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Partnered Exploration Workshop Course Description

A Two-Day Workshop teaching an advanced technique for verifiable exploration beyond physical reality.

Developed and taught by Bruce Moen
The first workshop in the series teaches how to verify your experiences of contact and communication with those living in our afterlife using the Art of Retrieval. Verification of information gathered from the deceased may be verified by someone who knew that person while they were physically alive. But, what I you want to explore and gather information about something for which their is no one in physical reality who can provide verification? For example, what if you'd like to explore whether or not heaven actually exists? Is there anyone living within physical reality who could possibly verify any information you might discover? Perhaps you'd like to explore for nonhuman intelligent beings, is it possible to verify anything you discover? The answer to both of these questions is, yes, and partnered exploration provides the means to do it. Exercises in the Partnered Exploration of the Afterlife workshop are designed to promote the experience of more immediately verifiable contact and communication within nonphysical realities such as our Afterlife.

In partnered exploration two or more physically living people agree to explore as a group. After deciding on a topic of exploration partners typically work up a list of questions they'll explore for answers to. Then, the partners meet nonphysically at a specific meeting place created specifically for partnered explorers. There they will use an advanced energy gathering technique, taught in the workshop, to prepare. Often the group is met by a Helper who will guide them to sources of information and experience on their topic. After returning from their experience each partner documents their experience in as much detail as possible and then shares their version of the experience with the other partners. Since partners typically live in different cities or countries the exchange of these notes is typically done via email. As the partners learn to recognize their own experience reflected in their other partner's notes a measure of verification of the information they've gathered becomes possible.

For one of the exercises in this workshop participants will need to bring a photograph of a deceased friend or loved one, sealed in an envelop, with the name of that person written on the outside of the envelop. These sealed envelopes are used in one of the Partnered Exploration Workshop exercises.

Note: attendance of the Exploring the Afterlife workshop is a prerequisite for participation in the Partnered Exploring workshop.

Some Workshop Topics
  • A brief review of key parts of the previous workshop
  • Why use partnered exploration?
  • How to set up your partnered exploring sessions
  • Selecting exploration topics
  • Finding and using the Meeting Place
  • Energy gathering at the Crystal
  • How to document your experience
  • Different kinds of hits: stretch, little, big & WOW
  • How to compare notes and find hits
  • The "Slow 360 Spin" navigational technique
  • Partnered retrievals
  • Partnered visits with the deceased.
  • Exploring the Happiness Center in Focus 27