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Verification Exercise In This Issue! Workshop Newsletter

February 2201

By Bruce Moen


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New Partnered Exploration of the Afterlife Workshop


The primary goal of the exercises in this new workshop is to facilitate afterlife contact experiences that can be validated as real during the workshop.  The advanced Partnered Exploration technique I’ve written about, and that was used to gather all the material for my fourth book, Curiosity’s Father, is taught in this workshop.


June 9-10, 2001. Partnered Exploration of the Afterlife Workshop in Denver, Colorado; This workshop is LIMITED TO 20 participants, and completion of the Exploring the Afterlife Workshop is a prerequisite. Contact Bruce at to register and get details. Cutoff date for cancellation/refunds is May 26, 2001.


Upcoming Exploring the Afterlife Workshops


March 31-April 1, 2001, Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in Northern Virginia, Fairfax area.  Hanh is hosting his second workshop!  He did a marvelous job on the first one and this next one is going to be great.  Contact Hanh at: for details and to sign up.

April 20,21,22, 2001, Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in Miami, Florida; contact Donna or Jack at or by phone at 305-235-0297 to register and/or receive the details. Cutoff date for cancellation/refunds is April 7, 2001.

May 19-20 2001, Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in Indianapolis, Indiana; contact Judy at to register and/or receive the details. Cutoff date for cancellation/refunds is May 3, 2001.

June 23-24, 2001 Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in Reno, NV ;Contact Denise at for details. Cutoff date for cancellation/refunds is June 9, 2001

July 13-15, 2001, Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in Toronto, Canada; contact Susan at to register and/or receive the details. Cutoff date for cancellation/refunds is June 30, 2001.


July 27-29, 2001,  Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in Ireland;  23 miles from Dublin;

For Registration information, schedule and details contact Bruce Moen at:  SPECIAL NOTE: Mike, the host in Ireland, advises that the number Bed & Breakfast facilities nearby is limited and that they fill up quickly for July. I can email the contact list to those of you interested in attending this workshop so you make those reservations early enough to insure you'll have a place to stay.



A Workshop in Europe?


Yes!  The first workshop in Europe is scheduled to take place in Ireland, near Dublin, the weekend of July 27-29.  Any of you in the Europe who might consider attending, please email Bruce Moen at: for more information.


What’s in a Workshop?

To let you know some of the things participants learn in my workshop I’ve added this section to this newsletter.  Each month I’ll talk a little about what’s in a workshop.  We can use more than our rational, thinking mind to explore beyond physical reality.  This month my topic is:


Projecting Love

Last month’s workshop exercise was Feeling Love and this month’s exercise carries it further.  As I mentioned last month Feeling Love is one of the ways around those perceptual blocks so many of us experience from time to time.  Just Feeling Love during a retrieval experience can bring clearer perception and insight.

The Energy of Love can be used for many situations in any reality you might be exploring, physical or nonphysical.  For example, there are times when the person you are retrieving might seem to be having difficulty perceiving you, the Helper, or just appear to be “out of it.”  Projecting Love can be a useful tool during such a retrieval.

Just as Feeling Love can boost your own perception beyond its normal limits, Projecting Love to another person can boost their perception also.  In some difficult retrieval situations Projecting Love to the person you’re working with can be the difference between successfully retrieving them, and having to return later to make another attempt.  So, all that’s left to learn is how to Project Love to another person and it’s really quite easy to do.

Start by doing the Feeling Love exercise from last month’s Newsletter.  As you let the feeling of Love fill your entire being, allow it to begin to concentrate at the center your chest, the Heart Chakra for those of you familiar with the term.  Participants report several different experiences of this “concentration” of Love energy.

Some describe that it’s like a ball of colored light that begins to expand over their heart, others describe it as an intense feeling at the center of their chest, sometimes feeling like “pressure” over the area.  You might experience it in your own way, and as always, it’s okay to pretend.  Once you can feel something that indicates you are concentrating Love over your heart, you are ready to project Love energy.

Workshop participants report several different experiences of Projecting Love.  Some describe that they send Love to another person by imagining a beam of light emerging from the center of the chest that travels to the other person.  Some experience Projecting Love as a ball of light that travels from them to the other person.  Some have very little perception of how Love energy moves from themselves to the other person, but witness the effects.

Projecting Love can also be used in situations other than retrievals.  For example, many of us have a person, relationship or situation in our everyday lives that could benefit from receiving Love.  In the workshop participants practice Projecting Love in this way.  After building and concentrating Love bring the person, relationship or situation to mind.  You might do this by remembering the person or relationship, or imagining the situation involved and then Project Love.  Not only is it a great way to practice Projecting Love, but you may witness some amazing results in your everyday life that validate for you that you Projected Love to that person, relationship or situation.

Practice, practice, practice.




Workshop Participant Experiences


Lauren’s Verification Exercise Experience


Rosalie participated in this workshop as my co-trainer in preparation for her becoming a trainer.  She and I decided to road test one of the exercises that will be used in the new Partnered Exploring Workshop, at Payson.  Lauren’s experience during this demonstrated perfectly the intent of this exercise to facilitate validated afterlife contacts during the workshop.

This exercise is called, Getting a Message from a Specific Person, and began with Rosalie handing out a little slip of paper to each participant upon which each wrote the name of a deceased friend or loved one.  These were then put into a basket, and each participant drew one slip of paper, making sure they didn’t draw the name they provided.  It should be mentioned that none of the participants knew who wrote the name down, and that none had any previous knowledge of the deceased person whose name they drew.  The participant’s task in the exercise was to find the deceased person whose name they drew, and get a message from that person for the participant who provided the name.

In the debriefing session after the exercise there were some “hits” in many participant’s experiences, and lots of misses.  When it came Lauren’s turn to describe her experience she began by saying that she was certain she had made up the entire experience and just wanted to “read her notes and get it over with.”  In the five or six minutes it took to describe her experience in great detail she talked about meeting a woman and a number of details about their interaction.  These included things like a physical description, age at death and an number of other very specific details about the woman whose name she’d drawn from the basket.

At the end of her debriefing Lauren described that she asked the woman for a message to be given to the person who wrote down her name.  She then saw dark-haired woman directly in front of her wagging her finger in Lauren’s face in the manner of a Jewish mother.  The woman then said, Tell her, NO MORE CAFFINE!  At that Penny, another participant in the workshop burst out laughing.  Evidently she’d gotten this message before.  When the laughter quieted down Penny said, There is not a single thing you have said that does not fit my mother to a Tee, and that’s whose name Penny had written down on the slip of paper.

I was sitting directly across from Lauren, and had the pleasure of watching her jaw drop as she realized the experience she was certain was a totally fabricated fantasy was validated as a real afterlife contact.  And that is one of the things I meant when I said earlier that Lauren’s experience perfectly demonstrated the intent of the exercise.  Over and over I explain to folks that when using imagination as the means of perception it can feel like you are making up the entire experience.  And, that’s it’s okay to pretend during any of the workshop exercises.  Before she shared her experience of the exercise Lauren was convinced she’d made it all up, because that’s how it felt as she did it.  But, Penny’s validation of the experience as fitting her mother to a Tee provided pretty strong evidence that this afterlife contact was real.


Retrieval of an Aspect of Self, Posted by Kathy


Kathy was also a participant at the Payson, AZ workshop and her experience of the Retrieval of an Aspect of Self exercise was one of the most profound openings I’ve ever witnessed in a workshop.  As a result of this exercise Kathy’s perception opened to an extent that is difficult to describe.  Several weeks after the workshop she became ill and I first learned of this during my live chat at the ADC website on March 1st .  I shared with her my impression that her illness was the result of an “old wound,” hoping this might provide a key to healing her illness.  Several days later Kathy posted the following to the Conversation Board at my website.   Kathy’s experience is one of the finest, most dramatic examples of healing that can occur as a result of retrieving an Aspect of Self that I’ve ever witnessed.  I feel it has something important to say to all of us regarding the possible origin of physical ailments and maladies during our present lifetime, and how they can be healed.


Kathy’s Post:


I'd been ill for 2 weeks with a "very serious infection" (said the doctor) throughout my body. I knew it was being caused by something I didn't understand. On Bruce's live chat he said he felt it might be an "old wound."  From the Seth material I asked for a True Dream from the Gates of Horn (TDGH) to give me an understanding of the cause of the illness. I also asked, with strong intent, for the increased awareness of the activities of my consciousness when in the dream state.  I opened Seth Speaks & read about the nature of dreams & consciousness, then I started feeling extremely ill.  I turned off the lights & laid down. It seems the moment I finally fell asleep my TDGH happened.

I was in a male body, leaning on a crutch looking down at my right leg. It was badly wounded, bloody, black & blue, oozing yellow stuff – obviously "very seriously infected."  I was aware that I was somewhere, under the care of a physician. The place was dirty. I was lying in a bed feeling an acute sense of missing someone who was usually next to me; I felt very lonely & frightened. I heard a female voice through the wall next to my head, and was glad to know someone was there.  I knew that the someone I was missing was the doctor's daughter, and that she had been killed in the same accident that so badly injured me.  Then I was standing near the bed leaning on my crutch when I became aware of the doctor being in the room with me. I felt the impact of his emotions hit me like a freight train: hatred & fury.

He lunged at me with such force that everything went into slow motion. I leapt from my physical body as he brutally hit me and knocked me face first upon the bed. I was terrified and bewildered, having no idea why he was directing his anger at me. I screamed, either aloud or internally, Why are you doing this to me?  He then picked up
a pillow, pressed it down upon the back of my head, and smothered me.

Back in C-1, I jolted awake in a state of panic, the adrenaline rushing through my body.  I immediately heard and felt a crackling noise in the walls of my bedroom that traveled around the room two times, from each wall to the next. It took a few minutes before I could sit up & turn on the light.  As I started to digest what had happened, I realized that I had to go and find that part of myself. I turned the light off & tried to relax. It took a VERY long time as my heart was still racing - maybe 20 deep breaths, then energy breaths, then I attempted to go to my place in 27, which also took a lot longer than normal.  I finally got there & asked for help. The Sage immediately came, and I asked
him to help me find that part of myself from the dream.

He led me through the streets of a bleak industrial town with dirty brick buildings, horses & carts, smokestacks spewing smoke & soot into the air; a general feeling of desolation & despair.  We traveled down an alley between 2 windowless brick buildings, then rounded a corner to a doorway.  Going inside I knew it to be a place where people who were sick or injured were brought. It was dark & unsanitary; I noticed bloody rags & basins, medical tools & bottles.

We entered one of the rooms and there, face down on a bed, was a man, dark hair on his head, back & arms.  I understood it was that part of me I had just experienced in the dream.  I knew why he was there: He didn't know he was dead, and was terrified that if he moved, the doctor would attack him again.  I began talking to him in a soothing voice, and told him I was a nurse & was there to help him. He didn't move or look up & wouldn't respond to me at all. I then knew what I had to do: I told him the doctor had been called away to an emergency at the factory, and that we were there to take him to
an infirmary.  He slowly turned, and we helped him up.  The Sage now looked like a nurse and had a wheelchair which we gently sat him down in.  I then followed them to 27 to a placed that looked like a hospital would have looked in the place he came from.

When I returned to C-1 I felt somehow lighter & unburdened, but I knew there was something else I needed to do.  So I relaxed & did energy breaths, and went to the place of forgiveness within me, and sent PUL to the doctor who had murdered me.  (NOTE: In my life I've had numerous problems & injuries to my right leg.  I've also had a lifelong fascination with "true crime" nonfiction books, with my interest being WHY the person committed the murders.)

I know no more details of the person or place where all this occurred, and feel no need to. Somehow I know that what was important has been done, and I can now move freely into the next experience.

I then fell easily asleep, and found myself in the company of friends. We were on a patio overlooking a green sloping lawn, surrounded by trees.  Jerri sat very quietly beneath the tree the entire time, observing. I also recognized Marsha & Rosalie from this physical life, but all the other friends were unfamiliar to me on the C-1 level.  We were talking pleasantly, when suddenly my brother Gary materialized in our midst. This caused immediate joy & excitement, and he was anxious & ready to teach us how he had learned to do this. (It is interesting to me that in 50 years I never remember having a “dream" that my brother was in.)  I have no more memory of what occurred between us all there, but then joined with another "group."

From this physical life I recognized Marsha, Linda, Tonya, and Bruce.  Marsha & I were in a humorous mood (as is our habit) and Bruce was instructing us all in something.  There was a large group of maybe a dozen adolescent boys present, which imbued the situation with a certain "wild"  energy.  Linda & Tonya were on the edge of the group interacting with others that I never came in contact with.  Bruce, during his discourse, used the word "nigger," which immediately caused Marsha & I to look at each other, surprised & mystified.  At the end of his discourse, Bruce again said "nigger," at which time Marsha & I again looked at each other. Then Marsha paused & asked Bruce how he could possibly use such a word.  I then paused for a moment & posed the same question.  Bruce immediately broke into a large grin and said he had used the word to get our attention, and to help us remember we had been there.  Then I awoke into C-1.  This is all I can now remember of a most remarkable night.


PS, It's now 2 days later, and I'm well on the road to recovery!!

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Hosting Workshops

   If you’re interest in hosting a workshop in your area I’d like to do whatever I can to help you do that.  One possibility is for me to put you in touch with others in your area who’ve expressed interest in attending a workshop.  If you can facilitate putting on a workshop for between ten and twenty people you attend for free and share in any profit.  If you’re interested please email me and I’ll help in whatever way I can to bring my workshop to your area.


That’s the February Workshop Newsletter.  I hope to hear from those of you interested in hosting a workshop and look forward to meeting some of you in person at a workshop soon.