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First Newsletter Issue Using the New Mailing List System Workshop Newsletter

September 2001

By Bruce Moen


This Newsletter is sent using a Mailing List to protect your privacy.  Past Newsletters can be accessed on the Newsletter Archive Page at the website.



            Workshop Hosts Needed

Workshop Price Increase

Partnered Exploration of the Afterlife Workshop

Home Study Course Videotape

            Workshops LIVE Audio Tapes

            Upcoming Workshops Schedule

            Personal Appearances

            Workshops in Europe in 2002

            What’s in a workshop?

            Validation of Afterlife Contacts in the Getting a Message Exercise

            Workshop Participant Experiences, World Trade Center Retrievals

            New Credit Card purchasing system at the Website

            Hosting a workshop


Next Month’s Participant Experiences:  Retrievals from the Belief Systems Territories


Workshop Hosts Needed

If you’ve been thinking you’d like to host a workshop in your area the schedule for 2002 is still pretty open.  Hosts attend the workshop free in exchange for handling some of the logistics of putting it on.  And, I often stay in the home of the host to reduce costs and give us a chance to visit and chat.  If you’d like to find out more about hosting a workshop please contact me at and we’ll work out the details together.


Next year’s schedule has me in Sydney, Australia at the National Wesak Festival during late April.  It  would be nice to be able to schedule other workshops in Australia around that same time frame to reduce travel costs.   If you might be interested in hosting a workshop in Australia please contact me at


Participants in the Ireland and Germany workshops have expressed hosting a workshop in 2002.  At this point May and June appear to be the common denominator in the desired time frame.  If you’re interested please contact me at 


Workshop Price Increase 

Due to increases in the costs of giving workshops I must increase the price charged by 25 $US.  As of January 1, 2002 the workshop price will be 300 $US, or 275 $US for those who pay their 50 $US deposit before the late registration date.  And, both workshop deposits and fees can now be paid for using a new, secure credit card payment system via  More about the new credit card system below.


Partnered Exploration of the Afterlife Workshop

The first workshop of this kind was held in Denver last June.  As anticipated teaching the advanced technique of Partnered Exploration gives participants new, more effective tools that can be used to validate exploration experiences.  Several participants have continued exploring together after the workshop using this technique.  Look for posts about their experiences on the Conversation Board at the website.


The next Partnered Exploration workshop is scheduled for February 2002.


Home Study Course Videotape . . . Now available at the website

You'd like to learn the simple concepts and techniques Bruce teaches in his workshop to learn how to explore our afterlife. You'd like to now how to determine through your own direct experience whether or not our afterlife really exists. You'd like to attend the Exploring the Afterlife Workshop, but the travel and accommodation expenses together with the workshop cost put this financially out of reach. Perhaps for you this Home Study Course can be the next best thing to actually attending the workshop. The Home Study Course is a workshop held in Virginia, in March/April 2001, that was video taped LIVE in its entirety. All the lectures and exercises are included, as well as participant comments, questions and debriefings after each exercise. The Home Study Course was originally recorded on eight, two hour, VHS tapes and then rerecorded on two, eight hour tapes to reduce duplication and shipping costs. (Not yet available in PAL format)


This 16 hour, live recording of a workshop in Virginia is now available for purchase at the website. 


Workshops LIVE Audio Cassette Tapes

All workshops are now recorded live on audio tape.  Many participants find that using these tapes instead of taking notes during the workshop is a more effective way of learning the techniques of afterlife exploration during the workshop.  And, since all the exercises are recorded the tapes can be used after the workshop as an aid to further exploration.


Participants who order a set of these tapes at the time of their workshop receive them at the reduced price of 50 $US including shipping costs.  Anyone can order a set of tapes from any workshop at the website.


Upcoming Exploring the Afterlife Workshops


October 5-7, 2001, Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in Friday Harbor, Washington State; contact Bill at to register and/or receive the details. Friday Harbor is located in the San Juan Islands of the great Pacific Northwest. Cutoff date for cancellation/refunds is September 22, 2001.


November 24-25, 2001, Exploring the Afterlife Workshop in Toronto, Canada; contact Susan at to register and/or receive the details. Cutoff date for cancellation/refunds is June 30, 2001. 


Upcoming Partnered Exploration Workshops

February 16-17, 2002, Partnered Exploration of the Afterlife Workshop in Northern Virginia ; contact Hanh at to register and/or receive the details. Cutoff date for cancellation/refunds is February 2, 2002.


Personal Appearances:

 November 9-11, 2001, Journeys Beyond Convention in Mobile, Alabama; contact Pat at or visit for additional information or call 334-621-5750. Some of the speakers scheduled are: Dr. John Mack; Dannion Brinkley; Dolores Cannon, William Henry, Stanton Friedman, Paul Anderson (Canadian Crop Circles), Pat Fitzhugh (The Bell Witch Tower. Bruce Moen will be giving a lecture and a short version of the Exploring the Afterlife Workshop.


April 26, 27 & 28, National Wesak Festival in Sydney, Australia.  Contact Ione at for the details.  I’ll be speaking at the conference and giving my two day, Exploring the Afterlife Workshop.


Workshops in Europe in 2002

Participants in the Ireland and Germany workshops have expressed hosting a workshop in 2002.  At this point May and June appear to be the common denominator in the desired time frame.  If you’re interested please contact me at 


What's in a Workshop?

To let you know some of the things participants learn in my workshop I've added this section to this newsletter.  Each month I'll talk a little about what's in a workshop.  This month my topic is:


Validation of Afterlife Contacts in the Getting a Message Exercise

This exercise has been part of the Exploring the Afterlife Workshop since earlier this year and I’ve learned a number of details about how to interpret the results.  For those of you not familiar with this exercise, a brief review . . .


Each participant, the Submitter, prints on a small slip of paper the name of someone they personally know who is deceased.  Each participant, the Visitor, then draws one of these slips of paper at random.  The task in this exercise is to visit with the deceased person whose name you’ve drawn and gather information that can be validated by the participant who submitted the name.  The exercise is done “blind” meaning participants know neither the deceased person they are to visit, nor the person who submitted the name.  I’ve discovered there are at least three ways that this exercise can appear to yield zero hits when in fact successful contact and communication with a deceased person during the exercise can be validated.


The first way this happens is connected to the person who submits the name of the deceased.  If the Submitter is thinking of more than one person, and then decides to write one of these people’s names on the slip of paper, there’s a good chance one of the other people they were thinking of will be contacted.  In an example taken from the workshop in Germany the Submitter was trying to decide whether to write down the name of her mother, father or brother, finally settling on her brother’s name.  During the debriefing in which the Visitor described his contact and communication experience the Submitter kept saying, No, you’re talking about my father, I wrote down my brother’s name, I want my brother.  This same thing has happened repeatedly during this exercise in workshops and has been a source of some confusion regarding “hits” that come from contact with the deceased.


The second way this confusion sometimes happens was demonstrated repeatedly in both the Ireland and German workshops.  After the Visitor described her contact and communication experience the Submitter stated that there was not a single hit.  Nothing the Submitter heard described the person whose name she had written down.  A third participant then asked the Visitor to repeat some of the details of the contact.  It turned out that the Visitor had actually been in contact and communication with the person whose name this third participant had submitted.  The information gathered by the Visitor during the exercise, including the Message, validated the contact as real.  It appears that for some reason the deceased person will select someone other than the one who drew their name to come through to.  The reason for this is not clearly understood but may have something to do with “resonance” between the deceased and the Visitor that makes contact easier with a specific individual.


The third way this confusion sometimes happens was demonstrated in the recent workshop in Asheville, NC.  Sometimes no one in the workshop has submitted the name of the deceased person who comes through.  In this example none of the Visitor’s information was validated as hits by the Submitter, and no one else in the workshop recognized the information as pertaining to the name they’d submitted either.  The Visitor remarked that some of the details reminded her of the deceased son of a former neighbor.  After the workshop the Visitor called the boy’s mother and related the information she’d gotten during her visit.  It turned out that the mother validated this information as coming from her son with details the Visitor had no way of knowing, including the Message.  That message was that the boy wouldn’t eat cookies if the bottoms of the cookies were the least bit burnt.  His mom validated this, explaining that her now deceased son would eat cookies she’d baked if they were the least bit crunchy.  It appears that sometimes the deceased are aware of who is attending the workshop and take the opportunity to come through even though no one wrote down their name.



Workshop Participant Experiences, World Trade Center Retrievals

The recent tragedy in New York prompted many who have attended a workshop to attempt contact and retrieval of those killed at the World Trade Center.  I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank all of you who provided assistance in any way you could.


There are numerous examples of these retrievals posted on the Conversation Board at the Website, and rather than repeat them here I suggest you visit the Board and read through some of them.  With so many people posting about their experiences at the WTC there are a number of instances of cross validation similar to that obtained in Partnered Exploration. 


Having experienced working at a several disasters in which large numbers of people died at the same time, my interest in visiting the WTC centered around understanding how Helpers were ‘handling’ this one.  At the Earthquake in India and Oklahoma City I’ve written about in my books I became aware that Helpers have ingenious ways of retrieving large numbers of people in very short spans of time.  Improvements in the techniques used by Retrievers at the WTC also demonstrated that this work can be done without taking on the emotional residue I experienced at Oklahoma City.  I’d like to first talk about the improvements in the techniques Retrievers used at the WTC that virtually eliminated this emotional residue.


As those of you who’ve read my first book, “Voyages into the Unknown,” know I returned from that experience with what I’d call emotional residue.  While performing retrievals at Oklahoma City I’d opened my awareness to what I thought was some kind of irritating background energies at that site.  Those energies turned out to be the frustration, rage, anger, grief, confusion and other emotional energies physically living people were focusing into the site.  After returning from my retrieval work there I went through several days of extreme emotional instability as a result.  As I read accounts of those performing retrievals at the WTC site, in some of them I recognized similar symptoms.  I than posted some suggestions to Retrievers to help eliminate this difficulty.


The first of these suggestions is a way to ‘off-load’ these emotional energies.  This is done by visualizing a ball floating in the air above you and intending for any energies that are ‘not yours’ to transfer from you to the ball.  Then intend for this ball to carry its energies back to its ‘rightful owner.’  Many Retrievers described immediate relief in later posts to the Conversation Board after performing this off-loading exercise.


My second suggestion to Retrievers was to use two of the exercises from the workshop as a means of preparation before working at the WTC site.  After taking Three Deep Relaxing Breaths I suggested taking in Three Energy Gathering Breaths, standard workshop exercises to relax and boost awareness levels.  Then, I suggested using the Feeling Love Energy exercise as a means of building up a field of Love Energy that surrounds one’s body.  Since Love and Fear cannot coexist it was my feeling that using the Love Energy exercise in this way would provide an insulating effect preventing strong, difficult emotional energies from coming into awareness.  I’m happy to say that this approach, by reports from Retrievers working the WTC site,  works like a champ.  Retrievers using this technique reported that while working the site they’d suddenly become aware that they needed to leave the site.  And, that upon return they experienced little if any of the emotional residue I described from my Oklahoma City experience.  After resting and recharging many Retrievers returned to WTC and continued to work the site until they got the signal it was time to leave again.


Now, on to my experience at the World Trade Center site.  After taking in relaxing and energy gathering breaths I took my own advice and expanded a field of Love Energy around myself.  After intending to be at the WTC site I became aware of thick, dark ‘smoke’ obscuring my perception of it.  I then made contact with a Helper . . .


“I’d like to know how you Helpers are handling this disaster,” I asked the Helper.


“Sure Bruce.  You mind assisting us with it as we show you,?” he replied.


“Not at all.”  Four of the same Bright Light People I describe from the India earthquake came into view and took up positions around me in a shape like a four-leafed clover with me at the center.  Together we rose high above the WTC site and they started beaming their bright yellow-white light down toward the demolished buildings.  This formed a huge beam, or column, of light that entered the thick, dark smoke obscuring the site.  In a few moments a similar beam came down from above us and connected to the beam the Bright Light People had created.  This seemed to form a flow of Love Energy from above directly into the WTC site.  We moved to a different location several times and repeated this process.  When I moved a little distance away from the site I could clearly see many of these flows of energy coming down from above, entering the site.


“Could you show me some of the other ways you guys are handling this situation?” I asked. My viewpoint shifted to a location about fifty yards above street level.  I could see the debris pile that had been the towers and I was watching what appeared to be some sort of trains pulling up in front of the building.  As I wondered why there were trains at street level my point of view moved down, underground, and a huge, well lit subway station came into view. 


The subway station was a “construct,” a thought form created by Helpers to provide familiar surroundings for the newly deceased.  It had a large open area whose walls and floor appeared to be constructed of gleaming white tile that served as the platform adjacent to the tracks.  From my vantage point I  could see lines of people streaming into this area.  Many walked in single file with the appearance of sleepwalkers as they first entered the subway station.  As they entered the familiarity of a subway station their faces brightened and they moved toward the to wait for a train. 


When a train arrived at the platform people stepped back away from the doors of the subway, anticipating the exit of passengers.  To their surprise all the subway cars were empty and as soon as they realized this they began boarding the train.  When it was full the doors closed and the subway train pulled out of the station to my left.  Moments later another empty train arrived at the platform and the cycle repeated.


“They’ll be greeted in a subway station by friends, relatives and other Helpers at the Reception Center in Focus 27,” my Helper tour guide explained.


Next, I found myself once again above street level looking down on a scene in which the WTC towers were still in place.  As workers exited the building a bus pulled up to the curb and opened its doors.  A few office workers boarded the bus, its doors closed, and the bus pulled away from the curb to my left.


“Same destination for these folks,” my Helper tour guide remarked.


In response to me asking for more details I suddenly found myself sitting in the driver’s seat of a Yellow Cab, approaching the debris pile of what had been the towers.  I was shorter and heavy set, with a skin tone darker than my Norwegian ancestry could account for.  This must be what New York cab drivers are supposed to look like, I thought to myself.


In a fuzzy black and white image I could see policemen, firemen, paramedics and other physically living workers moving around in the scene.  Another man dressed in a business suite covered with dust, whose hair looked like mine in the morning,  was attempting to talk to one of the policemen.  It was obvious the policemen was completely unaware of the man’s presence.  I drove toward the man, stopping about twenty feet away, and rolled down the passenger side window of my cab.


“Hey, you need a cab?” I yelled to the man, realizing at once that I had a thick New York accent.  The man looked a me, then at himself, as if to say, You can see me?  Are you talking to me?


“Do you need a cab or not?” I impatiently yelled to him.  The man seemed relieved that finally there was some who wasn’t ignoring him and he walked over to the cab.  I didn’t get out to open the door for him, I just waited for him to get in the back seat on the passenger side.  As soon as the door closed someone, probably another Helper, suggested I ask the man a question.


“Hey, you mind sharing the cab and splitting the fare with another passenger?” I asked.


As soon as the man said he didn’t mind I felt a Helper suddenly materialize in the back seat directly behind me.  Moments later both of my passengers disappeared.  Figuring I’d work this cab driver routine a little I pulled away from the curb and circled around to approach the site again.  Some of the people I picked up at first refused to share the cab with another passenger.  These folks were generally  borderline hysterical and insisted that I drive them home immediately.  After driving a short distance I’d feel a Helper suddenly materialize in the back seat and both passengers would disappear together moments later.


There were so many people killed in this incident I never saw any point in trying to get any potentially validating information like their names.  Besides, I’ve been doing this sort of work so long I haven’t any doubt about whether or not these experiences are real or not.  I just participant as a Retriever, working the site and providing the assistance any of us physically living folks can do in such situations.  Just get the deceased person’s attention and maneuver them into a position where Helpers can make contact with them.  After that the person’s retrieval is assured and I’ve done my job.


I again want to thank all of you who have been providing assistance in this tragedy.  Even if all you do is FEEL and send Love to those affected, you are doing a great service to our fellow human beings.   


PayPal payment:  Those of you who have recently visited the website know that you can now use PayPal's secure, online system to order books, tapes or pay for workshops.


Credit Card payments:

I’ve begun using a new service for credit card purchases at the website.  A web company called will process your credit card purchases of books, tapes and workshops at their secure website.  You can order autographed copies of any of my four books and I’ll sign and ship them to you.


Hosting Workshops

If you're interest in hosting a workshop in your area I'd like to do whatever I can to help you do that.  One possibility is for me to put you in touch with others in your area who've expressed interest in attending a workshop.  If you can facilitate putting on a workshop for between ten and twenty people you attend for free and share in any profit.  If you're interested please email me at and I'll help in whatever way I can to bring my workshop to your area.


That's the September Workshop Newsletter.  I hope to hear from those of you interested in hosting a workshop and look forward to meeting some of you in person at a workshop soon.