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An Online Retrieval

Copyright© 1999 by Bruce A. Moen, All Rights Reserved
After a recent Thursday night lecture and chat at the ADC website Topsy, my sister's screen name in the chatroom, asked about a dream she'd had recently. Topsy's friend Nancy had died of cancer just a few days earlier. Our conversation about the dream evolved into contact with Nancy and eventually Nancy's retrieval from where she was stuck in the afterlife. Topsy has just recently begun to do retrievals, having done her first one shortly after the Columbine High School shootings here in Denver. Below is an edited version of the log of that online chat.


Chat Log

Topsy-- I would like some input on a dream I had
Bruce Topsy, what's the dream about?
Topsy-- a friend of mine died last Saturday. She was in a coma from Friday
until she died on Saturday. Friday night I had a dream. In the dream I was
in an old 50's style diner. I was sitting in a booth with several other
Topsy-- it was very crowded in the diner- people milling around
Topsy-- the most prominent object there was a giant juke box
Topsy-- it was cathedral shaped with bright lights twinkling around it
Topsy-- I could see the records dropping down
Topsy-- but I didn't hear any music
Topsy-- the waitress came to our table dressed in a typical 50's style
Topsy-- it was the deceased
Topsy-- she held a little pad of paper up and asked Can I help you
Bruce-- dressed like a waitress?
Topsy-- she kept asking, Can I help you
Topsy-- yes
Topsy-- right down to the hankie in her pocket
Bruce-- Did you realize it was her while you were in the dream?
Topsy-- I felt panicky
Topsy-- I was in the corner of the booth and the air was very thick
Topsy-- yes
Topsy-- it was Jamies mom
Bruce-- What happened next?
Topsy-- she seemed very happy and friendly
Topsy-- she wrote something down on the paper
Topsy-- I kept looking at the juke box
Topsy-- waiting for it to play something
Topsy-- it was all very surreal
Bruce-- Were there others sitting at your table?
Topsy-- yes 5 others
Bruce-- recognize any of them?
Topsy-- 3 on one side and 2 others besides me on my side
Topsy-- and there were people in the booths next to mine
Topsy-- no
Topsy-- "felt" familiar
Topsy-- but I couldn't see there faces- only their clothes
Topsy-- she asked again- Can I help you
Topsy-- and i remember thinking that I should be the one asking if I could
help her
Topsy-- I felt a need to leave this place
Topsy-- but I couldn't get out because it was so crowded
Bruce-- I figured they be "familiar. In my next book you might get some
clues about who those people are. I could never see their faces either.
Topsy-- then i found myself standing in front of the jukebox
Topsy-- it was enormous
Topsy-- lights flashed all around it
Bruce-- The cathedral jukebox, that's interesting.
Topsy-- the cathedral part was very shiny- silver
Bruce-- Did you think to try to go into the jukebox?
Topsy-- lots of buttons
Topsy-- I couldn't figure out which buttons to push
Topsy-- that's strange that you wouldsay that!!
Topsy-- I felt pulled into the jukebox
Topsy-- sucked up to it and then I was sort of floating inside it
Bruce-- Maybe she could have "helped you" with the jukebox. Neat!
Topsy-- the was no sound in there
Topsy-- strange, huh?
Topsy-- oh yeah
Topsy-- the clock above the jukebox said 5:35
Topsy-- that's all
Bruce-- Lots of times shiny things and lights are used to attract one's
attention, they can be sort of doorways.
Topsy-- *
Bruce-- 5:35 mean anything to u?
Topsy-- I thought it might be the time of her death- but she died at 11:30
Bruce-- Earlier this evening someone else asked about food courts in Focus
27, sounds like you found one of the restaurants.
Liz-- Bruce, if I may, would "records" in the jukebox be symbolic of the
"records" of peeps physical lives??
Topsy-- lol
Bruce-- Liz. could be!
Topsy-- kewl thought Liz
Liz-- :) geesh
Topsy-- the records kept dropping down onto the turntable
Bruce-- Maybe they could be experienced in a different way than sound.
Bruce-- How old would you say Jamies mom was in the dream?
Topsy-- about the age she was at death
Topsy-- although she looked very vital and healthy
Bruce-- It will be interesting the next time you see her. Our mom's age
appearance changed back to about mid-twenties after she'd been there a
Topsy-- she was whole and healthy though- not like in this life
Topsy-- she had liver cancer and had lost an eye to cancer
Topsy-- in the dream she was whole
Topsy-- all smiles and happy
Topsy-- I would like to tell Jamie- BUT!
Bruce-- Yes, sounds like she dropped the habit of her disease quickly, some
else was asking about that earlier this evening too.
Bruce-- What's stopping you?
Topsy-- Jamie is not very receptive to the afterlife
Topsy-- I don't want to upset her
Bruce-- An easy way to talk about it is just the way you did here.
Something like, I had this dream, and . . . Lots of folks take in the
message more easily when you talk about it as a dream.
Topsy-- I may try it- I am hoping for another contact
Topsy-- I have "told" Nancy that I am open to another contact
Liz-- He is letting me know in so many ways!
Bruce-- Topsy: you could use the same technique you've used doing
retrievals. Just use your imagination and focus on that feeling in your
Topsy-- I want to see what she "wrote down" on her order pad
Bruce-- Intend to be in her presence and imagine the contact into being.
Topsy-- I just "pictured" her in a school cafeteria!
Bruce-- Than treat her like you would anyone you'd like to visit with. Your
imagination is a tool you can use like nonphysical sight.
Bruce-- Just now?
Topsy-- yes
Bruce-- Enter into a conversation with her.
Topsy-- she is walking around putting her arm around kid's shoulders-
talking to them
Bruce-- See if you can get her attention
Topsy-- she is very sympathetic- very concerned
Bruce-- How is she dressed?
Topsy-- she said, Hi Karen
jaye-- topsy is she a petite lady short dark well groomed hair
Topsy-- still the waitress uniforn
Topsy-- white shoes
Topsy-- yes!!!!
jaye-- white starched apron on
Topsy-- yes!!!
jaye-- around her waist
Topsy-- yes
Bruce-- Walk over to her
jaye-- :)
Topsy-- she is behind the "window", Bruce
Bruce-- Thought so!
Topsy-- she said- I am just here trying to help out
Topsy-- hey! same words
Topsy-- these young people need me!
Topsy-- I can feel their pain
jaye-- kind lady always willingto help
Bruce-- You might ask her what kind of help she can give you.
Topsy-- she wants me to do something for her
Bruce-- what is it?
Topsy-- to keep an eye on Jamie
jaye-- her son?
Topsy-- her daughter
Bruce-- Ask her to give you something that you can tell Jamie that will let
Jamie know you've been in contact with her.
Topsy-- she is afraid that Jamie will be in the cafeteria
Topsy-- a flower
Bruce-- what kind, color? Where is if from?
Topsy-- a purple flower- maybe a pansy or violet
Topsy-- jaye- can you see it?
jaye-- to keep close to her heart
Topsy-- she is holding it in the palm of her hand
jaye-- its for her daugther to keep cose to her heart
Topsy-- holding it out to me
Topsy-- I am on the other side of the glass bruce
(Note: Topsy usually views her nonphysical world experiences from behind what looks to her like a glass window. Here she's commenting to Bruce that she is not behind the glass window as usual, but on Nancy's side of the window.)
Bruce-- Lots of times these seemingly little things can be of significance
to the person here. Take it and thank her, let her know you'll give it to Jamie.
Bruce-- On her side?
Topsy-- yes
Topsy-- my head aches again!!
Bruce-- Thought so, you've entered her reality, it's okay, you're safe.
Bruce-- Where in your head?
Topsy-- in the middle on the top
Topsy-- and my cheek bones
Bruce-- Is it uncomfortable?
Topsy-- yes
jaye-- topsy is she wearing pearls around hr neck ?
Topsy-- and my hands feel fuzzy
Bruce-- Move back to your side of the glass and see if the pain goes away.
(Note: Here I asked Topsy to move back behind the glass window, in other words, "view Nancy's reality without being "in it.")
Topsy-- either pearls or a hankie
Bruce-- Feels like a sort of "tuning mismatch"
Topsy-- it is less Bruce- wow! much less
Topsy-- my hands are still fuzzy though
Topsy-- totally gone!
Bruce-- Good, you were identifying with the pain in the room, fuzzy hands
are probably just awareness of your nonphysical body.
Bruce-- Okay, now move back to her side of the glass, this time don't feel
for the pain in the room.
Topsy-- she has something in her pocket
Bruce-- What is it?
jaye-- apron pocket
Topsy-- something round
Topsy-- yes
Topsy-- like a ??stone?
Bruce-- Ask her to show it to you
Topsy-- it is a rock with something painted on it
Bruce-- And have her describe it's significance.
Bruce-- As her what's painted on it.
Topsy-- it has a flower painted on it- like a child's painting
jaye-- pansy
Topsy-- it is purple
jaye-- znd yellow
jaye-- and
Topsy-- yes
Bruce-- Remember it, write this all down after you're finished.
jaye-- yellow center
Topsy-- and blue words
Bruce-- Let it be part of the "dream" you tell Jamie about.
Topsy-- white words
jaye-- latin?
Bruce-- What are the words, ask her to tell you if you can't see them.
Topsy-- Happy Mother's Day
Topsy-- she holds her hand tight around it
Topsy-- she holds it up to her heart
Bruce-- Just got a big chill, Remember to tell Jamie about it. This is what
she is giving you to give to Jamie as "evidence" of your contact.
jaye-- topsy did her daugther give it toher when she was small
Topsy-- I don't know
Bruce-- Ask her.
Topsy-- one of her daughters but not Jamie
Bruce-- Ask her which daughter
Topsy-- she says " Laura" but none of her daughters are Laura
jaye-- crystal/krista??????
Bruce-- like Cherly and Rachel, names are sometimes difficult to translate,
ask her to show you the daughter.
Bruce-- Cheryl
Topsy-- charel
Bruce-- Engineer spelling
Topsy-- charel=rachel
Bruce-- And Laura equals something
Topsy-- maybe a sister- not a daughter
jaye-- topsy ar eu stting in a booth
jaye-- u against the wall
Topsy-- I think it belonged to HER mother
Bruce-- Maybe the painted rock is will in her possessions here?
Bruce-- Which side of the glass are you on?
Topsy-- I am standing with my back against a glass "wall"
Topsy-- I go back and forth between
Bruce-- good
Topsy-- jaye- in my dream I was in a booth
jaye-- ok
jaye-- shes sitting ailse side
jaye-- dressed as she is now
jaye-- eagerly talking away
Topsy-- yes
Topsy-- yes
Topsy-- but she is distracted
Bruce-- by?
Topsy-- by the kids in the cafeteria- she says they need her to comfort them
Topsy-- she walks up and down the rows of tables and leans over them
jaye-- topsy from whatl see she jsut said so how hav eu been
Topsy-- touching their shoulders and smiling
Bruce-- Ask her if she's "visited" with any of her friends or relatives
since she "moved."
(Note: This question was meant to try to establish whether or not Nancy is stuck in a Focus 23 area. By her response Nancy show's she is stuck.)
Topsy-- giving LOVE
Topsy-- she is ignoring me now
Topsy-- she is across the room
Topsy-- going about her business
Bruce-- Did she start ignoring you when you asked about visiting?
jaye-- wiping tables
Topsy-- yes jaye- she was wiping tables when I first saw her
Topsy-- Bruce- yes
Topsy-- she turned away right when you said that
jaye-- the walls glass window on that side
Bruce-- You might consider asking for a Helper to come and assist you.
(Note: At this point I've decided Topsy won't be able to handle Nancy's retrieval alone. That's why I suggested bringing a Helper into the situation)
Topsy-- I "see" things from behind a glass wall or window
Topsy-- sometimes I can go over to the other side of the glass
Topsy-- she is way across the room
Topsy-- I don't think she knows I am here
Topsy-- there
jaye-- ok l said
jaye-- cnal take that and she turned tome and handed me a cup or mug anfd
saucer and said thxs
Topsy-- Bruce- my heart is really pounding!
Topsy-- my chest feels full
Bruce-- Yes, which side of the glass are you on?
Topsy-- my side
Topsy-- but I seem to go back and forth
Bruce-- See if staying on your side changes the heart pounding
jaye-- topsy does the cafe have a big wide counter
jaye-- and seel sodas in big glasses
Topsy-- yes jaye
Bruce-- Feels like a little belief system thing.
Topsy-- with stools at it
jaye-- kinda like cafe in the 60's
Topsy-- a real 50's type, jaye
jaye-- kinda reminds me of happy days
Topsy-- yes!!!!!!!
Bruce-- Maybe 60's in Australia
Topsy-- lol
jaye-- maybe
Topsy-- there is another feature, jaye- can you see it/
jaye-- big soda fountain
Topsy-- something very prominent in the room
Topsy-- yes that too
jaye-- l keep hearing rock around the clock
Topsy-- lol- exactly the scene
Topsy-- the clock!!!
Bruce-- At least somebody is hearing the music this time!
Topsy-- the clock was another feature in the dream!
jaye-- andl keep seeing girls doing the danc eot the song
Bruce-- What time is it.
Bruce-- ?
Bruce-- on the clock
Bruce-- ?
jaye-- l get 3pm
Topsy-- jaye?
Topsy-- or me?
Bruce-- Topsy
Topsy-- 5:25
Topsy-- 5:35
Bruce-- Did a Helper show up yet?
Topsy-- no
Topsy-- she isn'tinterested in a helper- she is avoiding it
Topsy-- she is busying herself with the kids and bussing tables
Bruce-- You might ask for one, might be able to explain a little of what is
going on with her.
Topsy-- I see another waitress
Bruce-- Good
Bruce-- Watch her.
Topsy-- a very large (obese) woman
Topsy-- she looks like a cook
Bruce-- Is she motioning to someone?
Topsy-- white uniform, white shoes, white hairnet type hat
Topsy-- she is eating something and looking around the room
Topsy-- she is calling Nancy over to where she is standing
Topsy-- near a door
Bruce-- I keep seeing someone standing in the room, motion to someone with
her hands.
Topsy-- maybe to the kitchen
Bruce-- Is Nancy responding?
Topsy-- she looked at her
Topsy-- but is concentrating on a kid at one of the tables
Bruce-- Keep watching her, these folks are pretty crafty.
Topsy-- she is pointing to her watch
Bruce-- Nancy or the cook?
Topsy-- "Hey Nancy, come over here
Topsy-- the cook
Bruce-- The cook is the Helper
Topsy-- her watch is on her RIGHT wrist
Topsy-- she is tapping the face of her watch
Bruce-- A lefthanded cook!
Topsy-- lol
Topsy-- Nancy is slowly walking toward her
Topsy-- touching the shoulders of the students as she walks past them
Topsy-- she knows all of them
Bruce-- Good, Nancy sees the cook, very good.
Topsy-- she doesn't want to leave
Topsy-- hey!
Topsy-- that's what she said in her last days before her death
Topsy-- wow! my heart is racing now!!!
Bruce-- Sometimes it's hard to leave familiar surroundings.
Bruce-- Which side of the glass are you on?
Topsy-- her side but a distance away
Bruce-- You can relax yourself there, go ahead.
Topsy-- I am zooming far out but still on her side of the glass
Topsy-- I am above them
Bruce-- Good.
Bruce-- What's the cook doing?
Topsy-- Nancy is slowly walking toward the cook. the cook is edging closer
to the door, backwards
Bruce-- is anybody logging this?
Bruce-- Crafty cook!
jaye-- yes
Bruce-- thanks jaye
jaye-- welcome bruce
Bruce-- How's the heart racing? Calmed down a little?
Topsy-- the cook is leaning up against the door jamb, eating her ?apple?
Topsy-- yes
jaye-- topsy is the cook a big lady
jaye-- chubby arms
Topsy-- yes!
Topsy-- very fat!
Bruce-- sometimes it's hard to remember you can do this.
jaye-- apple in right hand
jaye-- green apple
Topsy-- yes!
Topsy-- her watch is on her right wrist
Bruce-- Is Nancy still approaching the cook?
Topsy-- and she uses her left hand to ap on it
Topsy-- she is standing in front of the cook
Bruce-- Very good.
jaye-- watch looks like it cutting the curculation to her hand off so tight
Topsy-- the cook puts her arm around Nancy's shoulder
Topsy-- yes! jaye!
Bruce-- Very, very good!
Topsy-- Nancy's head is down
Bruce-- She's talking to Nancy
Topsy-- she seems sad
Bruce-- The cook will help with that soon.
jaye-- topsy do u hear the name missy or listen here missy?
Topsy-- I hear- I'm gonna tell you somethin
Topsy-- somethin you might not believe
Bruce-- Topsy, you might want to move your position to just outside the door.
jaye-- cant get the name
Topsy-- I have to stay above, Bruce
Bruce-- okay
jaye-- but l keep hearing the cook say
Bruce-- That's fine.
Topsy-- I hear- It's not far
jaye-- we gotta help such and such (((nbame) its about time
jaye-- she let go
jaye-- she has to let go
Topsy-- Jamie told her mother to LET GO
Bruce-- Topsy, let me know when the cook and Nancy turn toward the doorway.
Topsy-- she is holding Nancy close to her large bosom
Topsy-- I hear- it will be ok, you'll see
Bruce-- Everybody, send love energy to the cook.
(Note: This message was directed to all others in the chat room to assist the Helper/Cook)
jaye-- bruce
Topsy-- the cook is coaxing her toward the door with her body movement
Bruce-- yes jaye
Bruce-- ?
Topsy-- Nancy resists but not with much effort
jaye-- l see the cook with her right arm around a ladies shoulders
jaye-- and she walking her towards the light
Bruce-- I'm not seeing them, just feeling them.
Topsy-- there is a bright light in the kithen
Topsy-- over the stoves and counters
jaye-- no l mean the light
Bruce-- What does that light feel like.
Topsy-- the kids in the cafeteria are looking at them
Topsy-- very bright and sterile
jaye-- glowing white light
jaye-- huge
Topsy-- yes
jaye-- love heaps of love
jaye-- if you go
jaye-- you will be meet by angles
Bruce-- What about the light outside the door?
jaye-- love abounds
jaye-- you will never be scared or lonely again
jaye-- please go love awaits you
Topsy-- there is no OBVIOUS light in the caferteria
Topsy-- just kind of fuzzy
Topsy-- the kids are waving to them
Bruce-- Great!
Topsy-- Nancy smiles at them
Topsy-- she reaches in her pocket
Topsy-- and holds onto the rock
Topsy-- squeezing it
Topsy-- she takes a deep breath
Topsy-- and sighs
Bruce-- Nancy's mother is very near her.
Topsy-- she has tears in er eyes
Bruce-- Waiting
Topsy-- she and the cook are walking through the door
Bruce-- Wonderful. Can you follow them from above?
Topsy-- they walk into the very bright light
Topsy-- very bright!
Topsy-- it makes my head REALLY hurt
Topsy-- the light has sound
Topsy-- and smell
Topsy-- and feel
Bruce-- Remember, you can do something about the head hurt.
Topsy-- I am in the light
Topsy-- it is all around me
Topsy-- they are gone
Bruce-- Do you seen anyone else in the light with you?
Topsy-- no- not people
Topsy-- but "thoughts"??
Bruce-- Yes
Topsy-- power
Topsy-- stremgth
Bruce-- Do you want to communicate with them?
Topsy-- I can feel the pressure of the light against my body
Topsy-- I feel wonderful!
Topsy-- I feel adrenalin in my chest
Bruce-- Nice Light!
Topsy-- I feel totally wonderful!
Topsy-- I can feel my emotions well up in my chest
Topsy-- I turned back to look into the cafeteria
Topsy-- the children there are bathed in light too
Topsy-- I am still in te kitchen
jaye-- how many kids do u see tposy?
Topsy-- 100's
Bruce-- Don't resist emotions them, let them flow through. AND LEAVE THEM
Topsy-- but a few stand out
jaye-- how many?
Bruce-- Any moving toward the door?
Topsy-- maybe a dozen or so
Topsy-- interspersed amongthe crowd
jaye-- are there any u can single out as maybe being related?
Topsy-- only the 12 looking at the door
Bruce-- Where are you?
Topsy-- their faces are glowing
Topsy-- in the kitchen
Bruce-- Inside or outside the door.
Topsy-- looking out
jaye-- whose kids are they topsy?
Bruce-- Can the kids see you?
Topsy-- I think they only see the bright light
jaye-- whose kids are they topsy?
Topsy-- I don't know, jaye?
Topsy-- They just belong to the cafeteria?
jaye-- ok
Bruce-- Do you feel any desire to talk to some of the kids?
Topsy-- almost like "extras" in a movie set
Topsy-- I don't know if they know I am here
Topsy-- I think they are comfortable in their own surroundings
Bruce-- If you walk into the cafeteria, do any notice you?
Topsy-- no
Topsy-- my head hurts in the cafeteria
Bruce-- Do you feel complete with this experience?
(Note: Here I was trying to gauge Topsy's state to see if retrieval of any of the kids from the cafeteria was a possibility)
Topsy-- I feel better in the kitchen or on my side of the glass
Topsy-- yes- I feel that Nancy is far away and safe with the cook
Topsy-- she has "dissolved" into the light
donna-- why did nancy have to go?
Topsy-- she died donna
Bruce-- Good, you can leave there whenever you like.
donna-- yes, but couldn't she stay there and work with the kids
Topsy-- now there are others in the cafeteria
Topsy-- not other kids
donna-- was she in denial?
Topsy-- but other adults
Topsy-- yes donna- she didn't want to die and leave her 5 kids
Topsy-- she had cancer
donna-- oh...........sorry
Topsy-- they are dressed more like Harmon
Bruce-- Yes, I expected they'd show up. It could be interesting to watch
what they do. But you decide if it's time to come back.
Bruce-- Harmon?
Topsy-- there are 4 of them
Topsy-- the helper from Colorado
jaye-- buzzing or oraring inmy left ear
jaye-- roaring

Topsy-- jaye- it was awesome to hear your comments
jaye-- really
jaye-- you think it wa sok
jaye-- your wlecome l was seeing things was unreal
Topsy-- the cook became very convincing to Nancy after everyone sent there
power to her
jaye-- and she did walk into the lite?
Topsy-- yes
jaye-- thought so
jaye-- she was sad but knew she had to do it
donna-- bruce you must have met some very powerful and talented people in
your travels
Topsy-- jaye- all the kids in the cafeteria watched her go
jaye-- really
jaye-- angels
Bruce-- Topsy: Love energy automatically opens perception beyond it's
normal limits. Everyone here added quite a bit of Boost to help the cook,
help Nancy,
Topsy-- then 4 "helpers" came and stayed behind in the cafeteria with the
Topsy-- they all settled back into their conversations with each other
Bruce-- donna, yes there have been lots of interesting folks. The one I
call Rebecca in my books is the most loving Being I've ever met.
donna-- rather sureal, is it not?
donna-- i guess you would also have to be a medium to do this?
Topsy-- I am not a medium
donna-- no, well channelor
Bruce-- donna, I'm not a medium, either, just an ordinary guy with
donna-- how do you place yourself there then
Topsy-- I am fortunate to have people who can allow me to do this
Topsy-- it is like imagining it at first
Topsy-- you LET yourself "see"
donna-- okay, that is what i did as i followed you and jaye and bruce
Bruce-- I do it by focusing my attention and using imagination just like a
sense of sight or hearing, etc.
Topsy-- the energy comes out of my chest, sort of and I "see" with a sort of
3rd eye
Topsy-- yes donna! exactly that
Bruce-- YES DONNA, you did it exactly the way it's done!
Topsy-- gmta, Bruce!
Bruce-- gmta?
donna-- like a movie being played out before you
Topsy-- yes
Bruce-- yes, in your mind's eye
Topsy-- when you begin to feel it pull away from you, you take a deep breath
and realx into it agian
Bruce-- That's how I "see" any of this stuff.
Topsy-- great minds think alke
Bruce-- O, agreed.
donna-- such a powerful tool, the mind
Bruce-- yes jaye
Topsy-- and the soul!
donna-- yes
Topsy-- I sometimes get a headache during these experiences
Bruce-- Well folks it's time for us to move to the Lobby. I've got to close
the room in a little bit.
Bruce-- I'll join you in the Lobby when we're all there.
donna-- well i so enjoyed this
ronnie-- thanks all for this terrific nite
Topsy-- ok
Topsy-- thanks ronnie
jaye-- l'm in the lobby
ronnie--good nite