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The Physical World

Physical world reality, known as C-1 consciousness in Lifeline language, is the level of human consciousness in which we live our day-to-day lives. The truth is, we are all multidimensional beings, and exist in more "places" than we can see each other with our physical eyes. But each of us chose to minimize our awareness of other places where we exist as a part of entering this reality. We've each come here for our own reasons, the most basic of which seems to be: to learn how to experience and express Pure Unconditional Love to a greater extent.

Many of us wonder why we'd choose to have little or no awareness of our existence before entering this level of physical world consciousness and why we'd also limit awareness of our existence beyond this world. Answers I've found to these questions, so far, point to two general areas: the need to maintain conscious awareness within this reality; and not spoiling the movie.

There are presently over 5 billion human beings crowded together on planet earth. The thoughts and feelings of each have an existence in the nonphysical world. In a way, we are all like little radio stations, constantly broadcasting our thoughts and feelings into the air. If we arrived in this physical world reality with our nonphysical perception still completely open, it would be like constantly hearing 5 billion different radio stations at once. Such exposure would completely jam our awareness with blaring noise. So, as part of entering this level of conscious, this physical world reality, we intentionally close down most of our awareness of nonphysical realities.

The other aspect of why we are unaware of other realities in which we exist has to do with the fact that in those realities we know everything about ourselves. This includes the reasons we've chosen to enter physical world reality to learn more about experiencing and expressing Pure Unconditional Love. The way in which we learn requires that we learn to feel, to experience, to understand, to know. The most powerful way in which we learn these things is through experiencing the emotional impact of what we do. Without experiencing the emotional impact, learning is a very slow process. With it, we learn much more quickly. So, imagine your life is like the latest movie playing in the local theater. If you knew everything that was going to happen during that movie, how much potential would it have for emotional impact on you? Probably very little. You'd know every little twist and turn in the plot, and the movie's final outcome and you probably wouldn't feel much while you watched it. We learn more about experiencing and expressing Pure Unconditional Love through the emotional impacts of our interactions. So, we chose not to have access to the parts of ourselves which know everything about what's going to happen, so we don't spoil the movie for ourselves.