She again showed me the old fashioned nurse's uniform. As the Helpers took her away I told her there were doctors that she could talk to and they would help her. Then she was gone.I got the feeling that I wasn't supposed to try to follow, so I let them go.


When I spoke with the person who asked for Susan's retrieval, I asked her if she had been a nurse, or if Susan was a nurse. The answer was yes, she had been a nurse her whole life, and that old fashioned uniform was what she had worn.And as a matter of fact, they had been looking for the hat to the uniform but couldn't find it. Susan only showed me the uniform, no hat.


I hope this shows that anyone can help, you just have to want to. Thanks to Bruce I was able to help two people and their families in my first two retrieval attempts. The emotions that arise from doing these retrievals are too much to list here, for both sides I think. But they are a wonderful gift!
Love and peace


The Daughter-in-Lawís Response


Posted by Jackie on February 05, 2001


Jan, thank you so much for sharing this with the board.I want to let everyone on the board know that it was my Mother-In-Law, Susan Krusniak, that Janice retrieved. After Janice did the retrieval she found me online and sent me an Instant Message with one question. It was a question that literally made me fall to the ground in tears. The question was "Was Susan a nurse?"


Now you have to understand, Janice had no way of knowing that my Mother-in-Law was a nurse. Jan and I just met online a few days ago, and we knew nothing about each other or our families. So you can see how stunning that question was!!


Jan, this is also a bit of new information for you.. You spoke of the locker room where you found Susan and you said the lockers were a yellow color (odd for traditional lockers). So I called her co-worker at the hospital and asked what color the lockers were there and ANOTHER HIT!! They are YELLOW!!!!


Also, the nurseís uniform Susan kept showing was the uniform that she wore when she graduated from Nursing school back in the late 70's. Traditional white nurse dress. Our family (especially Susan's mother) has been looking for that uniform and hat since Susan passed away. It seems to have just disappeared and we know that she wouldn't have thrown it out. So I am wondering if she was trying to give us a clue that it was around somewhere and we needed to keep looking. Again.. another hit!


Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Janice for doing this retrieval for me. I personally have been trying to contact Susan myself for almost a year now and was never successful. I always felt so much fear and sadness whenever I tried. I think I was just to "close" and my sadness blocked me from reaching her. But this retrieval has brought me to understand that I must overcome my fear and try to help others out there who need to be retrieved.

Thank you Janice. You have put a little bit of brightness back in my light.And thank you to Bruce also. If I hadn't discovered this website a year ago.. my life would not have taken this wonderful turn.


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Hosting Workshops

†† If youíre interest in hosting a workshop in your area Iíd like to do whatever I can to help you do that.One possibility is for me to put you in touch with others in your area whoíve expressed interest in attending a workshop.If you can facilitate putting on a workshop for between ten and twenty people you attend for free and share in any profit.If youíre interested please email me and Iíll help in whatever way I can to bring my workshop to your area.


Thatís the January Workshop Newsletter.I hope to hear from those of you interested in hosting a workshop and look forward to meeting some of you in person in Virginia and Arizona soon.