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Many More Verifications of Afterlife Contact by Reno, NV Workshop Participants In This Issue! Workshop Newsletter

June 2001

By Bruce Moen


This newsletter is sent using the Blind Copy feature to protect your privacy.  If you'd like to receive copies of past newsletters, add a friend to the emailing list, or have your name deleted please contact me at:


New Partnered Exploration of the Afterlife Workshop

The primary goal of the exercises in this new workshop is to facilitate afterlife contact experiences that can be validated as real during the workshop.  The advanced Partnered Exploration technique I've written about, and that was used to gather all the material for my fourth book, Curiosity's Father, is taught in this workshop.  Audio tapes recorded live at these workshops will be available to participants at a special reduced price.


Home Study Course Videotape . . . Available soon at the website

You'd like to learn the simple concepts and techniques Bruce teaches in his workshop to learn how to explore our afterlife. You'd like to now how to determine through your own direct experience whether or not our afterlife really exists. You'd like to attend the Exploring the Afterlife Workshop, but the travel and accommodation expenses together with the workshop cost put this financially out of reach. Perhaps for you this Home Study Course can be the next best thing to actually attending the workshop. The Home Study Course is a workshop held in Virginia, in March/April 2001, that was video taped LIVE in its entirety. All the lectures and exercises are included, as well as participant comments, questions and debriefings after each exercise. The Home Study Course was originally recorded on eight, two hour, VHS tapes and then rerecorded on two, eight hour tapes to reduce duplication and shipping costs. (Not yet available in PAL format)


Workshops LIVE Audio Cassette Tapes

The workshops in Melbourne, Australia (May 2000) and  Virginia (January 2001) were recorded live on audio cassettes.  Copies of these tapes are now available at my website.  In addition, all future workshops will be audio taped and these will be added to the list of available tapes.  Workshop participants can order a set of the tapes for the workshop they attend, a great way to review all the lecture and exercises!


Upcoming Exploring the Afterlife Workshops



July 13-15, 2001, Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in Toronto, Canada; contact Susan at to register and/or receive the details. Cutoff date for cancellation/refunds is June 30, 2001.

July 27-29, 2001. Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in IRELAND; contact Bruce Moen at - OR - Michael Pettigrew at My first ever workshop in Europe is scheduled to take place about 23 miles from Dublin, Ireland. Many throughout Europe have previously expressed interest in attending a workshop and I hope to meet some of you in Ireland. SPECIAL NOTE: Mike, the host in Ireland, advises that the number Bed & Breakfast facilities nearby is limited and that they fill up quickly for July. I can email the contact list to those of you interested in attending this workshop so you make those reservations early enough to insure you'll have a place to stay.


August 4-5, 2001, Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in GERMANY; contact Anna at to register and/or receive the details. The location will be in Langwedel, Northern Germany which is about one hour's drive from Hamburg and the Danish border.  Since my high school German is really rusty Anna plans to arrange for real time translation of my lecture and exercises. Cutoff date for cancellation/refunds is July 21, 2001.


August 18-19, 2001, Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in the Henderson/Asheville area of North Carolina; contact Marion at to register and/or receive the details. The location about 5 miles from the Asheville Airport. Cutoff date for cancellation/refunds is August 4, 2001.


September 17-21, 2001, Exploring the Afterlife Workshop aboard the CRUISE SHIP Fascination departing Miami, FL for Cozumel, Mexico  CANCELLED due to low sign up.


October 5-7, 2001, Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in Friday Harbor, Washington State; contact Bill at to register and/or receive the details. Friday Harbor is located in the San Juan Islands of the great Pacific Northwest. Cutoff date for cancellation/refunds is September 22, 2001.


Personal Appearance:


November 9-11, 2001, Journeys Beyond Convention in Mobile, Alabama; contact Pat at or visit for additional information or call 334-621-5750. Some of the speakers scheduled are: Dr. John Mack; Dannion Brinkley; Dolores Cannon, William Henry, Stanton Friedman, Paul Anderson (Canadian Crop Circles), Pat Fitzhugh (The Bell Witch Tower. Bruce Moen will be giving a lecture and a short version of the Exploring the Afterlife Workshop.


Two Workshops in Europe?

 Yes!  The first workshop in Europe is scheduled to take place in Ireland, near Dublin, the weekend of July 27-29.   The second European workshop will be held in Germany.  Any of you in the Europe who might consider attending either of these workshops please email the contacts above for more information.  Live audio recordings of these workshops will be available to participants at a special reduced price.


What's in a Workshop?

To let you know some of the things participants learn in my workshop I've added this section to this newsletter.  Each month I'll talk a little about what's in a workshop.  This month my topic is:


Interpreter Overlay

Some of you are familiar the concept of the Perceiver and the Interpreter as components of consciousness from reading my first book, Voyages into the Unknown.  I view the Perceiver is one that brings impressions of something new or desired into awareness.  The Interpreter is the one that “looks at” the impressions the Perceiver is bringing into awareness, and grabs the first similar thing stored in existing memory and then brings it into awareness.  Left to its own devices, the Interpreter seems to continue grabbing images previously stored in memory and bringing them into awareness.  This can lead to a loss of contact with what the Perceiver brings into awareness and to “bananas in Brazil.”  It can also lead to considerable confusion during afterlife exploration, and the concept of Interpreter Overlay is my way of understanding how this confusion occurs.  It appears that sometimes the Interpreter brings its image into awareness so quickly and so smoothly that this image can easily be mistaken for what the Perceiver is bringing into awareness.  When this happens the Interpreter’s image overlays and covers up the Perceiver’s impressions, hence the name “Interpreter Overlay.”  It’s an important concept to understand for exploration of nonphysical realities like our afterlife.  Perhaps the best way to explain this is to use an example that occurred in during a workshop retrieval exercise.


During the debriefing after the first retrieval exercise of the Virginia workshop a participant, Takashi, described his confusion about what he had experienced.  His impressions of person he was to retrieve seemed to shift and change during the exercise.  At one point the person appeared to be a little girl, and later in the experience it seemed to be a different person altogether.  After explaining the concept of Interpreter Overlay to Takashi he was on the lookout for it during the next retrieval exercise.


In that second retrieval exercise, after asking a Helper to come and then guide him to the person he was to retrieve in the second exercise, Takashi was at first perceiving only blackness in his visual field.  Then the image of a Klingon Warship began to take form in his mind’s eye.  He described it as a clear, sharp image in full color.  For those of you not familiar with Star Trek, Klingons are an alien race in this popular television series.  At first  Takashi was a little confused, perhaps thinking he was about to retrieve a character from the television series, or perhaps an alien.  But he decided this might be an Interpreter Overlay, something stored in his memory that was similar in some way to a Klingon Warship brought into awareness by the Interpreter.  Takashi decided to let go of this image and express his willingness to connect more clearly with the person he was to retrieve.  The Klingon ship faded into blackness and Takashi waited for whatever would come next.


As another image came into view he recognized it as an X-Fighter from the popular movie series, Star Wars, that the Luke Skywalker character flew to launch the bomb that destroyed the Death Star in the movie.  Perhaps wondering if he was supposed to retrieve a character from that movie at first, Takashi decided this was probably another Interpreter Overlay.  The Interpreter had grabbed something else stored in memory that was perhaps similar to the object of his retrieval exercise.  Takashi let go of this image too, expressing his willingness to connect more clearly with the person he was to retrieve during the exercise.


The next image that came into view was that of an Iraqi jet fighter pilot flying over his homeland during the Gulf War.  Takashi had a clear impression of a shrapnel wound the size of a man’s fist in the upper right side of the pilot’s chest.  The pilot expressed his great pride at having survived this wound, and was attempting to locate an enemy aircraft to shoot at.  He was evidently so intent on finding an enemy plane to shoot at that it completely escaped him that he hadn’t survived the wound.  The pilot was dead and stuck in a Focus 23 reality he created in which he believed he had survived the wound and was fighting on for Allah and country.   At this point Takashi felt he was now dealing with the actual object of his retrieval exercise and escorted the pilot to a better place in our afterlife.  It was Takashi’s experience in this retrieval exercise that for the first time helped me understand what an Interpreter Overlay is and how it works.


The way I’d describe it, when Takashi’s Perceiver made contact with the Iraqi fighter pilot and began to bring his impressions into Takashi’s awareness, his Interpreter grabbed the nearest similar image (the Klingon warship) and brought it into this awareness so quickly and smoothly that Takashi didn’t see the fighter pilot.  In other words the Klingon warship overlaid the “real” information preventing Takashi from seeing the Iraqi.  As a fan of Star Trek I can see that there are vague similarities between the physical appearance an Iraqi and a Klingon, dark skin and hair, and a prominent nose.  And, a jet fighter and Klingon warship are both flying machines used in warfare.  If Takashi hadn’t decided this image could be an Interpreter Overlay he might have come back from this retrieval exercise with a wild story of retrieving a Klingon or perhaps some alien being.  My hat is off to Takashi for being willing to let go of this image and try to connect once again with the person his Helper guided him to.


The X-Fighter image that came next was also an Interpreter Overlay, but a little closer to the Iraqi jet as the X-Fighter is a single seat war bird that more closely resembles a jet fighter from the Gulf War era.  I can almost see the process of the Interpreter homing in on the object of Takashi’s retrieval during his experience.  Thankfully, Takashi decided this too was probably an Interpreter Overlay, similar to his intended retrieval contact, and he let go of the image while expressing his intention to make clearer contact.  The next image that Takashi perceived was the real object of his retrieval exercise.


It’s so easy to be confused by an Interpreter Overlay during a retrieval experience and misidentify it as the actual retrieval target.  It takes patience, courage and a willingness to let go of images that cause confusion or don’t seem right.  A big part of learning the art of afterlife exploration is learning to recognize when such an Overlay is occurring and deal with it appropriately.


Workshop Participant Experiences

 This month’s participant experiences are taken from the recent Reno, NV workshop hosted by Denise’s Adventures in Consciousness Center.  Specifically, from the “Get a Message Exercise” during that workshop.  In this exercise each participant writes the name of a deceased friend or loved one on a small sip of paper.  Then, each participant draws one of these slips of paper at random from a basket, making sure it isn’t the one they submitted.  The object of the exercise was to contact, communicate, and visit with, and get a message, from the deceased person for the person who submitted their name.  The intention of this exercise is to provide a means of getting immediate validation of the afterlife contact in the exercise.  In the debriefing after the exercise each participant reads the notes they wrote about their experience and doesn’t disclose the name they drew until sharing all of there experience with the rest of the group.  Approximately 16 out of the 21 participants in this workshop came back from this exercise with Big Hits.  Two are given below.


Bongos and a Rope Lead to Contact Verification


CD, a participant in the workshop, started his debriefing after the exercise by saying that very soon after the exercise began a familiar Guide/Helper led him to the nonphysical scene of a party where the sound of bongo drums was prominent.  CD then asked for a different Helper, someone he described as a pretty wild and crazy guy.  This second Helper led CD to a young man dressed in a karate uniform with a golden colored belt.  At one point during the exercise this young man appeared to be hanging onto a white, silken rope and seemed to refuse to let go.  CD said this young man seemed like he was quite adventurous and gave a few other details of his contact.  After CD finished describing his encounter with the young man the woman, AM, who had submitted his name commented on CD’s hits.


AM explained that she had attended several parties with the young man before his death, and at most all of them bongo drums ware a prominent part of the music.  She described that the young man liked the sound of bongo drums.  She said he was very adventurous and she was certain karate was one of his special interests.  She told CD that the young man had suicided, using a rope to hang himself.  CD’s description of the young man hanging onto the rope seemed to carry the meaning of his death.


Hats and Boots bring validation


In the same exercise as above DEB drew the name CC’s had submitted (her father’s) and early in her communication he described where he now exists by saying, “This is the land of living large.”  CC later said, “that got my attention because it sounded like something my dad would say.”  DEB described seeing a white, rotary dial telephone and that he was wearing a hat.  After completing her debriefing CC said, “my dad always wore a hat” and “we were the first of our friends to have a white rotary phone versus the only thing available -- the black ones. “   One of the WOW hits in CC’s visit with the man was when she asked for a message for the person who submitted his name.  He said,   "Boots is here with me ... Thanks for caring ...  It's great over here."   After the debriefing CC said, “Boots was the neighbor's cat who I would dress up in doll clothes and a bonnet and wheel around the neighborhood in my little toy perambulator until the cat got fed - up and shot out of the buggy wearing the dress and bonnet and took off for home.  We'd have to go retrieve the clothes.  I haven't thought about Boots for years.  That definitely was a five-star.”

PayPal payment:  Those of you who have recently visited the website know that you can now use PayPal's secure, online system to order books, tapes or pay for workshops.


Credit Card payments: can process your credit card payment for workshops.  That site is sometimes under reconstruction and so the owner, Judy, has volunteered to handle payments via email or phone.  You can email Judy at to arrange email or telephone payment.


Very soon credit card purchases will be available at my website for books and tapes.  This is via a new service that makes it possible for you to order autographed copies of my books.  There’s a place for you to type in what you’d like me to hand write in your book along with my signature.


Hosting Workshops

If you're interest in hosting a workshop in your area I'd like to do whatever I can to help you do that.  One possibility is for me to put you in touch with others in your area who've expressed interest in attending a workshop.  If you can facilitate putting on a workshop for between ten and twenty people you attend for free and share in any profit.  If you're interested please email me and I'll help in whatever way I can to bring my workshop to your area.


That's the June Workshop Newsletter.  I hope to hear from those of you interested in hosting a workshop and look forward to meeting some of you in person at a workshop soon.